Vol 23, No 1 (2015)


Comparative characteristics cultural properties of adherent cells derived from bone marrow of multiorgan donors and tissues donors

Hubutija M.S., Ponomarev I.N., Konjushko O.I., Makarov M.S., Borovkova N.V.


Purpose of work - compare cultural properties of adherent cells derived from bone marrow of multiorgan donors and tissues donors, to assess the possibility of using these cells in clinical practice. Materials and methods. Adherent culture cells from cadavers bone marrow were obtained using standart methods of isolation, scaling, and passaging cells. In culture, counted the number of CFU-F, proliferating activity of cell , their complies with the minimal criteria for defining multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSC) and compatibility with allogeneic tissue grafts. The Results. In cultures of cells derived from multiorgan donors and tissues donors the number of CFU-F was 0,0004% and 0,00024%, while the duration of the phase "rest proliferative" was 3-4 and 10-12 days respectively. All examined cell culture after the second passage have gained a high degree of homogeneity, and the cells were complies the minimum criteria hMSC. Conclusion: bone marrow of multiorgan donors and tissues donors can be used for obtain hMSC, suitable for creating a combined cellular-tissue grafts for clinical use.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):7-14
pages 7-14 views

Change active recovery of small intestinal mucosa under the cyclophosphamide influence, and its correction by drugs that stimulate digestive tract tissue repair

Bondarchuk A.O., Fomim L.V., Gavriliouk A.A., Mnikhovich M.V., Zherebyateva S.R.


A.O. Bondarchuk, L.V. Fomina, A.A. Gavriliouk, M.V. Mnikhovich, S.R. Zherebyateva The article presents the results of research of recovery activity of mucosal cells of the small intestine based on mitotic and apoptotic index. Proved that benzofurokain and metyluracil stimulate recovery of small intestinal mucosa; benzofurokain faster than metiluratsil normalizes recovery activity of small intestinal mucosa damaged by cyclophosphamide.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):15-24
pages 15-24 views

Features of morphological and spatial structure of placenta at in the antenatal fetal hypoxia

Barinova I.V., Savelev S.V., Kotov Y.B.


The paper outlines results of morphological study of 55 placentas of fetuses died of antenatal hypoxia, in comparison with the results of the original X-ray micro- tomography of the placenta. Identified two subgroups of antenatal losses other than the maturity of the villi, and spatial localization of vasculopathy structural organization. It was revealed the features of the three-dimensional structure of the placenta during antenatal hypoxia with fetal loss, depending on the maturity of the villous tree.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):25-31
pages 25-31 views

Morphological changes of the liver parenchyma after embolization of the right branch of the portal vein

Shabunin A.V., Grecov D.N., Rakcha A.P., Drozdov P.A.


To determine the morphological changes of the parenchyma of the right and the left lobe of the liver after embolization of the right branch of the portal vein. Material and Methods: Embolization of the right branch of the portal vein was performed in 15 patients. All patients by CT of the abdomen future liver remnant (FLR) sizes were less than 30% (from 17 to 27%) in average - 19,78%. Before and after the procedure was performed a biopsy of the right and the left lobe of the liver, followed by assessment of morphological changes of the parenchyma. Results: The volume of the liver after portoembolizatsii on average increased by 12,5%, the volume of the left lobe of the liver increased by an average of 41,7%. Expected hypertrophy of the left lobe of the liver is not obtained in one patient (6,66%). In the remaining 14 patients (93,3%) the size of the left lobe of the liver, and increased by more than 30%. Radical surgical treatment performed 9 (60%) patients. Study of histological changes after hepatic parenchyma portoembolization showed that hypertrophy of the contralateral lobe of the liver, occurs due to hypertrophy of the existing and the emergence of new, functionally active hepatocytes. The use of embolization of the right branch of the portal vein in most cases allows for vicarious hypertrophy of the left lobe of the liver due to hypertrophy of the existing and the emergence of new, functionally active hepatocytes.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):32-40
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Morphological and functional aspects of neurosecretory process in hypothalamic nuclei in heart failure

Papkov V.G.


V.G. Papkov Hypothalamus studied in 18 men who died from injuries, acute coronary insufficiency and congestive heart failure. In the supraoptic (SOY) and paraventricular (PVN) nuclei determined percentage neurocyte that are in various phases of neurosecretory cycle. Calculated the index of the functional activity of the nuclei. Revealed an uneven change in the ratio neurocyte that are in various phases of neurosecretion and index decreased functional activity of SOY in various forms of heart failure. The index of the functional activity of the PVN in acute coronary insufficiency remains on the "control" value. The observed changes are regarded as a morphological indicator of the regulatory function of the hypothalamus.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):41-44
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Oxidative carbonylation of proteins in muscle tissues with pronounced hyperhomocysteinemia

Ilicheva A.S., Fomina M.A.


Oxidative modification of proteins (OMP) in myocardium, skeletal muscle and aortic wall in rats with pronounced hyperhomocysteinemia accompanied by increased formation of free radicals, which follows to developing of oxidative stress, was found. 8ignificant increasing content of dynitrophenylhydrasons principal at the expense of primary markers of oxidative stress (ADNPH) in experimental group was detected. It enable us to speak about persistence fragments of oxidativly damaged proteins in muscle tissue. Content of secondary markers (KDNPH) also increased. Development of intensive oxidative damage accompanied by additional formation of aggregated molecules and also weakness of reserve -adaptative potential all investigated muscle tissues were shown.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):45-51
pages 45-51 views

Interrelations between individual peculiarities of the nervous system and effectiveness of reproduction of visual images by humans

Merkulova M.A., Lapkin M.M., Kulikova N.A.


In the article a probable influence of psychodynamic properties of the nervous system and of functional lateralization of functions on the effectiveness of reproduction of visual images by humans is discussed. The data presented in the article show that differences in reproduction of visual images among individuals are associated not only with expression of a psychodynamic property or extent of lateralization of functions, but rather with interrelations between them.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):52-61
pages 52-61 views

Development of HPLC method of ethyl-methylhydroxypyridine succinate quantification in rat and rabbit plasma

Chernykh I.V., Shchulkin A.V., Gatsanoga M.V., Mylnikov P.Y.


The methods of ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate quantification by HPLC with UV detection in the plasma of rabbits and rats was developed. Techniques are characterized by high accuracy, reproducibility, ease of applying and rapidity of analysis.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):62-66
pages 62-66 views

State of health of workers of dairy combines and its predictive assessment

Rakitina I.S.


The paper presents the incidence and evaluation of occupational risk workers dairy enterprises, with different technology and located in various climatic conditions. The role of the peculiarities of working conditions in the development of several chronic diseases. Results of researches can be used in adoption of the administrative decisions directed on optimization of working conditions and decrease in incidence of workers with the subsequent monitoring and an assessment of efficiency of these decisions.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):67-71
pages 67-71 views

Monitoring behavioral risk factors for chronic noncommunicable diseases in 2014

Filippov E.V.


To estimate the prevalence of behavioral risk factors and awareness of the Ryazan area about them. The study included 367 people of the urban population aged 25-64 years living in the Railway area of Ryazan. Among the included in the study was 157 (42,8%) men and 210 (57,2%) women. Distribution of citizens by sex and age in the sample corresponds to the distribution by sex and age of the population of the Ryazan region (p>0,05). In the study of harm from a variety of risk factors respondents gave less importance overweight, high blood pressure and nutrition, physical activity than smoking or alcohol. The most popular sources of information on risk factors was the Internet, television, and popular scientific literature. Among all the examined 35% of men and 8% of women currently smoke. 9% took more than 5-6 doses of alcohol for 1 time, indicating the need for building a culture of its use. 4,5% of respondents abused alcohol. Level of anxiety/depression of the population not changed - 40,3% Although not a small positive trend in reducing the prevalence of some risk factors (smoking, alcohol), their level is still high, and this dictates the need for further work to promote a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and combating the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):72-83
pages 72-83 views

Peptic ulcer and trophological status of patients

Butov M.A., Zhestkova T.V., Maslova O.A.


Anthropometric characteristics of patients with peptic ulcer with underweight and normal indicator of body mass index found isolated or combined protein and energy malnutrition. The quality of life of patients with peptic ulcer and the rate of ulcer healing are associated with nutritional features of body. The velocity of cicatrization of ulcer defect has a significant positive correlation with the percentage of fatty body mass in patients with peptic ulcer. The proposed index reflecting nutritional status and leukocyte formula predicts the rate of ulcer healing. Patients with the debut of peptic ulcer have greater adherence to treatment, compared patients with recurrent disease.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):84-89
pages 84-89 views

Comparative prognosis in eldery and senile patients with Q-myocardial infarction during 12 months of observation depending on different schemes of reperfusion therapy

Bellil S., Yakushin S.S., Aksentev S.B., Yunevich D.S.


In this article we studied the prognosis of various schemes of reperfusion therapy and subsequent medical treatment during a year of observation in elderly and senile patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction. We examined 80 patients, 46 of them were elderly, and 34 were senile patients. Revealed that the combined endpoint (death, cardiovascular complications) between elderly patients (1 st grp) and senile patients (2 nd grp) who received thrombolytic therapy was less significant, and in patients without reperfusion therapy it was more significant in the second group.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):90-94
pages 90-94 views

Glycaemia monitoring and clinicoinstrumental studies in diabetic neuropathy diagnostics

Dubinina I.I., Zhadnov V.A., Berstneva S.V., Baranov V.V., Azimkova L.V.


The article presents the results of the study of glycaemia variability, neurological symptoms and electroneuromyography indicators in 33 patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 and diabetic neuropathy, who, at the moment of the study, received various kinds of antihyperglycemic therapy. Significant increase of the glycaemia coefficient after combined perioral therapy was found. Correlation dependency of positive neurological semiology, neurological deficiency and electroneuromyography data (M-response amplitude, propagation rate of activation and residual latency) upon the level of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), standard deviation and glycaemia variability coefficient was found.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):95-101
pages 95-101 views

Features of healthy-preserving behavior and adherence to treatment by doctors at different stages of professional development

Ulanova N.N., Yakovleva N.V.


This article discusses the relationship to health, the factors that influence health-promoting behavior and adherence to treatment among the population. Defined levels at which formed health-preserving behavior. The aim is to study the features of health preservation and adherence of doctors at different stages of professional development. The article presents the results of research carried out during the grant "Health protectionand adherence among physicians at different stages of professional development." The study identified characteristics influence metapsychic processes on the formation of healthy behaviors and treatment adherence among students, interns / residents and physicians with experience.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):102-108
pages 102-108 views

Long-term results of balloon angioplasty for femoropopliteal artery disease

Zatevakhin I.I., Shipovsky V.N., Tursunov S.B., Dzhurakulov S.R.


The article analyses the results of balloon angioplasty in patients with occlusive-stenotic lesions of the femoropopliteal arterial segment in the observation period up to 30 months. 95 patients underwent balloon angioplasty. Long-term results of primary patency was 43,1%.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):109-114
pages 109-114 views

Features of immune system at elderly patients after splenectomy in the next postoperative period

Maslyakov V.V., Uryadov S.E., Tabunkov A.P.


In order to investigate changes in the immune status of elderly patients after a splenectomy concerning an injury of a spleen researches of the immune status of 21 elderly patients which age from 60 to 80 years (the main group 1) after the injured spleen operations in the next postoperative period on the third - the fifth postoperative days was created. The group of comparison was made by 19 healthy elderly patients (group of comparison 2) and 19 patients of young and middle age (group of comparison 3). All patients had the isolated injuries of a spleen, easy volume of blood loss (to 500 ml). As a result of research it is established that at patients of advanced and senile age after a spleneetomy the following changes in the immune status of an organism in the next postoperative period are noted. In a cellular link - decrease in all analyzed indicators. In a humoral link - considerable decrease in indicators of IgG and M, FNOa, IL1ß, IL-6, INFγ and significant increase in the circulating immune complexes.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):115-119
pages 115-119 views

Long-term results of radical retropubic prostatectomy

Kaprin A.D., Kostin A.A., Filimonov V.B., Vasin R.V., Ivanova A.Y.


The results of a survey of the patients with a prostatic carcinoma, who have undergone a retropubic prostatectomy and a medical supervision within a maximum period of 9 years, are presented. The data about 94 patients with a prostatic carcinoma, who have undergone a retropubic prostatectomy and a pelvic lymphadenectomy in the time period since 2005 till 2013 in the Urology Department of SBO RR “RCH”, are retrospectively estimated. An average age of the patients was 63,5+7,8 years, a median of prostatic specific antigen is 11,6 ng/ml. Possessing the median of supervision as 44 months a biochemical recurrence is revealed in a total of 18 patients (19,1%) with the avarage time before its development 13 months. 5-years cancrispecific survival rate in D’Amico risk group terms in the postoperative period estimated as: 1) low - 100%, 2) intermediate - 94,4%, 3) high - 81,8% The most frequent delayed postoperative sequela were enuresis - 24,4% of the patients - within the period of 12 months after a retropubic prostatectomy performance, erectile dysfunction - 69,1% of the patients, stenoses of vesicourethral inosculation - 10,6% of the patients. Considering our data an erectile dysfunction after a retropubic prostatectomy performance occurred in 1,2 times more frequent after a retropubic prostatectomy performance without nerve tracts preservation. In the group of patients who have undergone a retropubic prostatectomy with a neck of urinary bladder, proximal and distal ends of urethra preservation, 16 (94,1%) patients are able to keep urine completely, in the group of patients who have undergone a retropubic prostatectomy without a neck of urinary bladder, proximal and distal ends of urethra preservation 46 patients (71,9%) haven’t got urinary incontinence. A retropubic radical prostatectomy revealed good results of oncological effectiveness among the patients with a prostatic carcinoma in a low risk group as well as in intermediate and high risk groups. Thorough selection of the patients who can undergo a retropubic prostatectomy with nerve tracts preservation, with a neck of urinary bladder, proximal and distal parts of urethra preservation makes it possible to improve the functional results of sergical operations without a loss of oncological effectiveness.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):120-129
pages 120-129 views

Morphological assessment of the prevalence of ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas

Setdikova G.R., Paklina O.V., Shabunin A.V., Bedin V.V., Tavobilov M.M., Khatkov I.E., Izrailov R.E.


To systematize the concept of "surgical margin" with ductal carcinoma pancreas to determine the prognostic value of regional lymph node and perineural invasion in these patients. Results. Status R1 pancreatic cancer detected in 69,1% (38/55), while often affects the medial and anterior surface - 14,5% and 9% (8/38 and 5/38), respectively. By the number of positive margins: 1 surface - 27,3 % (15/38), both surfaces - 35,5% (19/38) and 3- surfaces - 7,3% (4/38). Conclusions: ductal carcinoma in the pancreas along with direct tumor spread should provide locoregional spread and mixed (a combination of direct and locoregional). Undoubtedly, reliably identify R0 resection is impossible without improvement and standardization of protocols mortem examinations.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):130-136
pages 130-136 views

Estimation results taste sensitivity in remote dates after prosthesis in patients with galvanism, the use of non-removable prosthetic devices

Kotov K.S., Guskov A.V.


The paper presents results of investigation of non-removable dentures on the quality and level of taste sensations in patients with different levels of potential difference (the magnitude of galvanic currents) in the mouth, using non-removable dentures from 6 months to a year, and the estimated degree of operational deterioration of prostheses and its relationship with the value of galvanic currents and the degree of disturbance of taste sensitivity to sweet, salty and sour. It is shown that there is a statistically significant positive direct-time relationship between excess level galvanic currents in the mouth, increased destruction of prostheses and change of taste sensitivity to sour and salty.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):137-141
pages 137-141 views

Reproductive behavior and reproductive health of adolescent girls of the Kyrgyz republic

Poltava N.V.


From results of voluntary anonymous survey conducted found that sexual debut among adolescent girls Kyrgyzstan held for 14 years in 42,3%, while 43,5% had pregnancy, 98,0% from them have interrupted data pregnancy. The mostly terminating pregnancies in Bishkek, using medical abortion. Endocrine pathology in adolescent girls is an average 48,0%.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):142-148
pages 142-148 views

The course and methods for predicting postpartum endometritis

Tuzlukov I.I., Kovalenko M.S., Naumova N.V.


Despite the advances of modem medicine, the problem of postpartum purulent-inflammatory diseases remains one of the most urgent in modern obstetrics. Currently, in the widespread use of antibiotics, due to changes in the nature and properties of the main pathogens in the clinical picture of chronic inflammatory diseases in the postpartum period is dominated erased, sluggish current form, which is characterized by impaired development of the pathological process. In this connection, the main focus is the prediction and prevention, as well as their early diagnosis. The criteria for predicting the development of inflammatory disease is frequently used data history, peculiarities of pregnancy and delivery. Definition of the functional state of neutrophils and their reserve capabilities can be used to predict the course of postnatal period and control of wound healing process.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):149-154
pages 149-154 views

Bacteriological examination of malignant tumors (retrospective overview)

Rubtsov B.V.


In recent years multiple reports regarding the bacterial infections and oncogenesis emerged. Some modern researchers make a guess about possible etiological role of microorganisms in tumorogenesis. Meanwhile, in the past, until the mid XX century the connection between oncogenesis and bacterial infections was extensively studied. There were numerous clinical and experimental evidences, pointing the participation of bacteria in the tumor formation and pathogenesis. Owing to the revived interest to role, played by bacteria, in etiology and pathogenesis of malignant tumors we have made a retrospective overview of earlier works, dedicated to this problem.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):155-167
pages 155-167 views

The problems of cement fixation of hip prosthesis components in patients with hip fracture (review)

Fedoseyev A.V., Litvinov A.A., Chekushin A.A., Filonenko P.S., Mansoor A.A., Yurchikova E.E.


Hip joint arthroplasty one of wasps mainly treatment of degenerative diseases and injuries of the hip joint. There are two methods of fixing components of hip prosthesis - cement and cementless. The authors present data on the problems of cement hip joint arthroplasty both during consideration of the properties of bone cement, and clinical stage. Also highlight the prospects development of new types of bone cement.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):168-174
pages 168-174 views

Methodical approaches to research of problems of departmental healthcare

Fomin E.P.


Methodical approaches to the study of the modern state and problems of departmental healthcare are presented in this paper for central medical and sanitary part of closed administrative-territorial entity -Ozyorsk city. The characteristic of each stage of the research, indicating the sources of information used by the primary materials as well as expert evaluations of specialists are given.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(1):175-179
pages 175-179 views

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