Editorial Policies

Aims and Scope

The electronic scientific Journal ”Transportation Systems and Technology” has been issued quarterly since 2015 under management of Doctor of Economic Science, Professor Anatoly Zaitsev and under the aegis of Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University, and Scientific and Educational Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev”.

The Journal is intended for engineering and technical personnel and scientific officers and researchers, who specialize in the sphere of passenger and freight transportation. It is especially useful for undergraduates and postgraduates of transport universities for the benefit of improvement of their competences and expansion of their field of vision.

The journal’s mission encompasses:

  • Integration of the results of the fundamental and applied research of Russian speaking scientists, and experience of specialists of the transport engineering industry, into the international scientific community;
  • Becoming an international scientific forum for representatives of higher education (scientists, postgraduates and students), and industry workers for the discussion and exchange of experiences in the sphere of transportation in the engineering industry;
  • The provision of specialists with topical and trustworthy information about new technical solutions in the sphere of transportation, and all other associated spheres of industry;
  • Building a new technological pattern in Russia and around the globe.




The journal comprises scientific reviews, including research ones, on various areas of the transport branch and all other branches related to it. These are:

  • Technologies and projects;
  • Scientific and practical developments;
  • Safety;
  • Transport economics.

The major objective of writing a scientific review should be discussion of the accumulated material and presenting the author’s new vision of the previously proved facts, reconsideration of them and search for new approaches to their understanding. Yet it should not be a mere listing and stating the today’s situation of the issue. Thus, discussion makes a significant part of the review (it may be separated as an independent text or it may run gradually through the whole text).

The review manuscript should contain all sources of information (full text or abstract databases). Also a searching procedure should be described in detail: names of the databases, filters and keywords, and all additional parameters of selecting primary sources.

The review should be structured into sections and contain necessary graphic materials to facilitate the perception of the text.

All review papers sent to the Editorial Board are:

Original papers

The Journal publishes results of fundamental and applied researches in transport sphere and other spheres associated with it:

  • Technologies and projects;
  • Scientific and practical developments;
  • Safety;
  • Transport economics.

All original papers sent to the Editorial Board are: