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Transportation systems and technology

A quarterly issued scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal. It has been issued since 2015 under management of Professor Anatoly Zaitsev (Editor-in-Chief):

Establishers of the journal:

  • Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University
  • The Scientific and Educational Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev”

The journal’s scope:

The Journal comprises original articles on experimental and professionally focused (applied) researches as well scientific reviews in transport branch and other branches related to it.

The journal’s readership:

The Journal is intended for engineering and technical personnel and scientific officers and researchers, who specialise in the sphere of passenger and freight transportation. It is especially useful for undergraduates and postgraduates of transport universities for the benefit of improvement of their competences and expansion of their field of vision.

The journal’s mission:

  • to integrate the results of fundamental and applied researches of Russian speaking scientists and experience of specialists of transport engineering industry into the international scientific community;
  • to become an international scientific base for representatives of higher school (scientists, postgraduates and students) and industry workers for discussion and exchange of experience in the sphere of transport industry;
  • to provide specialists (Russian speaking ones in the first place) with topical and trustworthy information about new technical solutions in transport sphere and all other spheres associated with it;
  • to build a new technological stage in Russia and in the entire world.


The articles published in the journal “Transportation Systems and Technology” are indexed in the international abstract and full text databases:

  • Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) − on the basis of the Scientific Electronic Library (
  • Google Scholar
  • WorldCat
  • Ulrich's Periodical Directory

The Journal has been registered in The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). The Certificate of Registration № ФС77-53673 (FS77-53673) of April 17th, 2013

Since the end of 2017, the electronic scientific journal “Transportation Systems and Technology” has been issued both in English and Russian and published without charges (Platinum Open Access).


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Current Issue

Vol 4, No 2 (2018)

High-speed container transport system
Kireev A.V., Kozhemyaka N.M., Kononov G.N.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):5-18
Innovations and performance of Italian UAQ4 superconducting magnetic levitated system
Gino D., Giovanni L.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):19-29
A method of thrust ripple suppression for long stator linear synchronous motor
Mu S., Kang J., Wang S., Liu Y., He C.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):30-44
Original paper
A special excitation system for analysis of coupling characteristics of thrust and levitation force of maglev train
Rao J., Wang K., Wang B., Ge Q., Shi L., Li Y.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):45-51
Dzungaria corridor for vacuum magnetic levitation transport: lost opportunities or weighted optimism?
Bogachev V.A., Terentyev Y.A., Koledov V.V., Bogachev T.V.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):52-61
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of high-speed maglev transportation five-segment propulsion system based on dSPACE
Qin F., Lin Y., Lu D.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):62-72
The Russian version of the transport system “Hyperloop”
Kim K.K.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):73-91
Adaptive vibration control of the electromagnet-track coupled high frequency resonance for an urban maglev system
Zhou D., Yu P., Li J., Cui P., Song M.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):92-106
A new concept of modular magnetic levitation train for urban transport
Cavagnaro M., Delle Site V.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):107-119
Design of single-sided linear induction motor for low-speed Maglev vehicle in 160 km/h and variable slip frequency control
He Y., Wang Y., Lu Q., Zhang L., Liang F.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):120-128
Influence analysis of track irregularity on running comfort of Maglev train
Huang J., Zhou X., Shang L., Wu Z., Xu W., Wang D.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):129-140
Optimization of the auxiliary stopping area planning in the middle-to-high speed Maglev
Lai Q., Liu J., Meng L., Chai X., Wang Q., Xu Y.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):141-151
Electromagnetic fields related to high speed transportation systems
Kircher R., Klühspies J., Palka R., Fritz E., Eiler K., Witt M.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):152-166
Multifunctional linear induction motor with longitudinal-transverce magnetic flux for magnetic-levitational transport
Solomin V.A., Solomin A.V., Koledov V.V., Trubitsina N.A.
Transportation systems and technology. 2018;4(2):167-179