Transportation Systems and Technology

A quarterly issued research peer-review journal. It has been issued since 2015 under management of Professor Anatoly Zaitsev (Editor-in-Chief):

Founders of the journal:

The journal’s scope:

The Journal comprises original articles on experimental and professionally focused (applied) researches as well scientific reviews in transport branch and other associated branches.


The journal’s mission:

The mission of the Journal is to establish an international discussion forum to form a base of forward-looking ideas of fundamental and applied researches and developments, which would encourage integration of education, science, and production in order to achieve innovative development of transport and associated branches.
We publish scientific works which encompass:

  • Topical issues of transport development reflecting technical and technological, economic and ecological aspects;
  • Innovative solutions that ensure transport safety, create modern infrastructure, increase energy efficiency;
  • Unique multifunctionality of magnetic levitation technology;
  • Experience and prospects of commercial operation of maglev systems;
  • Current progress in fundamental researches, results of numerical simulation and full-scale testing of technical and technological innovation samples.

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The Journal has been registered in The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). The Certificate of Registration № ФС77-53673 (FS77-53673) of April 17th, 2013.

Since the end of 2017, the electronic scientific Journal “Transportation Systems and Technology” has been issued both in English and Russian.



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Current Issue

Vol 5, No 1 (2019)

Cover Page
Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV): History Development and Maglev Comparison
Ferreira H., Stephan R.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(1):5-25
Evaluation of public effectiveness of the strategy for development of speed urban transport
Fedorova M.V.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(1):26-41
Original papers
The probability of the correct majority made decision
Voevodskii K.E., Strepetov V.M.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(1):42-53
The nature of voltage in superconductors with dynamic intermediate-mixed state
Antonov Y.F.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(1):54-73
Institutional forms of promotion of magnetic levitation technologies and their implementation in the economy of the Russian Federation
Tretyak V.P., Lyakina M.A., Volkova E.M.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(1):74-88
Conceptual basis for assessment of effects of magnetic levitation-based high-speed transport systems projects development
Zhuravleva N.A.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(1):89-102