Urodynamic diagnosis of bladderoutlet obstruction in men

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The analysis of the results of pressure flow studies results performed by 39 men with lower urinary tract symptoms. Using Abrams–Griffiths index in the results interpretation allowed to estimate the presence or absence of bladder outlet obstruction in 21 patients (53.8 %) patients, whereas in 18 (46.2 %) it was not possible. Including the amendment (K) in the traditional formula for the nonlinear relation between detrusor pressure and urinary flow rate, which is calculated with the formula K = 58,7 – 0,00554'(Qmax)3, was reduced the number of patients in the “uncertainty zone” to 7 (18 %).

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About the authors

Igor Valentinovich Kuzmin

St.-Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: kuzminigor@mail.ru
doctor of medical science, professor. Department of Urology

Adel Salmanovich Al-Shukri

St.-Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: al-shukri@mail.ru
doctor of medical science, professor. Department of Urology

Refat Eldarovich Amdiy

St.-Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: R.E.Amdiy@mail.ru
doctor of medical science, associate professor. Department of Urology

Timur Georgievich Giorgobiani

St.-Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

urologist. Department of Urology


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Copyright (c) 2013 Kuzmin I.V., Al-Shukri A.S., Amdiy R.E., Giorgobiani T.G.

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