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Vol 2, No 3 (2012)


Classification of overactive bladder depending on severity of symptoms

Kuzmin I.V., Al-Shukri S.H.


Aim of the study: To devise the method of evaluating severity of symptoms in patients with overactive bladder (OAB). Patients and methods: The severity of symptoms was assessed in 533 patients with OAB (the mean age 56,4 ± 0,6 years). All the patients filled the voiding diaries during 3 days, some of them assessed quality of life with KHQ questionnaire and had full urodynamic investigation. Results: The statistical analysis allowed to identify three levels of severity of OAB symptoms, determined in accordance with a score (S). S = 2 × number of voiding (pro 3 days) + number of urgency incidences (pro 3 days) + 1* (* — in case of urge incontinence). The score less than 62 defined as 1st (light) severity, between 63 and 80 —2nd (moderate) severity, more than 80 — 3rd (severe).Severity of OAB significantly correlated with urodynamic changes and quality of life deterioration. Conclusion: The devised method reproduced severity of OAB symptoms is simple and seems to be suitable for widespread use
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):3-7
pages 3-7 views

Diagnosis of bladder outletobstruction based on results of standard urological examination patients with benign prostatichyperplasia

Amdiy R.E., Giorgobiani T.G.


Diagnosis of bladder outletobstruction based on results of standard urological examination patients with benign prostatichyperplasia
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):8-13
pages 8-13 views

Evaluation of bladder wall microcirculation in women with diabetic cystopathy

Kuzmin I.V., Slesarevskaya M.N., Shabudina N.O.


Purpose: evaluation of bladder wall microcirculation in women with diabetic cystopathy.Patients and methods: bladder wall microcirculation was evaluated in 8 women with diabetic cystopathy by high-frequency Doppler ultrasonography. 10 healthy women were included in control group. Diabetic cystopathy was manifested in observed women through overactive bladder symptoms. Results: our study shows that Doppler ultrasonography allows assessing bladder microcirculation status in women with diabetic cystopathy. We have estimated that bladder microcirculation in women with diabetic cystopathy is lower than in control group. At the same time we have observed the deficiency in arterial, venous and capillary blood supply. Conclusion: evaluation of bladder wall microcirculation in women with diabetic cystopathy is very promising, whereas blood supply deficiency plays the significant role in diabetes mellitus complications pathogenesis
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):14-17
pages 14-17 views


Kuzmin I.V., Al-Shukri S.H.


Aim of the study: to evaluate the efficiency of combined herbal drug prostagut-forte in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) clinically shown by lower urinary tract symptoms. Patients and methods: prostagut-forte was prescribed for 86 patients with BPH (mean age 59,3 ± 3,4 years) as monotherapy at a dose 1 capsule (280 mg) 2 times pro day for 6 month. Results show the efficiency of prostagut-forte in patients with BPH. Improvement of symptoms in 1 month was noted by 68 (79,1 %) of patients, in 3 months by 72 (83,7 %) of patients, in 6 months by 76 (88,4 %) of patients. In these periods I-PSS grade have been fallen to 31,9 %, 38,6 % and 41 % respectively. Subjective improvement was associated with improvement in indicators of the bladder outflow. In the end of the study maximal urine flow rate increased at the average for 30,8 %, the residual urine volume decreased for 48,4 %. Prostatic volume and PSA rate were not changed significantly. The most rapid effect was noted after the first month of the therapy. Conclusion: Prescription of prostagut-forte as monotherapy helps to decrease the clinical symptoms of BPH
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):18-23
pages 18-23 views

Photodynamic therapy (PDT): The main principles and mechanism of action

Slesarevskaya M.N., Sokolov A.V.


The effect of photodynamic therapy is based on local activation of the photosensitizer in the tissue by the infrared radiation that leads to photochemical reaction and tumor cells destruction. The clinical experience of using PDT demonstrates it’s efficacy. However, despite of 40-years history of this method, not all its benefits are researched
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):24-28
pages 24-28 views


Al-Shukri S.H., Vorontsova E.V., Malnev D.A.


The case of partial nephrectomy in pregnant-28-weeks woman with T1bN0M0 clear cell renal carcinoma is presented. Kidney cancer detects relatively rare during pregnancy. Diagnostics and treatment of such tumors require minimally invasive approaches and close interdisciplinary interaction
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):29-31
pages 29-31 views

Transvesical endovideosurgical approach for ureteroneocystostomy

Al-Shukri S.H., Nevirovich E.S., Al-Shukri A.S., Sukhanov Y.A.


Today the efficiency of the surgical treatment the distal ureteral strictures is an actual problem in urology because of their frequency and high failure rate of operations. This case report is about transvesical endovideosurgical approach for the ureteroneocystostomy in patient with distal stenosis of the ureter that have been already operated
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):32-34
pages 32-34 views

Extraperitoneal approach to retroperitoneum in endovideosurgery

Antonov A.V.


In this lecture are described different approaches to retroperitoneum, primarily the extraperitoneal one. In detail presented retroperitoneal topography, methods of trocars insertion and pneumoretroperitoneum making. In detail described the instruments and equipment that needs for these operations. The practical recommendations are given
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2012;2(3):35-41
pages 35-41 views

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