Vol 64, No 1 (2019)

Modification of Laptev sea freshened shelf waters based on isotope and salinity relations
Dubinina E.O., Miroshnikov A.Y., Kossova S.A., Shсhuka S.A.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):3-19
Geochemistry and geochronology of cretaceous volcanism of Chauna region, Central Chukotka
Ganelin A.V., Vatrushkina E.V., Luchitskaya M.V.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):20-42
Hg- and Cd-bearing Pd, Pt, Au, AND Ag minerals in sulfide-bearing mafic and ultramafic rocks of the Yoko-Dovyren intrusion in the baikalides of the Northern Baikal area
Spiridonov E.M., Orsoev D.A., Ariskin A.A., Nikolaev G.S., Kislov E.V., Korotaeva N.N., Yapaskurt V.O.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):43-58
REE–Th systematics of the suspended particulate matter and bottom sediments from the mouth zones of the world rivers of different categories/classes and some large Russian Arctic rivers
Maslov A.V., Shevchenko V.P.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):59-78
Composition and distribution of saturated hydrocarbons in the thermal waters and vapor–water mixture of the Mutnovskii geothermal field and Uzon caldera, Kamchatka
Poturay V.A., Kompanichenko V.N.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):79-88
Short communications
Investigation of interaction of Co, Mn and Fe atoms with the calcite by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Magkoev T.T., Zaalishvili V.B., Burdzieva O.G., Tuaev G.E., Grigorkina G.S.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):89-95
About salt fractionation in the process of terrigenous aerosol generation
Savenko A.V., Savenko V.S.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):96-100
Standard enthalpy of formation kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4
Stolyarova T.A., Osadchii E.G., Baranov A.V.
Geohimia. 2019;64(1):101-104