Medical case of successful therapy of polymyositis by high doses of glucocorticoid

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Questions of diagnostics and treatment of dermatomyositis-polymyositis in literature are contradictory character. They have scanty description of peculiarities of course of this pathology by men of young and certain age, and character of complications, connected with long ingestion of corticosteroid agents. Medical case, done in the article, is of great interest undoubtedly. By reason of using corticosteroid agents, the patient get a complex of specific complications, but pains in muscles, fever, arthralgia, weakness have disappeared. There was made a decision about speeded decreasing of dose of hormonal agent to 8 mg per day for the term pf 3 months in alternative session with parallel ingestion of disaggregants. On this base was marked epilosis of bioptic damage, was achieved recanalization of deep viens of left leg, was normalized carbohydrate metabolism, generalclinic analyze of blood, transaminase level, body weight was decreased. Now-days it’s marked a clinical-laboratorial remission, not requiring a supplying corticosteroid therapy.

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