Application of laboratory express diagnostics in a multidisciplinary medical hospital and at the stages of the evacuation of patients

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The article shows the reasonability of implementation of the «laboratory analysis at the place of delivery of medical care» into medical practice. The main advantages of using the «point-of-care testing» technology for a comprehensive assessment of the condition of patients with various pathologies both in the hospital and during transportation of patients in serious condition are highlighted. Examples of using the i-STAT 300 G (Abbott) device to determine treatment tactics in various clinical situations are given. The results of analyzes obtained with the help of this apparatus correspond to those using the «classical» laboratory equipment, and its advantages can help to improve the outcomes of treating patients. The characteristics of the device make it possible to recommend its use in various conditions for the laboratory diagnosis of life-threatening disorders of homeostasis and correction of the treatment of patients with various pathologies.

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V. V Stets


M. D Lyubimov


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