Contribution of the academician O.Gazenko to aviation and space medicine (To the 100th anniversary of the birth)

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The scientific and practical contribution of Academician Lieutenant-General Medical Service Oleg Gazenko to aviation and space medicine during his service at the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR in 1947-1969 is presented. In the field of aviation medicine, under his scientific guidance and with direct participation, research was carried out on theoretical and practical aspects of high-altitude physiology, medical support of personnel of units and formations of the Air Force in the Arctic, rationalization of labor and life of flight and technical personnel of aviation units in a hot climate testing of ejection seats, the development of methods for modeling erroneous actions of a pilot in order to study their mechanisms, etc. cooking suborbital flights of animals, he elaborated in a team onboard and ground systems physiological reactions registration and carry out appropriate investigations in flight conditions.

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