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Vol 339, No 12 (2018)


Contribution of the Military Medical Academy to the medical support of work on the destruction of chemical weapons in the territory of the Russian Federation

Khalimov Y.S., Basharin V.A., Zagorodnikov G.G., Zhekalov A.N., Tkachuk N.A., Sharov R.A.


The data on the participation of employees of the S.M.Kirov Military Medical Academy in the development of the organizational and methodological foundations of medical support for the destruction of chemical weapons. Scientists and specialists of the Academy substantiated theoretical approaches and drafted guidelines for creating an integrated system of medical support for these works. At the facilities for storage and destruction of chemical weapons, an on-site medical team carried out an in-depth medical examination of their personnel; in the clinics of the academy, stationary examination and treatment of military personnel was carried out, establishing the cause-and-effect relationship of the occurrence of diseases with work with toxic chemicals. An examination algorithm was formed, maps of dynamic monitoring of the state of health of personnel of facilities were developed, and software storage tools for clinical diagnostic indicators were created in a database for the examination of the health status of persons from this contingent. The corresponding regulatory and instructive documentation has been drawn up and approved. Methodological approaches developed by the staff of the Academy can be used to create standards for medical examination and examination of persons engaged in potentially hazardous work.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):4-8
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Evaluation of professional skills of anesthesiologists-reanimatologists

Andreenko A.A., Ershov E.N., Lakhin R.E., Makarenko E.P., Faizov I.I., Tsygankov K.A., Shatalov V.I., Shchegolev A.V.


The modern system of medical education requires the use of objective methods for assessing the clinical competence of medical professionals. The use of an objective structured clinical exam during the final certification of graduates of residency allows you to evaluate manual skills and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge. The experience of conducting such an exam as part of the state certification of graduates of residency at the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation of the S.M.Kirov Military Medical Academy allows considering this methodology as a way of objectivizing the comprehensive assessment of the training of medical specialists. Inclusion into the program of an objective structured clinical exam of highly realistic patient simulators makes it possible to evaluate the non-technical skills of anesthesiologists, which determine the effectiveness of actions in critical situations. Testing and introduction of rating scales into the evaluation system, improvement of the exam program, and an increase in the number of clinical scenarios for conducting simulation sessions were planned.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):9-15
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):15
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Effect of cardiopulmonary bypass on the results of coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with chronic heart failure of ischemic nature

Sukharev A.E., Kravchuk V.N., Volkov A.M., Lyubimov A.I., Knyazev E.A., Kusai A.S., Romanovskii D.Y., Biryukov A.V.


The results of coronary shunting in 97 patients with chronic heart failure of ischemic nature are presented, which were divided into 3 groups depending on the method of using artificial blood circulation (IC): complete (n=42), parallel (n=47), under conditions of emergency conversion on extracorporeal circulation (n=8). The preoperative status of the patients was comparable. A significant adverse effect of emergency conversion on IC on the course of the early postoperative period due to a larger number of perioperative myocardial infarction has been established. The shortest duration of the operation was noted in the group of patients with complete artificial blood circulation, however, the most favorable course of the postoperative period is observed when performing coronary bypass surgery under conditions of parallel cardiopulmonary bypass.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):16-24
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Sarcopenia in the clinic aspect of internal diseases

Gulyaev N.I., Akhmetshin I.M., Gordienko A.V., Anokhin D.Y., Saifullin R.F.


The review article presents the results of an analysis of the literature on sarcopenia, a condition that almost always accompanies the unfolded and terminal stages of chronic diseases such as chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, etc. Sarcopenia is a common clinical syndrome, including pathological reduction in the mass and function of skeletal muscles. The inevitable consequences of sarcopenia are the deterioration of self-care and quality of life, an increase in the risk of iatrogenic complications, hospitalizations and death.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):24-30
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Analysis of the etiological structure of acute respiratory viral infections in military personnel

Alimov A.V., Kalmykov A.A., Zakharova Y.A., Polyakov V.S., Artebyakin S.V., Markaryan A.Y., Vyalykh I.V., Malchikov I.A.


During the two epidemic seasons (2016-2017 and 2017-2018), the etiological structure of SARS in the military unit deployed in the Sverdlovsk region was analyzed. Adenovirus, rhinovirus and their combinations were detected in soldiers with signs of respiratory infections, which made it possible to conclude that only non-influenza respiratory group viruses circulate among the soldiers of this military unit. Significant differences between the compared epidemic seasons in the frequency of detection of adenoviruses and rhinoviruses has not been established. There were significant differences in the species composition of strains of SARS pathogens. A conclusion was drawn up on the need to improve the methods of laboratory diagnosis of adenovirus infection and the development of methods for its specific prophylaxis.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):31-34
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Organization of work of non-standard isolation ward (infirmary) of a military unit (military educational organization)

Zhdanov K.V., Sidorchuk S.N., Zakharenko S.M., Grishin I.S., Peredelskii E.V.


The necessity of deploying additional (non-staff) isolators (infirmaries) in military units and military educational organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is justified when the epidemic threshold for airborne and intestinal infections and excessive load on hospitals of the medical service unit is exceeded. An additional (non-standard) isolator (infirmary) should be created in the military units (military educational organizations) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which have a post of a doctor (paramedic) and a regular hospital. It is intended for isolation and medical surveillance of military personnel at risk of contracting infectious diseases. The main functions of an abnormal isolator (infirmary) should be the reception and placement of military personnel in the infirmary in accordance with established standards and requirements, provision of medical observation of military personnel in the infirmary under epidemic indications, their laboratory examination and emergency prophylaxis. Regulatory issues of the organization of work of additional (non-regular) isolators in military units and military educational organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are considered.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):35-39
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Modern trends of primary training of aviation doctors for the state aviation

Blaginin A.A., Lizogub I.N.


The tendencies of the development of the Armed Forces at the present stage, along with the improvement of the means of warfare, determine the need to optimize the training of specialists carrying out their use and support. A retrospective analysis of the development of the educational process at the Department of Aviation and Space Medicine of the Military Medical Academy for the Training of Aviation Doctors revealed the main problematic issue of mastering the skills of working on complex training complexes with the progressive trend of reducing study time for the discipline. An important problem in organizing practical classes was the participation in them of the engineering and technical staff, laboratory assistants and support staff, which requires clarification of the organizational structure of the department. The solution of these problems will ensure the implementation of innovative approaches to the organization of educational and methodical work in the department.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):40-45
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Identification of the nomenclature of gases for medical use and justification of proposals for regulating their circulation

Miroshnichenko Y.V., Shchegolev A.V., Enikeeva R.A., Grachev I.N.


The most important medicinal gaseous forms include medical gases: medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, xenon, which are listed in the State Register of Medicinal Products of the Russian Federation. At the same time, other gases are used in domestic health care - carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, helium, nitric oxide, krypton, radon, air, etc. According to the requirements of the Federal Law «On Circulation of Medicines», the regulatory documentation for the drug should be based on the requirements a similar pharmacopoeial monograph to this medicinal product, as well as a general pharmacopoeial monograph on the dosage form in which the medicinal product is presented. The article presents data indicating that the requirements for the production and quality of most gases used in domestic medical and pharmaceutical practice are not properly regulated. Formulated proposals, the implementation of which will not only create the conditions to facilitate the introduction of new medical gases into health care and harmonize their quality indicators with leading world pharmacopoeias, but also update the standards and procedures of medical care.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):46-54
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):54
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):56
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Treatment of alveolitis in the military medical organizations of the dental offices of military units

Iordanishvili A.K., Grebnev G.A., Muzykin M.I., Korovin N.V., Lyskov N.V.


The results of treatment of alveolitis in 120 conscripts and contract servicemen aged from 18 to 53 years using a dental gel containing a chelate complex of an organogensium organic compound with guanine, alginic acid potassium salt and xylitol are presented. It is shown that the use of this drug allows, depending on the severity of the flow of alveolitis, to stop the pain syndrome during the first days after rendering medical assistance and to ensure that the holes are completely filled with granulation tissue for 7-16 days
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):57-58
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):58
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Unusual anniversary: the centenary of the Military Medical Academy in 1898

Fisun A.Y., Poddubny M.V.


The article is devoted to the description of the preparation and conduct of the centenary of the Military Medical Academy in 1898. Despite the existing historiography, the corpus of sources, now stored in the Russian State Military Historical Archive, first introduced into the scientific circulation by the authors, has not yet been used. The documents shed light not only on various aspects of the preparation and conduct of the jubilee, but also serve as an illustration of the «golden period» of the history of the Military Medical Academy.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):59-67
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First Russian department and clinic of otolaryngology celebrates the 125th anniversary

Dvoryanchikov V.V., Kiselev A.S., Mironov V.G., Syroezhkin F.A., Gofman V.R., Chernysh A.V., Glaznikov L.A., Golovanov A.E., Isachenko V.S.


Review of the development of the national otolaryngology has been presented. The professors of our country’s oldest educational and scientific medical institution, the Military Medical Academy, where the first Russian department of otolaryngology had been opened, made the greatest contribution to the development of this clinical discipline. The article describes in detail the stages of the formation of the specialty, which are inseparably linked with the development of the Armed Forces, mentioning the names of academy professors who have contributed to world science with their discoveries.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):68-74
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Contribution of the academician O.Gazenko to aviation and space medicine (To the 100th anniversary of the birth)

Zhdanko I.M., Ushakov I.B., Bednenko V.S., Khomenko M.N.


The scientific and practical contribution of Academician Lieutenant-General Medical Service Oleg Gazenko to aviation and space medicine during his service at the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR in 1947-1969 is presented. In the field of aviation medicine, under his scientific guidance and with direct participation, research was carried out on theoretical and practical aspects of high-altitude physiology, medical support of personnel of units and formations of the Air Force in the Arctic, rationalization of labor and life of flight and technical personnel of aviation units in a hot climate testing of ejection seats, the development of methods for modeling erroneous actions of a pilot in order to study their mechanisms, etc. cooking suborbital flights of animals, he elaborated in a team onboard and ground systems physiological reactions registration and carry out appropriate investigations in flight conditions.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):74-78
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Vovkodav V.S., Vorona A.A., Zemlyannikov D.A., Maksimov S.G., Artem'ev M.A.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):81
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):82
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State and prospects of the development of diving medicine and pneumatotherapy

Zverev D.P., Shitov A.Y., Andrusenko A.N.


On May 17-18, 2018, the X all-army scientific and practical conference «Pneumatotherapy in the complex treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded, sick and affected» was held at the S.M.Kirov Military Medical Academy. It was dedicated to the memory of Professor Viktor Ivanovich Kuleshov, the head of the Department of Physiology of Scuba Diving (1945-2015). The conference was held under the auspices of the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Military Medical Academy, the inter-regional public organization «Scientific and Practical Society of Barotherapists of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region». The conference was attended by doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Rosgvardia, other power structures of the Russian Federation, as well as medical personnel of city, district, regional hospitals of the Ministry of Health, faculty members of the Academy and medical universities of Russia. During the conference more than 20 reports on various issues of diving medicine and pneumatotherapy were heard.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):83-85
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Perechen' statey, napechatannykh v 2018 g. v «voenno-meditsinskom zhurnale»

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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(12):86-96
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