The current conceptions of non-pharmacological therapeutic methods capabilities and mechanism of their action

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The current article demonstrates the modern capabilities of non-pharmacological therapeutic methods on the example of effective use of infrared-terahertz radiation and acupuncture in cases when the standard treatments failed. The first clinical presentation describes the case of successful intervention in the stroke patient on his 18th day of staying in coma. The second presentation dedicates to rehabilitation of a post-stroke patient with hemiparesis and wheelchair use for five years. Then the modern approaches to understanding the employed methods are proposed. The developing concept is based on the idea that the applied therapeutic modalitiy forms an afferent matrix-challenge in the central nervous system to which the latter elaborates the reciprocal efferent matrix-response. In the process of reaction the central nervous system performs a kind of reboot of its system functional connections thus eliminating stagnant pathological dominants and inhibitions. It is proposed to employ the accumulated experience in the conditions of increasing restriction of drugs and medical devices import.

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