Refractory hypertension: diagnosis and treatment optimization

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Resistant hypertension occurs in up to 15% of patients with arterial hypertension in Russia. Medical treatment of resistant hypertension must include minimum 3 medications with maximum or maximum tolerated doses besides one of the medications must be diuretic. According to department of arterial hypertension of the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital to achieve the target levels of arterial blood pressure it was necessary to prescribe 4-5 components antihypertension therapy in patients. Authors suggested an algorithm of diagnosis and treatment of patients with resistant hypertension with the help of surgical method. This method is based on decreasing of sympathic nervous system activity by selective break of neuronal connections with the help of interventional intravascular radio-wave ablation. Endovascular renal sympathetic denervation allows to effectively control arterial blood pressure, to optimize antihypertensive therapy, but this method does not cure from arterial hypertension.

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