Medical service of the Red Army in Vislo-Oder strategic offensive

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Was characterized work of medical service of the Red Army in Vislo-Oder strategic offensive. To the beginning of the operation in divisions of the first echelon were deployed medical aid stations in dugouts and blindages in 1,5-3 km from the front line. Sanitarium casualties of troops of the 1 st Byelorussian Front were 60 310 persons, 5,8% of it’s quantity, including wounded - 5,3%, ill persons - 0,5%; of the 1 st Ukrainian Front - 89 564 persons, 8,3%, including wounded - 7,5%, ill persons - 0,8%. It’s important to mark, that casualties on first fronts are more then 2 times, and on the second fronts are one and half times less than was supposed. On both fronts casualties of main group of troops achieved 60% of all casualties during the 1 st stage of operation.

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P. F Gladkikh


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