The 175th anniversary of the District Military Clinical Hospital of the Leningrad Military District

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For 175 years a hospital made a great contribution to the development of national health care, gaining a wealth experience in high quality health care for the soldiers. Especially the biggest merit was made by the hospital during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, when 82% of the wounded soldiers ware returned for further service. The hospital was glorified by famous medical scientists of XIX-XX-centuries, such as: V.Bekhterev, R. Wreden, N.Sklifosovsky, P.Kupriyanov, N.Petrov and others. Currently, the hospital takes a worthy place among the best military medical agencies of Russian Armed Forces. The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment. There work highly qualified personnel: 17 distinguished doctors of the Russian Federation, 2 doctors and 27 candidates of medical sciences. In practice the hospital successfully uses achievements of the leading Russian military medical facilities. The staff treat with care historical traditions of the hospital.

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