The use of high-intensity laser radiation for medical rehabilitation of patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery on the knee joint

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The effect of high-intensity laser radiation (wavelength 1064 nm, output power 12 W) on the efficiency of medical rehabilitation of 50 patients operated on by arthroscopy for chronic degenerative and traumatic pathology of the knee joint was studied. Were allocated to the main and control groups of patients by 25 people each. In both groups, in the postoperative period, drug treatment was applied. In addition to the generally accepted postoperative rehabilitation, patients of the main group received high-intensity laser therapy. Its course application led to the correction of microcirculatory perfusion and gave a pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, which contributed to the reduction of pain, improved locomotor function of the affected joint and increased the effectiveness of medical rehabilitation in general. It has been shown that the use of high-intensity laser radiation is an effective method for treating patients who have undergone arthroscopic surgery on the knee joint.

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