Osteopathic treatment for humeroscapular periarthrosis

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A comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of patients with shoulder-blade periarthrosis using the standard and complex (standard and osteopathic) approaches was carried out. The study included 30 patients aged 50 to 55 years (12 men and 18 women), divided into main and control groups. The control group received standard medical and physiotherapeutic treatment (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, local anesthetics, massage, physiotherapy procedures), the main group received additional osteopathic treatment. During osteopathic examination, the state of the musculo-skeletal, craniosacral and visceral systems was assessed, after which treatment was carried out according to generally accepted regimens. The inclusion of osteopathic methods in the treatment protocol for patients suffering from humeroscapular periarthrosis allowed to relieve pain syndrome faster, increase the volume of movement in the affected joint, which indicates an increase in the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures for this pathology.

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