Modern functional diagnostics and artificial intelligence

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The equipment of functional diagnostics departments with modern medical equipment with computer support significantly speeds up the implementation of diagnostic methods and improves the quality of medical reports. The article presents an overview of the achievements in the use of digital medicine methods for the purposes of functional diagnostics. Modern information technologies allow automatic processing of research results. When working in local and medical information networks, the main formats for exchanging medical data are the HL7 standards of various versions and the DICOM standard for transmitting images. On this basis, structured electronic medical documents are formed, which serve as the basis for the interaction of functional diagnostics doctors and other medical specialists. The problems of using artificial intelligence systems to improve diagnostic accuracy are discussed. It is predicted that storing many decoded diagnostic examination results and conclusions on them in electronic form will allow you to create reliable and valuable software products that can provide effective assistance to the doctor. The interaction of specialists in the field of medical informatics and information technology specialists should ensure the improvement of diagnostic methods in clinical practice.

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