Vol 339, No 11 (2018)


Epidemiology of respiratory diseases among servicemen and directions of improving pulmonological care

Zaitsev A.A.


Data on the incidence of respiratory diseases among military personnel are presented. The most important is the acute infectious pathology and, above all, community-acquired pneumonia. The analysis of problem questions of rendering assistance to patients with pulmonological profile in military medical organizations and ways to improve it are given. The plan for improving the quality of care for patients with community-acquired pneumonia is considered as one of the most urgent problems of the military medical service.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):4-9
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Multifunctional robotic medical system for the evacuation of the wounded, sick and injured: the rationale and development prospects

Yudin A.B., Prigorelov O.G., Sokhranov M.V., Lopota A.V., Yakovets D.A., Kozhevnikova A.V.


The article presents the results of research on the development of a set of multifunctional robotic medical systems for the evacuation of wounded and wounded in perspective land, sea and air carriers in the development of an automated (robotic) evacuation module. The composition of the functional blocks of the developed complex is presented. The economic feasibility of the production and operation of the robotic module has been established. The possibility of automation of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation algorithm is shown.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):10-14
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Early diagnosis of atherosclerosis in male military personnel

Gordienko A.V., Serdyukov D.Y.


An in-depth examination of 530 men (mean age 38.8±5.6 years) was carried out. Patients after assessing the thickness of intima-media complex of carotid arteries were divided into 2 groups: I - 106 men with signs of initial atherosclerosis; II - 424 men without changes in the vascular wall. All the subjects underwent lipid, carbohydrate metabolism, and liver function tests. In patients with initial atherosclerosis, a high incidence of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension, abdominal obesity, hypodynamia), dyslipidemia and disglycemia, as well as fatty degeneration of the liver and pancreas, was identified. According to the results of the study, a mathematical model of atherosclerosis prognosis is proposed for male military personnel, including age, the presence of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism disorders, and the level of alanine aminotransferase.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):15-21
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The effectiveness of glutathione disulfides in the treatment of toxic hepatitis and liver fibrosis

Orlov Y.V., Bugaev P.A., Khalimov Y.S., Basharin V.A., Sinyachkin D.A., Antushevich A.E.


The possibility of using Molixan for the prevention and treatment of toxic hepatitis and liver fibrosis has been studied. An experimental study was carried out on 36 CD-1 mice. Liver damage was modeled by the introduction of anti-tuberculosis drugs (isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide) for 14 days. Pharmacological correction of liver damage with the Molixan preparation (daily 2 hours before the introduction of TB drugs) showed its pronounced hepatoprotective properties, which was the basis for conducting clinical studies of pharmacological activity of the drug. A clinical study was conducted on two groups of patients (18 people each, aged 25-65 years) with fatty hepatosis, liver fibrosis. In the main group, the drug Molixan was administered 120 mg/day for 3 weeks, in the comparison group - the drug Heptral 400 mg/day for 3 weeks. The use of molyxane contributes to a significant improvement in the biochemical parameters of the blood, a decrease in the degree of liver fibrosis, fatty hepatosis, which determines the usefulness of its therapeutic use.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):21-27
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Assessment of the strength of the respiratory muscles in community-acquired pneumonia

Geltser B.I., Dei A.A., Titorenko I.N., Kotelnikov V.N.


The force characteristics of the respiratory muscles were studied in 65 men aged 18-23 years who were on inpatient treatment for non-hospital community-acquired pneumonia. In the dynamics of the disease, the maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressure in the oral cavity, the maximum rate of its ascent by inspiration and expiration, as well as the level of intranasal pressure were recorded. The parameters of external respiration, anthropometric data and the mass of skeletal muscles were determined. It was found that at the height of community-acquired pneumonia, dysfunction of inspiratory and expiratory respiratory muscles develops, which was more noticeable in the localization of inflammation in the basal segments of the lower lobes of the lungs. In the period of convalescence, only the expiratory respiratory muscles remained dysfunctional. A more pronounced decrease in strength is recorded in patients with asthenic somatotype, and their minimal changes in hypersthenic patients. The strength of the respiratory muscles depended on the mass of the skeletal muscles, which indicates the role of the muscular component in providing respiratory functions. The pathophysiological significance of the dysfunction of expiratory respiratory muscles in the violation of bronchial patency in community-acquired pneumonia is shown. The results obtained should be taken into account when designing programs for personified rehabilitation.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):27-33
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Medical care to patients with infectious diseases during the second stage of presence of The limited contingent of Soviet forces in Afghanistan: clinical aspects

Lyashenko Y.I.


High rates of infectious morbidity with significant mortality rates were very characteristic for the second stage of presence of limited contingent of Soviet forces in Afghanistan (1981-1985). The most frequent cause of such adverse outcome was delayed case detection, evacuation of patients from battlefield areas and treatment. Specific features of clinical manifestations of various types of infections were observed in comparison with those under normal conditions and a relatively high incidence of mixed diseases with severe and recurrent course with ineffectiveness of traditional therapy. Often observed in patients marked trophological deficiency caused significant violations of the immune status and nonspecific resistance of the body. All this demanded the introduction of diagnostic infectious disease bases into the practice of medical institutions, considering the peculiarities of their manifestation in the climatic and geographic conditions of Afghanistan, the methods of effective treatment of patients, taking into account the factors of increased risk of adverse course of each of the nosological forms, and the regulation of the use of preventive intensive care. The higher quality and effectiveness of medical and diagnostic measures contributed to a 7-fold reduction in the overall mortality of infectious patients from 1982 to 1985, and more than twentyfold from typhoid fever.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):34-41
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Contemporary requirements for storage and transportation of medicines in military health organizations

Levchenko V.N., Besedin R.G., Moshchevikin I.V., Zarechenko E.Y.


The publication of normative documents of the Ministry of Health of Russia introducing rules for the storage, transportation and pharmacy practice of medicines, as well as the decisions of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission on distribution practices, determine the urgency of introducing new approaches to ensuring proper storage of medicinal products and their transportation to military health organizations. The article presents modern requirements for premises and equipment, storage and transportation conditions for medicines, and the functioning of the quality management system. The procedure for carrying out the necessary validation procedures verified by the state control bodies is described.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):42-47
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Military pediatricians training in the US Armed forces. Editorial review

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Problem of the definition, classification and coding of «multifocal atherosclerosis» in the work of the automated information system of the polyclinic

Vinogradov S.N., Shklovskii B.L., Vorob’ev E.G., Lazarev A.B., Prokhorchik A.A., Baksheev V.I.


The article discusses the terminology of common atherosclerosis, in particular the relation between the concepts «multifocal» and «generalized» atherosclerosis. The absence of appropriate classification codes makes it difficult to operate automated information systems and statistical records in a medical organization. The necessity of excluding the term «multifocal atherosclerosis» is substantiated, and in the new edition of the International Classification of Diseases the concept of «generalized atherosclerosis» is replaced with «combined forms of atherosclerosis» with the appropriate decoding of the process localization.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):50-51
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Epidemiology of complications associated with the provision of medical care

Voskanyan Y.E., Avetisyan A.Y.


The article presents an analysis of domestic and foreign literature on the epidemiology of complications of medical interventions (adverse events). The cumulative incidence of such complications is 10-11%. More than 80% of adverse events are registered in the inpatient part of the health care system, with about half of them developing in the operating room and about a third in the ward of the hospital. In the case of medical care outside the hospital, complications most often occur at home, mostly because of mistakes made by the doctor. The major part of complications is associated with the operation, manipulation, drug therapy, diagnosis, late or incorrect treatment. In 5-6% of cases, complications of medical interventions are the cause of unforeseen death of the patient, accounting for 25% of hospital mortality and 10% - the overall mortality of the population.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):52-53
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Method of prevention of cicatricial-adhesive epiduritis in microdiscectomies on the lumbosacral spine

Zavyalov D.M., Volkov A.S., Zakrevsky Y.N.


Postoperative cicatricial-epidural remains one of the most frequent complications in the remote period after surgical interventions, worsening the overall result of surgical treatment of herniated intervertebral discs of the lumbosacral spine. We conducted an analysis of the effectiveness of the use of the adhension gel «Mesogel», which was used to prevent cicatricial-adhesive epiduritis in patients operated on for herniated intervertebral discs of the lumbosacral spine.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):53-55
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Effectiveness of osteopathic treatment in female soldiers who underwent gynecological surgery

Matvienko V.V., Buchnov A.D.


Against the backdrop of osteopathic treatment, 45 women, aged 33.0±2.2 years old, who had a history of gynecological operations due to uterine myomas, ovarian cysts and episiotomy in vaginal births were assessed for their mental state and vegetative status. The features of interrelations between the indices of the psychoemotional sphere, the vegetative and osteopathic status, as well as the internal structure of women’s health before and after 4 months after osteopathic correction were studied.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):55-58
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Possibilities of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometric densitometry in monitoring the dynamics of treatment of multiple myeloma

Troyan V.N., Rukavitsyn O.A., Kryukov E.V., Kozyrev S.V., Pop V.P., Simashova P.I., Sapelnikova E.R., Daragan-Suschov I.G.


With the help of dual-energy x-ray absorbtsiometric densitometry, a change in bone density was observed in patients with multiple myeloma, during treatment with standard chemotherapy courses and subsequent high-dose chemotherapy with auto-transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. The possibility of X-ray densitometry as an objective method for evaluating the treatment in patients with multiple myeloma is considered.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):58-59
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Experience of destructive therapy of actinic keratosis

Lamotkin I.A., Selezneva E.V., Khlebnikova A.N.


The efficacy of treatment of actinic keratosis in 20 patients with 44 lesions was studied. In 36 (81.8%) cases, the disease was represented by the erythematous form, in 8 (18.2%) - keratotic. Epithelialization of the foci after the application of the drug occurred during the period from 7 to 21 days, in most cases - from 12 to 16 days. The treatment had no side effects and complications, except for cases (5%) of hypertrophic scars on the site of treatment with the drug.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):59-61
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Polyacrylamide granuloma of the penis

Babkin P.A., Kushnirenko N.P., Kharitonov N.N., Rassvetaev A.V., Iglovikov N.Y., Sivakov A.A., Karandashov V.K., Gozalishvili S.M.


The anamnestic, clinical and laboratory aspects of the course of granuloma of the penis were analyzed after subcutaneous administration of hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel Interfall to increase its size in order to improve the quality of sexual life. In the clinical example, it is shown that over time the injected drug gradually moves toward the prepuce of the penis, where due to its hydrophilicity it forms a large polyacrylic granuloma that makes it difficult to maintain a sexual life. The description and the result of surgical treatment of polyacrylamide granuloma are presented.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):61-63
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Gotrone skin carcinoid papillomatosis

Ufimtseva M.A., Bochkarev Y.M., Gagiev V.V., Nikulin I.P., Vorozheikina I.N., Gurkovskaya E.P.


A case from the practice of treatment of Gotrone skin carcinoid papillomatosisis presented, which is considered as a complication of chronic dermatoses characterized by epidermal hyperplasia on the background of vascular disorders of the lower extremities and lymphostasis. The priority of the prevention of this disease was noted, including timely treatment of patients with chronic dermatoses, dispensary observation, as well as timely treatment of vascular pathology in related specialists.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):63-64
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Changes in dietary behavior and weight gain in experimental animals during the incorporation of depleted uranium

Gerasimov D.V.


Food behavior and the dynamics of weight gain in experimental animals (rats) after a single oral intake of an aqueous solution of mixed oxide of depleted uranium have been studied. During 190 days of observation, a temporary increase in the eating behavior of rodents was noted with a decrease in body weight gain, which is due to toxic effects on the gastrointestinal tract and impaired absorption of nutrients.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):64-66
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Diagnostic interpretation of serological tests for syphilis

Lamotkin I.A., Sokolova T.V., Malyarchuk A.P., Gladko V.V., Lamotkin A.I.


The analysis of various variants of positive serological tests for a 10-year period was conducted in 415 patients in the N. N. Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital. In the diagnosis of syphilis, five serological tests were used in the hospital: enzyme multiplied immunoassay with immunoglobulin IgM + IgG, enzyme multiplied immunoassay with IgM, microprecipitation test, FTAT and TPHA. In 76.9% of cases, there were traces of positive reactions after a previous and treated syphilis, in 14% - late forms of syphilis, 7.9% - early forms of syphilis, 1.2% - false positive EIA with IgM + IgG and MCI.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):66-68
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):68
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Medical support of the foreign armies during the First World War 1914-1918 (To the 100th anniversary of the end of war)

Budko A.A., Brinyuk N.Y.


The article analyzes the conditions and the main factors that influenced the work of medical services of the largest foreign armies during the First World War. It is shown that the principles of organization of medical support for armies of different countries as a whole did not significantly differ. Data are presented on the system of training medical personnel and the procedure for manning them with an active army. The organization of medical support in the theater of military operations, the separation of the stages of medical evacuation and the volume of medical care rendered to them, the procedure for evacuating the wounded and sick are set out. Despite a number of typical difficulties, the medical supply of the armies of the leading countries was organized at a high professional level and achieved successful results. In the British army, 82% of the wounded and 93% of the patients were returned to the system, up to 75-90% of the sanitary losses in the French army. The First World War had an important impact on the progress of world medical science.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):69-77
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Evacuation vehicles for the wounded and sick in wars of the XIX century

Sokolov V.A., Varfolomeev I.V.


The prompt delivery of the wounded and sick during military companies to military medical organizations is one of the most important factors in saving their lives, returning to service as soon as possible, and maintaining the army’s fighting strength. Based on the analysis of official reports, scientific works and memoirs of participants in the wars of the XIX century. a critical analysis of the application of various technical means that were used at that time to solve this complex problem was carried out. The authors underlined the importance of technical progress, the results of the search and use of new vehicles for that time to improve the effectiveness of step-wise treatment. A variety of statistical material is given. Information is provided on the participation of representatives of military medical services of various armies and the Red Cross accompanied by sanitary convoys. Generalized the experience of domestic specialists in solving practical problems that arose in the solution of the topic under consideration.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):77-84
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Scientist, clinician, organizer (On the 85th anniversary of G.M.Yakovlev)

Salukhov V.V., Kurenkova I.G., Shustov S.B.


Biographical article about the former head of the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy (1988-1992), lieutenant general of the medical service German Mikhailovich Yakovlev (1933-2017). His activities are described as a military doctor, scientist, teacher. It is a question of the scientific school of G.M.Yakovlev. His students work in various cities of Russia, near and far abroad, in military and civilian health, and head the departments of several medical universities.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):84-86
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Dental assistance to the personnel of the army during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905)

Gonchar V.V., Ratmanov P.E.


The experience of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 had significantly affected the organization of professional dental care in the Russian army, and the initiative to organize this type of medical aid belonged to public organizations and individual dentists. The Russian Red Cross Society, with the assistance of the military department, deployed a network of dental offices both directly in the theater of operations and in the rear of the active army. In connection with the great need for qualified dental care, it was recognized as an indispensable element of the overall medical support of the army. However, its volumes were minimal and could not fully meet all the needs for this type of medical care.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):86-90
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):91
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):91-93
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Garrison medical conference in the Naro-Fominsk Military Hospital

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A short report on the garrison medical conference held in February of 2018 in the Naro-Fominsk Military Hospital «Actual issues of providing emergency medical care at the prehospital stage» is presented. The opinions of its participants testify to their interest in studying modern approaches to providing emergency medical care at the prehospital stage with the use of innovative medical products and technologies.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):94-95
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Museums at Night-2018 in the Military Medical Museum

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A short report on the annual festival «Museums at Night», held on May 19-20, 2018 in the Military Medical Museum of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is presented. One of significances was the participation in the event of the S.M.Kirov Military Medical Academy. The program caused a significant response from visitors.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2018;339(11):95-96
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