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Datsko, A. V

Issue Section Title File
Vol 338, No 9 (2017) Articles Deviant behavior predication among conscripts PDF
Vol 338, No 10 (2017) Articles On disadvantages of medical and expert opinions on the category of eligibility of citizens subject to conscription for military service
Vol 337, No 12 (2016) Articles On the interaction of the Russian Defence Ministry with the subjects of the Russian Federation on health protection of citizens, called up for military service
Vol 336, No 11 (2015) Articles The role of risk-factors in development of arterial hypertension in teenagers, prospective conscripts and conscripts
Vol 340, No 11 (2019) Articles About the professional standard of a specialist in military medical examination
Vol 341, No 7 (2020) Articles Prospects for improving expert approaches to determining suitability for military service, considering the provisions of the International Classification of Diseases of the eleventh revision
Vol 342, No 1 (2021) Articles Epileptic seizures after a concussion are an urgent and complex issue in military medical expertise
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Military medical expertise in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: traditions and modernity
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Ways to improve military medical expertise of the citizens subject to conscription
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Military medical examination for urolithiasis in the Armed Forces (analysis of work published in 2015-2019)
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Chronic kidney disease affecting the determination of the category of fitness for military service
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Development of the system of medical examination of aviation personnel of the state aviation of the Russian Federation
Vol 342, No 3 (2021) Articles Military medical examination of anorexia nervosa (clinical case)

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