Vol 81, No 8 (2014)


Strip oversowing in surface improvement technology of old-growth perennial grasses using the ОПП-6 tool

Derepaskin A.I., Polischuk Y.V., Binyukov Y.V.


Results of investigation concerning development of the ОПП-6 tool intended for strip oversowing of grass seeds are reported. The operating procedure realizing by the developed tool is presented. Specifications of ОПП-6 tool and results of acceptance tests are given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):3-4
pages 3-4 views

Cultivator for preplanting cultivation equipped with rope working organ

Telichkina N.A.


Functionality, design parameters and operating procedure of cultivator equipped with a rope working organ for preplanting cultivation are considered. Diagram and formula for determination of optimal corner angle of rope working organ are given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):5-7
pages 5-7 views

Digital sowing device

Khizhnyak V.I., Avramenko F.V., Yatsenko P.L.


Advantages of precision agriculture are described. Urgency of development of digital pneumatic device for precision sowing is substantiated. Criteria which the device should meet and its functional diagram are given. Design, operating principle and processes occurring inside the device during seeds dispensing are considered.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):7-9
pages 7-9 views

Control and adjustment of grain temperature in tower driers

Andrianov N.M., Mei S., Chen Z., Li Z.


Dynamics of control and adjustment processes of grain temperature in tower driers have been analyzed based on experimental data. It was found that static and dynamic properties of the dry chamber depend on technological characteristics of the working process. For stabilization of drying regimes, the system for grain temperature adjustment is proposed.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):9-13
pages 9-13 views

Comparative tests of ploughs

Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Nesterov Y.S.


Basic soil cultivation with layer turning is realized by ПЛН-5-35, ПО-4+1/40К, ПБС-4М share and moldboard ploughs, which are differ in design from working organs. Field investigations of these ploughs aggregated with МТЗ-1523 tractor of tractive class 3 have been carried out to estimate their use efficiency in identical conditions. Agronomic, energy, operational, engineering and economic indices of plowing units have been analyzed.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):13-16
pages 13-16 views

Substantiation of parameters of separator for small leaf part of grass plant

Abilzhanov D.T., Abilzhanuly T., Uteshev V.L.


Optimal separator parameters have been obtained, as a result of experimental investigation of separation of leaf part from pre-shredded alfalfa.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):16-19
pages 16-19 views

Influence of torsional oscillations of internal-combustion engine on the loads in running gear of a tracked grain and fodder combine

Ryabchenko V.N., Yemelyanov A.M., Kandelya M.V.


Influence of periodically changing torsional oscillations of internal-combustion engine on loads in its bearing parts and repositioning of grain and fodder combine’s center for every crankshaft revolution is considered. Ways of reducing these changes causing outruns and additive loads are presented.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):19-21
pages 19-21 views

Mutual correlation and spectral analysis of excitations from reference tracks on different ruts

Podrubalov V.K., Podrubalov M.V.


Issues related to assignment of kinematic excitation from random path profile on dynamic three-dimensional system of a moving machine using spectral modelling method are considered. During calculation for three reference backgrounds, self- and mutual statistical characteristic of excitation on left and right ruts for different moving velocities are obtained.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):21-28
pages 21-28 views

Design workflow for load-bearing parts by the example of interaxle differential lock fork of a multiaxial wheeled vehicle

Vdovin D.S., Kotiyev G.O.


Technique of load-bearing parts design based on topological optimization method for solution of synthesis of design and force diagram of parts is considered. It is proposed to use design and force diagram synthesis at preliminary designing of parts instead of (or parallel to) design methods using prototypes and analogues. As exemplified by fork of interaxle differential lock it is shown, that using of topological optimization method often allows to develop parts of higher strength and stiffness, and simultaneously to reduce parts mass without change of material.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):28-31
pages 28-31 views

Determination of parameters of adaptive friction clutches with single-loop negative feedback

Shishkarev M.P., Vu T.D.


Dependencies of amplification coefficient on frictional coefficient are obtained for adaptive friction clutches with differentiated friction couples and with all leading friction couples. These dependencies allow to exclude theoretically influence of frictional coefficient changes on stability of transmitted load. It is shown that high stability of transmitted load can be achieved only in case of clutches with greater numbers of disks.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):32-36
pages 32-36 views

Influence of hydraulic fluid viscosity on the efficiency coefficient of hydrodynamic transmission

Dyachkov Y.A., Fedyanov Y.A.


Results of laboratory investigation of influence of hydraulic fluid viscosity on efficiency coefficient of tractor hydrodynamic transmission are considered. It is shown, that efficiency coefficient is increased when hydraulic fluid viscosity decreases. Formula allowing to estimate quantitatively viscosity influence on efficiency coefficient of hydraulic converter is given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Failure-free performance of combines group with static reserve

Korolkova L.I., Ignatyev G.S., Mashrabov N.


The model for calculation of parameters of failure-free performance of combines group with static reserve using conditional probability method is proposed. The method does not restrict the law of time-to-failure distribution and allows to investigate machine operation process in detail.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):38-40
pages 38-40 views

Improvement of normative and technical documentation for the maintenance support of machine and tractor fleet

Dunayev A.V., Gafurov I.D., Vakhitov N.U.


Necessity of revision of the State Standard № 20793-2009 concerning maintenance support of machine and tractor fleet is substantiated, because of its wrong demands, excessive regulation of periodicity and procedure of maintenance support, absence of quality control of fuel-containing materials, disregard of triboengineering achievements and more.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):40-42
pages 40-42 views

Modeling of loads in hydrostatic power drive joints

Senin P.V., Zemskov A.M., Stolyarov A.V., Ionov P.A.


Contact stresses occurring in joints of ГСТ-112 hydrostatic power drive at nominal operating modes are investigated.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):43-45
pages 43-45 views

Contribution of teaching and learning commission to the development of higher automotive education

Serebryakov V.V., Kravets V.N.


Contribution of teaching and learning commission supervising educational programs in the area of automobile and tractor means into development and improvement of higher education in the area of automobile and tractor machinery is shown. This commission functions under Academic Methodological Association of Polytechnic Universities controlled by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):46-50
pages 46-50 views

Combines’ development: from СК-10 to TORUM-740

Shreyder Y.M., Gorbachev I.V.


Research-and-development activity related to development of high-performance grain combine equipped with axial and rotatory trashing and separating device have been analyzed. Experience of working on it was used at development of TORUM-740 combine.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):50-52
pages 50-52 views

The 75th anniversary of V.N. Kaminskiy

- -.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(8):52
pages 52 views

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