Results of Monolithic and Modular Femoral Components Use at Total Hip Revision Arthroplasty


Results of 28 total hip revision arthroplasties using distal fixation stems were analyzed. In 18 operations revision stems Wagner SL (1 st group) and in 10 interventions modular revision stems Cerafit revision (2 nd group) were used. Mean follow up period made up 3 years. Course of operation and peculiarities of bone canal treatment prior to stem implantation were described in detail. In 1 st group excellent results were achieved in 2 (11.11%), good in 8 (44.44%) satisfactory in 4 (22.22%) and poor in 4 (22.22%) of patients. In 2 nd group in 2 (20%), 4 (40%), 3 (30%) and 1 (10%) patient, respectively. Poor treatment outcomes resulted from suppuration and distal migration offemoral component. Rate of intraoperative femur cracks and fractures for two study groups was not higher than at revision arthroplasty using other implants. Taking into account intraoperative advantages the use of modular femoral components in complicated cases is a good alternative to monolithic stems.

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Результаты применения монолитных и модульных бедренных компонентов при ревизионном эндопротезировании тазобедренного сустава


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