What is walking? (orthopedist and biomechanic dialogue)
Belenky V.E., Kuropatkin G.V.
Combined treatment of malignant medullar spine tumors
Bizer V.A., Kudryavtseva G.T., Zubarev А.L.
Surgical treatment of uncomplicated instable injuries of lower thoracic and lumbar spine.
Azizov M.Z., Shotursunov S.S.
Surgical treatment of injuries and diseases of the spine using the steffee and luque systems
Vetrila S.T., Kuleshov A.A.
Chronic hemorrhagic villous synovitis of the spine
Makhson A.N., Kuzmin I.V., Maksimchuk Y.V.
Anaesthiologic provision of operations in scoliotic patients with simultaneous intervention on the ventral and dorsal spine
Kralin A.B., Vetrile S.T., Arzhakov N.I., Kuleshov A.A.
Diagnostic value of zonography and coronary computed tomography in upper spinal disease and injuries
Vetrile S.T., Kolesov S.V., Morozov A.K.
Total spondylectomy in spine tumors
Ardashev I.P.
Tuberculosis of the cervical spine
Kolesov V.V.
Spine fractures in population selection of persons of 50 years and older
Mikhailov E.E., Benevolenskaya L.I., Mylov N.M.
Segmental spinal dysgenesis
Mushkin A.Y., Ulrich E.V., Elyakin D.V.
Application of ventral approaches in surgery of the thoracic and lumbar spine
Dudayev A.K., Yastrebkov N.M., Orlov V.P.
Simultaneous surgical interventions in spinal surgery: a review of the literature and a clinical case for spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine
Byvaltsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Shepelev V.V., Badaguyev D.I.
Compare of outcomes of minimally invasive and open surgical techniques in patients with symptomatic lumbar spine stenosis on the background of scoliotic deformity
Mlyavykh S.G., Bokov A.E., Aleynik A.Y., Yashin K.S.
Dynamic fixation of the lumbar spine dynamic fixation of the lumbar spine
Byvaltsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Pestryakov Y.Y., Aliev M.A.
Society of Traumatologists-Orthopedists and Prosthetists of Moscow and the Moscow Region. 690th meeting (19.06.97)
Board E.
The use of artificial correction of movements and orthotics in the complex conservative treatment of patients with osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine
Skoblin A.A.
Tumors and tumor-like lesions of the spine (diagnosis and tactics of surgical treatment)
Voronovich I.R., Pashkevich L.A.
Experimental model of hereditary spinal deformity
Zaydman A.M., Borodin P.M., Rusova T.V., Korel A.V., Sakharov A.V.
Conceptual model of the pathogenesis of osteochondropathy of the spine
Korzh N.A., Prodan A.M., Kolesnichenko V.A.
Corrective vertebrotomy (-ectomy) for chronic complicated injuries of the thoracic and thoracolumbar spine in children
Ilyin A.V., Kusakin V.V., Bunyakin N.I., Molotkov S.A.
Surgical treatment of complicated spinal injury in the acute period
Aganesov A.G., Meskhi K.T., Nikolaev A.P., Kostiv E.P.
Discography in lumbar scheuermann’s disease
Korzh N.A., Gruntovskiy G.K., Kolesnichenko V.A.
Surgical methods in the complex treatment of fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine
Ramikh E.A., Atamanenko M.T.
Features of the clinic, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the thoracic and lumbar spine in pregnant women
Skryabin E.G.
Surgical treatment of severe progressive forms of scoliosis: simultaneous intervention on the ventral and dorsal spine using cotrel-dubousset instruments
Vetrile S.T., Kuleshov A.A.
Surgery features of aneurysmal bone cysts of the spine in children
Snetkov A.A., Gamayunov R.S., Kuleshov A.A., Kolesov S.V., Akinshina A.D.
Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic displacement of middle and lower cervical spine
Moiseenko V.A., Tsodyks V.M.
Modern concept of early detection and treatment of idiopathic scoliosis
Mikhaylovskiy M.N., Novikov V.V., Vasyura A.S., Sarnadskiy V.N., Kuz'mishcheva L.G.
All-Ressian Scientific Practical Conference «Problems of Spine and Spine Cord Surgery»
Fomichev N.G., Ramikh E.A., Kuznetsova L.G., Kiskevich M.I.
Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis by intercuteneous laser diskectomy
Mironov S.P., Nazarenko G.I., Cherkashov A.M., Burmakova G.M.
Use of spectral analysis of tremor for the diagnosis of orthopaedic diseases
Serebryakova N.G., Ponomaryova E.A.
Possibilities of systemic analysis of radiographs of patients with degenerative diseases of the spine
Orel A.M.
Anomalies of development and dysplasia of the upper cervical spine (clinic, diagnosis and treatment)
Vetrile S.T., Kolesov S.V.
Biologically and mechanically compatible titanium nickelide implants in the treatment of injuries of the thoracic and lumbar spine
Ilyin A.A., Kollerov M.Y., Sergeev S.V., Country N.V., Radnaev E.B., Nevzorov A.M., Jojua A.V.
Treatment of intervertebral disc hernia in lumbar spine
Musalatov K.A., Aganesov A.G., Shulyak Y.A., Pestereva L.F., Khoreva N.E.
Residual stability of the craniovertebral segment in its various injuries
Vetrila S.T., Kolesov S.V., Gavryushenko N.S.
Auto Preservation and Use of Auto Rib at Two-Step Surgical Treatment of Spine Deformities
Kolesov S.V., Sazhnev M.L., Snetkov A.A., Kaz’min A.I.
Diagnosis of spinal tumors
Pashkevich L.A., Voronovich I.R.
"Detenzor" method in the complex treatment of children with functional disorders and diseases of the spine on an outpatient basis
Mikhailova L.K., Smirnova T.N., Toshchakova L.V., Polyakov V.E.
Experience in the treatment of scoliosis in children and adolescents in a rehabilitation center
Malakhov O.A., Cherkashov A.M., Pyzhevskaya O.P.
Peculiarities of Reparative Osteogenesis of Injured Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebral Bodies at Different Terms after Trauma
Bogomolova N.V., Shul’ga A.E., Zaretskov V.V., Smol’kin A.A., Norkin I.A.
Comparative characteristics of radiologic methods for the evaluation of thoracic kyphosis in children
Zaretskov V.V., Artem’eva I.A.
Predicting the outcomes of surgical treatment in patients with chronic disability due to pain in the lumbar spine
Watkins IV R.G., Cairns D.M., Williams L.A., Yeung C.A., Watkins III R.G.
Puncture Transpedicular Fixation in Surgical Treatment of Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae Injuries
Pas'kov R.V., Sergeev K.S., Sagitov R.S., Kucheryuk V.I., Katrenko I.N., Farion A.O.
Spinal osteomyelitis
Ardashev I.P., Plotnikov G.A., Grigoruk A.A., Drobotov V.N., Musaev S.M., Gazizov R.F., Ardasheva E.I.
The immune status of patients with scoliosis
Kosmiadi G.A., Vetrila S.T., Kuleshov A.A.
Treatment of vertebrogenic-dependent tachycardias and extrasystoles in children
Ulrich E.V., Krasavina D.A., Zolotukhin T.A.
Rendering of specialized medical care to patients with spine and spinal cord injuries in Belorussia
Voronovich I.R., Petrenko A.M., Makarevich S.V., Babkin A.V., Zholnerovich I.N.
Evaluation of psycho-vegetative disorders in cervical pain syndromes during treatment using manual therapy
Galliamova A.F., Mashkin M.V., Novikov Y.O.
Clinical Efficacy of Minimally Invasive Transpedicular Stabilization for Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae Fractures
Byval’tsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Budaev A.E.
Plasty with Pedicle Muscular Flaps at Treatment of Infectious Complications after Stabilizing Operations on the Spine
Lisitskiy I.Y., Boev M.V., Evsyukov A.A.
Surgical Treatment of Severe Spine Deformity in Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Kolesov S.V., Kudryakov S.A., Shavyrin I.A., Shaboldin A.N.
Outcomes of rehabilitation treatment in patients with lumbar spine dorsopathies
Strel’nikova A.V., Kiselyov A.S., Sadovoy M.A.
Additive technologies in surgical treatment of spinal deformities
Kuleshov A.A., Vetrile M.S., Shkarubo A.N., Docenko V.V., Es’kin N.A., Lisyanskiy I.N., Makarov S.N.
Modern Aspects of Spine Instability
Vissarionov S.V., Popov I.V., Vissarionov S.V., Popov I.V.
Use of Nitinol Rods for Lumbosacral Spine Fixation (Prospective Randomized Clinical Study)
Kolesov S.V., Shvets V.V., Kolobovskiy D.A., Kaz’min A.I., Morozova N.S.
Volkov I.V., Karabaev I.S., Ptashnikov D.A., Konovalov N.A., Lapaeva O.A.
Russian Version of Oswestry Questionnaire: Test Validity and Reliability
Cherepanov E.A., Cherepanov E.A.
Correction of Spine Pathology in Patients with Meningocele
Kolesov S.V., Baklanov A.N., Shavyrin I.A.
Anatomic and Physiological Features of Facet Joints. Evolution of Facet Fixation for the Treatment of Patients with Lumbar Spine Degenerative Diseases
Byval’tsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Okoneshnikova A.K., Pestryakov Y.Y.
Anterior stabilization of spine column in the staged surgical treatment of patients with fractures of thoracic and lumbar vertebrae with low bone mineral density
Afaunov A.A., Basankin I.V., Takhmazyan K.K., Giulzatyan A.A., Mukhanov M.L., Chaikin N.S.
Age-Related Dynamics of Roentgenologic Characteristics of Pelvis and Spine Osseous Growth Activity in Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis
Tesakov D.K., Tesakov D.K.
Use of Asymmetric TLIF Technique for the Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis
Baklanov A.N., Kolesov S.V., Shavyrin I.A.
Surgical Treatment of C2 Odontoid Process Intussusception in Combination with Type I Chiari Malformation
Shkarubo A.N., Kuleshov A.A., Chernov I.V., Shakhnovich V.A., Mitrofanova E.V., Vetrile M.S., Lisyanskiy I.N., Gromov I.S.
Current view on vertebral hemangioma
Grushina T.I., Titov A.A.
Tactics of Surgical Treatment for Degenerative-Dystrophic Diseases of Lumbosacral Spine in Elderly and Senile Patients
Kavalerskiy G.M., Makirov S.K., Chenskiy M.D., Boev M.V., Cherepanov V.G., Ternovoy K.S., Lisitskiy I.Y., Amin F.I., Korkunov A.L., Sergeev O.A., Kavalerskiy G.M., Makirov S.K., Chenskiy M.D., Boev M.V., Cherepanov V.G., Ternovoi K.S., Lisitskiy I.Y., Amin F.I., Korkunov A.L., Sergeev O.A.
Version of Surgical Tactics for Spondyloptosis Treatment
Afaunov A.A., Kuz'menko A.V., Basankin I.V., Afaunov A.A., Kuz'menko A.V., Basankin I.V.
Modern Synthetic Substitute of Bone Tissue
Meskhi K.T., Aganesov A.G.
Therapy of traumatic injuries of the spinal cord by magnetic nanoparticles: experimental aspects of promising technology
Kolesov S.V., Shvets V.V., Sazhnev M.L., Panteleev A.A., Gorbatyuk D.S.
Peculiarities of Treatment of Patients with Complicated Compression Fractures of Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Vertebral Bodies on the Background of Osteoporosis
Vetrile S.T., Kuleshov A.A., Darchiya L.Y., Vetrile S.T., Kuleshov A.A., Darchiya L.Y.
Use of Brace Therapy in Patients with Idiopathic Scoliotic Spine Deformities
Tesakov D.K., Tesakov D.K.
Age Peculiarities of Clinical Manifestation and Development Dynamics of Spine Deformity in Idiopathic Scoliosis
Tesakov D.K.
Scoliosis and Syringomyelia
Mikhailovskiy M.V., Stupak V.V., Belozyorov V.V.
Variants of Spine Deformity Correction in Children with Idiopathic Scoliosis of Thoracic Localization
Vissarionov S.V., Kokushin D.N., Drozdetsky A.P., Belyanchikov S.M.
Use of Combined Corpodesis Technique in Degenerative Lumbar Spine Diseases
Dzhumabekov S.A., Zagorodniy N.V., Abakirov M.D., Sulaimanov Z.D.
New Method for 3D-Testing of Spinal Stabilizer Muscles
Mironov S.P., Tsykunov M.B.
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