Osteosynthesis with arthroscopic control in fractures of tibial condyles
Lazishvili G.D., Kuzmenko V.V., Girshin S.G., Dubrov V.E., Grishin S.M., Novikov O.E.
Treatment of children with diaphyseal femur fractures by closed intramedullar osteosynthesis
Rozinov V.M., Yandiev S.I., Burkin I.A., Saveliev V.B., Chogovadze G.A., Pligina E.G.
Extraosseous compression-dynamic osteosynthesis for the treatment of forearm bone fractures
Zorya V.I., Lirtsman V.M., Ulyanov A.V.
Extrafocal osteosynthesis using anchor-pin device for the treatment of united fractures and pseudoarthroses of humerus
Afaunov A.A., Afaunov A.I.
Peculiarities of metal-osteosynthesis in un united fractures and pseudoarthroses of lower extremities complicated by purulent infection
Roskidailo A.S., Urazgildeev Z.I.
Biological osteosynthesis in fractures of the trochanteric region of the femur
Rublenik I.M., Vasyuk V.L., Shayko-Shaykovskiy A.G.
Effect of simultaneous dosaged distraction on the preservation of injured growth zone
Merkulov V.N., Shalnev A.N., Lekishvili M.V., Dorokhin A.I., Sukhanov A.A.
Some theoretical bases of osteosynthesis and their practical applicahon using computer
Pichkhadze I.M.
Stable functional osteosynthesis with trans- osseous fixation in dislocations and fracture- dislocations of acromial end of clavicula
Urazgildeev R.Z.
Complication rate of long bone fractures treated by early stable internal and trans-osseous osteosynthesis
Faddeev D.I.
Indications for transosseous osteosynthesis and the limits of its use for fractures of long bones in children
Merkulov V.H., Dorokhin A.I., Stuzhina V.T., Sokolov O.G., Arkhipova I.M.
Problems with fixing chronic injuries of the anterior pelvic ring
Lazarev A.F., Solod E.I., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidailo A.S., Kalinin E.I., Konovalov V.V., Marychev I.N.
Refractures of Humerus Diaphysis
Ledinnikov I.M.
Plasty of extensive defects of long bones with vascularized peroneal grafts
Grishin I.T., Golubev V.T., Kroshkin M.M., Bogdashevsky D.R., Golubev V.V., Polotnyanko V.N.
Efficacy and Safety of Two-Level Brachial Plexus Block at Locking Intramedullary Shoulder Osteosynthesis
Dubinenkov V.B., Lyuboshevskiy P.A., Larionov S.V., Koryshkov N.A., Shushpanova E.V.
Extrafocal osteosynthesis in open crus fractures
Krasnov S.A., Dubrov V.E., Kolesnikov B.N.
Clinical experience in the treatment of fragility pelvic fractures
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Petrovskiy R.A., Ananin A.V., Abdulkhabirov D.A., Alsmadi Y.M.
Features of surgical treatment of intra- and periarticular fractures of the lower third of the femur in patients with polytrauma
Solod E.I., Zagorodni N.V., Lazarev A.F., Abdulkhabirov M.A., Alsmadi Y.M., Dmitrov I.A.
Comparison of fixation stability in modern devices for transosseous osteosynthesis
Gorodnichenko A.I., Gavryushenko N.S., Kazakov M.E., Kernichansky V.M.
Arthroscopically Monitored Dynamic Osteosynthesis in Closed Patella Fractures
Kuzmenko V.V., Girshin S.G., Lazishvili G.D., Dubrov V.E., Grishin S.M.
Stable intramedullary osteosynthesis for fractures of the metacarpal bones and phalanges of the fingers
Korshunov V.F., Magdiev D.A., Barsuk V.I.
Analysis of the functional results of internal osteosynthesis in fractures of the proximal humerus
Lomtatidze E.S., Lomtatidze V.E., Potseluyko S.V., Toropov E.A.
Massive Retroperitoneal Bleeding in Pelvic Fractures
Lazarev A.F., Borozda I.V.
Osteosynthesis in fractures of the neck of the humerus in elderly patients
Lazarev A.F., Solod E.I.
Angular Stability Plate System (LCP) - the new AO standard for plate osteosynthesis
Neubauer T., Wagner M., Hammerbauer C.
Biological internal osteosynthesis at the present stage
Lazarev A.F., Solod E.I.
Compression- Distraction in the Correction of Shortening and Deformity of Extremities on Dischondroplasy
Banakov V.V., Lipkin S.I., Samkov A.S.
Poly-tension-band osteosynthesis of femur neck fractures in elderly and senile patients
Lazarev A.F., Nikolaev А.P., Solod Е.I.
Biomechanical assessment of the support ability of the lower limbs in patients with fractures of the bones of the lower leg in the treatment of transosseous osteosynthesis
Negreeva M.B., Solomin L.N.
Treatment of limb fractures in children with multiple and concomitant injuries
Khodjanov I.Y., Khodzhaev R.R.
Osteosynthesis and total hip replacement in femoral neck fractures
Ankin N.L.
Purulent-inflammatory processes in the area of the hip joint in traumatological and orthopedic patients: microbiological aspects
Pkhakadze T.Y., Urazgildeev Z.I., Malovichko V.V., Okropiridze G.G., Savostyanova O.V.
Method to Analyze the Complications in Traumatology and Orthopaedics Based on the Form of Recording the Conformity of Fragment Biomechanical Characteristics with Fixator Arrangement
Kesyan G.A., AV Z.V., AV T.V., Kuz’menkov K.A.
Treatment of Fractures of the Distal Femur at Polytrauma
Plotnikov I.A., Bondarenko A.V., Rodionov A.M.
Rod osteosynthesis in the treatment of diaphyseal fractures of the humerus in children
Khachaturian A.Y., Askarova D.S.
Biomechanical substantiation of compression osteosynthesis in near- and intra-articular fractures
Kallaev T.N., Kallaev N.O.
Experience in Use of New Fixation Method in Traumatology and Orthopaedics
Wozasek G.E., Dem A., Orljanski V.
Treatment of comminuted diaphyseal fractures of the femur using closed blocking intramedullary osteosynthesis
Suvalyan M.A.
Problems of Fat Embolism in Traumatology and Orthopaedics
Kassil V.L., Pletnev I.N., Arzhakova N.I., Raybtsev K.L.
Experience in using the original repositioning apparatus
Simakov V.I., Zelyanin А.S.
Prevention of Thromboembolic Complications afterSurgical Treatment for Lower Extremity BoneFractures: Experience in Rivaroxaban Use in ClinicalPractice
Kaplunov O.A., Biryukov S.N., Nekrasov E.Y.
Factors Affecting theTerms of Fracture Consolidation
Matsukatov F.A., Gerasimov D.V.
Blood components autotransfusion at the planned treatment of patients with orthopaedic diseases
Dorozhko І.G., Onoprienko G.A.
Treatment of femur head dislocation fractures
Musalatov K.A., Silin L.L., Yakimov L.A., Farygin V.A.
Basis for Improved Osteosynthesis in Supraisthmic Tibia Fractures Using Pivots with Rectangular Transverse Section
Kluchevskiy V.V., Litvinov I.I., Dzhurko A.D.
The use of a modified hinge-distraction apparatus for chronic injuries of the ankle and foot
Oganesyan O.V., Korshunov A.V.
Potentialities and Principles of Low-Invasive Osteosynthesis at Bones Fractures Treatment
Lazarev A.F., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.A., Lazarev A.F., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.A.
Outcomes of Surgical Treatment of Fractures in Concomitant and Multiple Injuries in Children
Musaev T.S., Tolipov N.N., Masharipov F.A., Musaev T.S., Tolipov N.N., Masharipov F.A.
Potentialities of Surgical Treatment for Acetabular Fractures Using Low-Invasive Techniques
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Lazarev A.A., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidaylo A.S., Dan I.M., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Lazarev A.A., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidailo A.S., Dan I.M.
Complications after Elastic Stable Intramedullar Osteosynthesis of Femur Diaphysis Fractures in Children
Yandiev S.I., Yandiev S.I.
Surgical Treatment of Proximal Humeral Fractures with Short Straight Intramedullary Nail
Bondarenko P.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Gil’fanov S.I., Semenistyi A.Y., Semenistyi A.A., Loginov A.N.
Shuiskiy A.A., Kesyan G.A., Urazgil’deev R.Z., Karapetyan G.S., Arsen’ev I.G., Dan I.M.
Restoration of Foot Shape and Function in Calcaneous Deformities and Defects
Samusenko D.V., Neretin A.S., Samusenko D.V., Neretin A.S.
Weight-Bearing Feet Reactions at Walking in Patients with Pelvic Bone Fractures during Treatment by Transosseous Osteosynthesis
Dolganova T.I., Martel I.I., Shevedov V.V., Dolganov D.V.
Chemical Composition of Solitary Bone Cysts Contents in the Process of Combined Treatment Using Transosseous Osteosynthesis
Luneva S.N., Stogov M.V., Mitrofanov A.I., Luneva S.N., Stogov M.V., Mitrofanov A.I.
Postoperative Complications in Femoral Fracture Blocking Intramedullary Osteosynthesis
Plotnikov I.A., Bondarenko A.V.
Osteosynthesis of Distal Humeral Metaepiphyseal Fractures Via Posterior Approach with Olecranon Preservation
Kalantyrskaya V.A., Golubev I.O.
Surgical Methods for Treatment of Patients with Ankle Joint Injuries
Kaplun V.A., Kopysova V.A., Martel I.I.
Potentialities of low invasive fixation of the anterior pelvic ring with threaded pin
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Petrovskiy R.A., Ovcharenko A.V., Abdulkhabirov M.A., Alsmadi Y.M.
Reconstruction of Deltoid Ligament Using Low Invasive Surgical Technique at Treatment of Ankle Joint Fractures
Kazantsev A.B., Golubev V.G., Chekeres P.P., Putyatin S.M., Kashurnikov Y.M., Sherstnev R.A., Kazantsev A.B., Golubev V.G., Chekeres P.P., Putyatin S.M., Kashurnikov Y.M., Sherstyov P.A.
Intra- and Periarticular Fractures of the Distal Shin Bones Segment: Peculiarities of Osteosynthesis using Tightening Clamps with Shape Memory
Kaplun V.A., Kopysova V.A., Selivanov D.P., Remorenko A.V.
Malleoli Fractures: Peculiarities and New Potentialities for Treatment
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Raskidaylo A.S., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Raskidailo A.S.
Potentialities of Minimally Invasive Osteosynthesis in Treatment of Malleolus Fractures
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Ermolaev E.G.
Intramedullary Osteosynthesis by Fixion System at Treatment of Long Bones Diaphyseal Fractures
Yamkovoi A.D., Zorya V.I.
Modern concepts of treatment of complicated diaphyseal forearm fractures (literature review)
Chernyaev S.N., Neverov V.A.
Intraosseous Osteosynthesis with Pin Distractor in Closed Diaphyseal Fractures of the Tibia
Litvinov I.I., Klyuchevskiy V.V., Dzhurko A.D., Razankov A.G., Litvinov I.I., Klyuchevskiy V.V., Dzhurko A.D., Razankov A.G.
Closed Intramedullar Osteosynthesis in Surgical Treatment of Children with Diaphyseal Femur Fractures
Rozinov V.M., Yandiev S.I., Burkin I.A.
New Potentialities in Surgical Treatment of Proximal Humerus
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidaylo A.S., Lazarev A.A., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidailo A.S., Lazarev A.A.
Treatment Results for Patients with Proximal Humerus Fractures
Nabiev E.N.
Method for Quantitative Evaluation of Spiral Tibial Fractures
Matsukatov F.A., Martel’ I.I.
Arthroscopically-assisted knee joint arthrodesis by custom-made intramedullary locking nail with simultaneous femur deformity correction (case report)
Korchagin K.L., Chugaev D.V., Solomin L.N., Sorokin E.P., Lasunskiy S.A.
Transosseous osteosynthesis with external fixation devices in the treatment of fracture-dislocation of the humerus
Pankov I.O.
Transosseous Osteosynthesis with External Fixation Devices in Intraarticular Fractures of Knee Joint Area
Pankov I.O., Emelin A.L., Pankov I.O., Emelin A.L.
Modern Technique for Proximal Femur Osteosynthesis at Reconstructive Operations on Hip Joint in Children
Mironov S.P., Kozhevnikov O.V., Ivanov A.V., Gavryushenko N.S., Zatona D.B., Kralina S.E., Azimov S.T.
Version of Surgical Tactics for Spondyloptosis Treatment
Afaunov A.A., Kuz'menko A.V., Basankin I.V., Afaunov A.A., Kuz'menko A.V., Basankin I.V.
Carbonic Nano-Structural Grafts - Innovation Product for Traumatology and Orthopaedics.Part 1: Experimental Study Results
Mironov S.P., Shevtsov V.I., Kononovich N.A., Stepanov M.A., Gorbach E.N., Golubev G.S., Sergeev K.S., Arkhipenko V.I., Grin’ A.A., Skryabin V.L., Reznik L.B., Shatokhin V.D., Baimuratov A.A.
Effect of Autologous Plasma, Ascorbic Acid and Glucose Local Infusions on Pelvic Fracture Healing in Experiment
Silant’eva T.A., Krasnov V.V.
Treatment of fractures of the tibial plateau by transosseous osteosynthesis according to Ilizarov
Putyatin S.M., Shestakov D.Y., Golubev V.G., Korolev A.V.
Treatment of Patients with Clavicle Fractures and Their Sequelae on the Basis of Biomechanical Conception of Bone Fragments Fixation
Pichkhadze I.M., Matsakyan A.M., Kuz'menkov K.A., Zhadin A.V., Tsiskarashvili A.V., Pichkhadze I.M., Matsakyan A.M., Kuzmenkov K.A., Zhadin A.V., Tsiskarashvili A.V.
Methods of Reconstructive Surgical Treatment for Patients with Defects and Pseudarthroses of Femur
Kopysova V.A., Kaplun V.A., Svetashov A.N., Shashkov V.V., Kopysova V.A., Kaplun V.A., Svetashov A.N., Shashkov V.V.
Version of Tenodizing Operation in Patients with Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation
Sysenko Y.M., Samusenko D.V., Sysenko Y.M., Samusenko D.V.
Arguments and Facts of Thrombosis Prophylaxis in Surgical Traumatology and Orthopaedics
Lazarev A.F.
Modern Potentialities of Acetabular Osteosynthesis
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Sakharnykh I.N., Stoyukhin S.S.
Transosseous osteosynthesis in fractures of the trochanteric region of the femur
Mironov S.P., Gorodnichenko A.I., Uskov O.N., Sorokin G.V.
Bone-Plastic Reconstruction of Proximal Femur in Patients with Femoral Neck Fractures and Pseudarthroses
Kopysova V.A., Kaplun V.A., Gorodilov V.Z., Kutkov A.A., Kaplun I.V., Nysanbaev S.Z., Kopysova V.A., Kaplun V.A., Gorodilov V.Z., Kutkov A.A., Kaplun I.V., Nysanbaev S.Z.
Determination of Indications to Surgical Treatment and Choice of Surgical Approaches in Complicated Complex Acetabular Fractures
Beletskiy A.V., Voronovich A.I., Murzich A.E., Beletskiy A.V., Voronovich A.I., Murzich A.E.
Stabilizing Potential of Modern Internal Metal Constructions for Osteosynthesis of Metadiaphysial and Diaphysial Femur Fractures (experimental study)
Rekvava G.R., Gavryushenko N.S., Lazarev A.F., Kuz'menkov K.A., Rekvava G.R., Gavryushenko N.S., Lazarev A.F., Kuz'menkov K.A.
Treatment of Lower Limb Fractures in Children with Multiple and Concomitant Injuries
Timofeev V.V., Bondarenko A.V., Podsonnyi A.A.
Step by Step Extra-Focal Fixation of Unstable Pelvis with Separate Anterior and Posterior Modules
Borozda I.V., Ganzhurov N.A., Kapustyanskiy A.A., Nikolaev R.V.
Biomechanical evidence-based transosseous osteosynthesis in treatment of humerus fractures complicated by chronic osteomyelitis and consequences
Tsiskarashvili A.V., Melikova R.E., Zhadin A.V., Kuzmenkov K.A.
Low Invasive Internal Osteosynthesis in Fractures of Tibial Plateau
Zagorodniy N.V., Lomtatidze E.S., Nikitin S.S., Semenistyy A.Y., Fedoruk G.V., Volna A.A., Frolov A.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Lomtatidze E.S., Nikitin S.S., Semenistyi A.Y., Fedoruk G.V., Volna A.A., Frolov A.V.
Innovation in Treatment Theory and Practice for Wounded in Extremities
Shapovalov V.M., Shapovalov V.M.
Nachal'nye etapy distraktsionnogo osteogeneza
Mironov S.P., Omel’yanenko N.P., Karpov I.N., Ivanov A.V., Khlystova A.V.
Technology for the Treatment of Navicular Bone Fractures
Sysenko Y.M., Samusenko D.V.
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