Modern concepts of treatment of complicated diaphyseal forearm fractures (literature review)
Chernyaev S.N., Neverov V.A.
Preoperative planning of surgical procedures on the hand using a bone model made from the polymer clay
Zolotov A.S., Dyachkova J.A., Sidorenko I.S.
Actual features of express diagnostic of acetabular fractures. Part III. Atypical fractures diagnostic algorithm. Associated local injuries
Stoyukhin S.S., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G.
Pharmacological preconditioning — a new method of prevention and correction of hemodynamic disorders in elderly patients with hip fractures during surgery
Vasilkov V.G., Marinchev V.N., Emelina N.G.
Potentialities of low invasive fixation of the anterior pelvic ring with threaded pin
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Petrovskiy R.A., Ovcharenko A.V., Abdulkhabirov M.A., Alsmadi Y.M.
Morphofunctional remodeling of bone tissue during periprotheric fractures in the femoral component
Batpenov N.D., Rakhimov S.K., Stepanov A.A., Orasbaev D.A., Manekenova K.B., Smailova G.K.
The value of the shape of the arrangement of the articular surfaces of the clavicle and acromion for the mechanism: both the dislocation of the acromial end of the clavicle and its fracture
Miziev I.A., Baksanov H.D., Akhkubekov R.A., Bifova B.R.
Early and Mid-Term Results of Primary Hip Arthroplasty Using Il’za Endoprosthesis
Mironov S.P., Balberkin A.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Karpov V.N., Kolondaev A.F., Shavyrin D.A., Snetkov D.A.
Peculiarities of intramedullary nailing in treatment of extraarticular proximal tibial fractures
Semenistyi A.A., Litvina E.A., Fedotova A.G., Mironov A.N.
Techniques for Final Pelvic Ring Fixation Based on the Method of Finite Element Modeling
Donchenko S.V., Dubrov V.E., Golubyatnikov A.V., Chernyaev A.V., Kuz’kin I.A., Alekseev D.V., Lebedev A.F.
Extracorporeal Reposition and Osteosynthesis of the Head of the Radius (two clinical cases)
Kalantyrskaya V.A., Golubev I.O., Kalantyrskaya V.A., Golubev I.O.
Dynamics of the formation of protection for circulatory bed in bone regenerate
Shchyurov V.A., Boichuk S.P., Tarchokov V.T., Mel’nikova L.V.
Experimental Analysis of Strength Characteristics of Devices for Acetabular Osteosynthesis
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gavryushenko N.S., Fomin L.V., Sakharnykh I.N., Stoyukhin S.S.
Shuiskiy A.A., Kesyan G.A., Urazgil’deev R.Z., Karapetyan G.S., Arsen’ev I.G., Dan I.M.
Analysis of Results of Kyphotic Deformity Reduction Using Puncture Vertebroplasty and Stenoplasty in Patients with Traumatic Compression Fractures of Thoraco-Lumbar Localization
Byval’tsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Sorokovikov V.A., Belykh E.G., Panasenkov S.Y., Griror’ev E.G.
Peculiarities of Superficial Peroneal Nerve Surgical Anatomy at Malleolus Fracture Treatment
Zolotov A.S., Dubovyy S.A., Kudran' S.P., Zolotov A.S., Dubovyi S.A., Kudran' S.P.
Treatment of Comminuted Intraarticular Fracture of Distal Radius with Arthroscopic Reposition of Fragments under External Fixation
Dubrov V.E., Grechukhin D.A., Maksimov B.I., Shantrukov P.A.
Influence of Preoperative Antioxidant-Antihypoxant Infusion on the Indices of Central Hemodynamics in Elderly Patients during Anesthesia and Surgical Intervention for Femur Fracture
Vasil’kov V.G., Marinchev V.N., Karpov A.F., Emelina N.G.
Study of rivaroxaban for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis after lower extremity fractures in Russian clinical practice
Belov M.V.
Surgical Treatment of Patho- logic Cervical Vertebrae Fractures
Protsenko A.I., Karanadze A.N., Gordeev G.G., Fazilov S.K., Nikuradze V.K., Protsenko A.I., Karanadze A.N., Gordeev G.G., Fazilov S.K., Nikuradze V.K.
Efficacy of Various Arrangements of Pelvic External Rod Fixators in Polytraumatized Patients at Resuscitation Step
Ivanov P.A., Zadneprovskiy N.N.
Morphometric Indices of Hepatocytes in Shin Bones Injury
Ocheretina R.Y., Stogov M.V., Ocheretina R.Y., Stogov M.V.
De Quervain’s disease (etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment). Part II
Novikov A.V., Shchedrina M.A., Petrov S.V.
Surgical Treatment of Complicated Sacrum Fractures in Unstable Pelvic Injuries. Treatment Experience
Pak L.F., Volovik V.E., Li O.N., Goncharov I.A., An A.A.
Reconstruction of Deltoid Ligament Using Low Invasive Surgical Technique at Treatment of Ankle Joint Fractures
Kazantsev A.B., Golubev V.G., Chekeres P.P., Putyatin S.M., Kashurnikov Y.M., Sherstnev R.A., Kazantsev A.B., Golubev V.G., Chekeres P.P., Putyatin S.M., Kashurnikov Y.M., Sherstyov P.A.
Results of Cemented Femur Components Application at Total Hip Revision Arthroplasty
Zagorodniy N.V., Nuzhdin V.I., Bukhtin K.M., Kagramanov S.V.
Reconstructive Operations in Malunited Fractures of Distal Radius Epimetaphysis
Mel'nikov V.S., Korshunov V.F., Mel'nikov V.S., Korshunov V.F.
Actual features of express diagnostic of acetabular fractures. Part II. Complex fractures diagnostic algorithm
Stoyukhin S.S., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G.
Structural Parameters of Proximal Femur in Evaluation of Its Strength
Rodionova S.S., Torgashin A.N., Solod E.I., Morozova N.S., Morozov A.K., Lapkina S.V.
Risk factors of bone mineral density deficit and low-energy fractures in primary osteoporosis in men
Rodionova S.S., Khakimov U.R.
Treatment of Patients with Clavicle Fractures and Their Sequelae on the Basis of Biomechanical Conception of Bone Fragments Fixation
Pichkhadze I.M., Matsakyan A.M., Kuz'menkov K.A., Zhadin A.V., Tsiskarashvili A.V., Pichkhadze I.M., Matsakyan A.M., Kuzmenkov K.A., Zhadin A.V., Tsiskarashvili A.V.
Pathophysiologic Aspects of Soft Tissue Microcirculation in the Zone of Long Bones Pseudarthrosis
Mironov S.P., Es’kin N.A., Krupatkin A.I., Kesyan G.A., Urazgil’deev R.Z., Arsen’ev I.G.
Complications after Elastic Stable Intramedullar Osteosynthesis of Femur Diaphysis Fractures in Children
Yandiev S.I., Yandiev S.I.
Patella instabi instability in children: surgical treatment results
Pozdeev A.P., Zakharyan E.A., Vilensky V.A.
Problems in Acetabular Fractures Treatment
Lazarev A.F., Solod E.I., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Stoyukhin S.S., Sakharnykh I.N.
Low Invasive Internal Osteosynthesis in Fractures of Tibial Plateau
Zagorodniy N.V., Lomtatidze E.S., Nikitin S.S., Semenistyy A.Y., Fedoruk G.V., Volna A.A., Frolov A.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Lomtatidze E.S., Nikitin S.S., Semenistyi A.Y., Fedoruk G.V., Volna A.A., Frolov A.V.
Factors Affecting theTerms of Fracture Consolidation
Matsukatov F.A., Gerasimov D.V.
Malleoli Fractures: Peculiarities and New Potentialities for Treatment
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Raskidaylo A.S., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Raskidailo A.S.
Pathological fractures of long bones of the skeleton in children and adolescents in benign tumors and tumor-like diseases
Snetkov A.I., Batrakov S.Y., Akinshina A.D., Gorelov V.A., Balametov S.G.
Osteosynthesis of Distal Humeral Metaepiphyseal Fractures Via Posterior Approach with Olecranon Preservation
Kalantyrskaya V.A., Golubev I.O.
Potentialities of Surgical Treatment for Acetabular Fractures Using Low-Invasive Techniques
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Lazarev A.A., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidaylo A.S., Dan I.M., Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Lazarev A.A., Gudushauri Y.G., Kakabadze M.G., Roskidailo A.S., Dan I.M.
Hip Arthroplasty in Patients with Femoral Neck Pseudarthrosis
Kavalerskiy G.M., Murylyov V.Y., Rubin G.G., Rukin Y.A., Elizarov P.M., Muzychenko A.V.
Combined Application of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Biocomposite Material Collapan in Complex Treatment of Patients with Non-United Fractures and Pseudarthrosis of Extremity Long Bones
Kesyan G.A., Berchenko G.N., Urazgil'deev R.Z., Mikelaishvili D.S., Shulashov B.N., Kesyan G.A., Berchenko G.N., Urazgil'deev R.Z., Mikelaishvili D.S., Shulashоv B.N.
Contribution of Guillaume Dupuytren (1777-1835) to Clinical Surgery and Traumatology (in commemoration of the 240th anniversary of the birth)
Morgoshiia T.S.
Intramedullary Osteosynthesis by Fixion System at Treatment of Long Bones Diaphyseal Fractures
Yamkovoi A.D., Zorya V.I.
Mistakes and Complications at Treatment of Diaphyseal Shin Bones Fractures with "Repofix" Apparatus for External Transosseous Reposition and Fixation of Bone Fragments
Oganesyan O.V., Anisimov E.C.
Clinical Efficacy of Minimally Invasive Transpedicular Stabilization for Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae Fractures
Byval’tsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Budaev A.E.
Surgical Approaches at Treatment of Intraarticular Fractures of Elbow Joint Bones
Kalantyrskaya V.A., Golubev I.O.
Clinical experience in the treatment of fragility pelvic fractures
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Petrovskiy R.A., Ananin A.V., Abdulkhabirov D.A., Alsmadi Y.M.
Experience in use of Wagner SL Revision Stem for Revision Hip Arthroplasty
Kavalerskiy G.M., Murylyov V.Y., Rukin Y.A., Kholodaev M.Y., Elizarov P.M.
Closed Intramedullar Osteosynthesis in Surgical Treatment of Children with Diaphyseal Femur Fractures
Rozinov V.M., Yandiev S.I., Burkin I.A.
Efficacy and Safety of Two-Level Brachial Plexus Block at Locking Intramedullary Shoulder Osteosynthesis
Dubinenkov V.B., Lyuboshevskiy P.A., Larionov S.V., Koryshkov N.A., Shushpanova E.V.
Postoperative Complications in Femoral Fracture Blocking Intramedullary Osteosynthesis
Plotnikov I.A., Bondarenko A.V.
Express diagnostic of acetabular fractures (Part I)
Stoyukhin S.S., Lazarev A.F., Gudushauri Y.G., Solod S.E.
Method for Quantitative Evaluation of Spiral Tibial Fractures
Matsukatov F.A., Martel’ I.I.
Role of Biomechanical Conception at Treatment of Consequences of Gunshot Fractures of Extremity Bones
Pichkhadze I.M., Daneliya L.M., Kuz'menkov K.A., Pichkhadze I.M., Daneliya L.M., Kuz'menkov K.A.
New Approaches to Systematization and Treatment of Impression Monocondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures
Gilev M.V., Volokitina E.A., Antoniadi Y.V., Kutepov S.M.
Iatrogenic Supraclavicular Nerve Injuries in Surgical Treatment of Clavicle Fractures
Zolotov A.S., Feshchenko M.S., Pak O.I.
Midterm surgical treatment outcomes of unstable distal radius fractures
Yeghiazaryan K.A., Ratiev A.P., Grigoriev A.V., Germanov A.V., Danilov M.A., Chebotarev V.V.
Effect of Autologous Plasma, Ascorbic Acid and Glucose Local Infusions on Pelvic Fracture Healing in Experiment
Silant’eva T.A., Krasnov V.V.
Determination of Indications to Surgical Treatment and Choice of Surgical Approaches in Complicated Complex Acetabular Fractures
Beletskiy A.V., Voronovich A.I., Murzich A.E., Beletskiy A.V., Voronovich A.I., Murzich A.E.
Draft Recommendations. Pharmacotherapy for the Prevention of Repeated Fractures in Patients with Osteoporosis after Surgical Treatment of Pathologic Proximal Femur Fracture
Mironov S.P., Rodionova S.S., Torgashin A.N.
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