New rules for reviewing articles in the Bulletin of the Russian Military Medical Academy

Posted: 07.07.2022

To ensure the high quality of the review of submitted manuscripts, taking into account global trends and generally recognized models

The journal has introduced an Article Submission Charge for the review of a manuscript by qualified experts.
Payment for the review of a manuscript does not guarantee the publication to the authoring team and gives the editorial board complete freedom to select materials for publication in the journal.

The procedure for the review of a submitted manuscript includes:

  • Initial check of the manuscript for compliance with the editorial requirements for design;
  • verification of the material for incorrect borrowings using the "Anti-Plagiarism" system;
  • organization of the review process, including the provision of recommendations to improve the manuscript and re-reviewing;
  • presentation of the manuscript to the Editorial Board;
  • a notification to the author about the decision of the Editorial Board of the journal.

The maximum number of review cycles is specified in the "editorial policy" section of the journal's website


Article Submission Charge is levied on the authoring team. The payer can be either an individual (author, independent person) or a legal entity (employing organization, foundation, sponsor, advertiser, etc.).

Given the potential reputational risks of introducing charges for manuscript review, the journal introduces the concept of the "discount eligibility".

The chief editor may grant a discount to:

  • candidates for degrees (postgraduates, doctoral candidates);
  • members of the editorial board and/or council;
  • active reviewers of the journal with a rating above 4.5;
  • authors with a Hirsch index in the RSCI above 10.

    • the reviewer rating is determined by the tools of the journal's website
    • author's Hirsch index is determined according to the RSCI data at the time of submission of the manuscript. In this regard, we recommend that potential authors update their publication activity before submitting a manuscript.

The cost of the manuscript review service is 10,000 rubles.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal until 04.07.2022 will be reviewed under the same conditions.

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