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No 5 (2010)


Acute infectious diseases of the kidney and urinary bladder: effectiveness of management

Komyakov B.K., Novikov A.I., Zamyatnin S.A., Yalfimov I.S., Komyakov B.K., Novikov A.I., Zamyatnin S.A., Yalfimov I.S.


Expert evaluation of quality of medical care for patients with acute urinary infections in outpatient departments of St-Petersburg stated that this care is inadequate in 90% cases. Risk of the condition aggravation was recognized by the experts in 32% cases. Medical errors in cystitis and pyelonephritis consisted of inadequate information collection (64 and 58%, respectively), misdiagnosis (20 and 12%, respectively), inadequate treatment (12 and 21%, respectively), succession errors (4 and 9%, respectively). Special programs of skill perfection should be introduced for urologists of outpatient departments.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):3-6
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Bacterial spectrum of the urine in young healthy women

Naboka Y.L., Gudima I.A., Kogan M.I., Chernitskaya M.L., Naboka Y.L., Gudima I.A., Kogan M.I., Chernitskaya M.L.


A wide spectrum of aerobic-anaerobic associations were found at bacteriological examination of 138 samples of the middle urine portion from 46 healthy women aged 17-25 years (22 sexually inactive and 24 active). Facultative-anaerobic (corinebacteria and coagulase-negative staphylococci) and non-clostridial anaerobic bacteria (peptococci and propionibacteria) predominated in both groups. The majority of facultative anaerobic bacteria had marked adhesive and antilysosyme activity indicating a pathogenic potential. Experimental and clinical trials are necessary to study the role of non-clostridial-anaerobic bacteria in development of acute and chronic infections of the kidney and urinary tract.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):7-10
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The role of hyperbaric oxygenation in combined treatment of acute pyelonephritis

Sokolova K.A., Sokolova K.A.


Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) was used in combined treatment of 66 patients with acute pyelonephritis. In 29 of them with primary pyelonephritis it was a part of conservative treatment. In 37 patients with secondary pyelonephritis HBO was applied postoperatively. A HBO course comprised 8-10 sessions under pressure 2.0-2.4 atm for 60 min. It was found that frequency of surgical interventions in HBO administration reduced by 36.2%. Postoperative HBO administration decreased hospital stay by 16.9%. Mechanisms of HBO positive action operate through attenuation of systemic inflammatory reaction and polyorganic insufficiency 1.62 and 2.9-fold, respectively, decline of intoxication in growing glomerular filtration rate and improvement of renal hemodynamics. Moreover, HBO promotes recovery of the immune status. In experiment on 40 white rats with acute pyelonephritis HBO decreased inflammation in renal tissue.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):10-14
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Morphological changes in the ureteral wall in contact ureterolithotripsy

Popov S.V., Novikov A.I., Skryabin O.N., Orlov I.N., Sarychev S.V., Popov S.V., Novikov A.I., Skryabin O.N., Orlov I.N., Sarychev S.V.


We studied a harmful action of laser, ultrasound and ballistic energies on intact wall of human ureter in 15 ureters of men and women with renal carcinoma aged 43-55 years (mean age 48+-8 years) before nephrureterectomy in vivo. With growing time of exposure to laser radiation, ureteral mucosa undergoes destructive alterations up to muscular layer. Ureteral wall exposure to ultrasound do not change thickness of the wall considerably, cell elements remain viable. Histological examination of the ureteral wall after exposure to intraureteral ballistic impact suggests that 15 second and longer exposure to this impact may reduce probability of mucosal regeneration because of irreversible changes. The analysis of literature data and original findings shows that now there is no absolutely safe energy for contact ureterolithotripsy.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):14-17
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Radical retropubic prostatectomy accompanied with inguinal hernioplasty via preperitoneal approach

Pushkar' D.Y., Radnaev L.G., Govorov A.V., Volkov M.A., D'yakov V.V., Pushkar D.Y., Radnaev L.G., Govorov A.V., Volkov M.A., Diakov V.V.


Radical prostatectomy is now widely practiced in the treatment of prostatic cancer (PC). If PC patients have inguinal hernia, hernioplasty can be made simultaneously with radical prostatectomy without one more surgical approach. The article presents pathogenetic rationale of hernioplasty from preperitoneal approach and an original technique of the simultaneous operation. Positive experience with 32 radical prostatectomies with hernioplasty is described.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):18-22
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Correction of local immunometabolic disturbances combined with chronic prostatitis in prostatic adenoma

Teodorovich O.V., Shatokhin M.N., Mal'tsev V.N., Konoplya A.I., Loktionov A.L., Krasnov A.V., Teodorovich O.V., Shatokhin M.N., Maltsev V.N., Konoplya A.I., Loktionov A.L., Krasnov A.V.


We compared local immunometabolic effects of two dosage forms of longidase in patients with prostatic adenoma (PA) in combination with chronic prostatitis (CP) in the postoperative period. Transurethral resection (TUR) of the prostate was conducted in 81 patients aged 50-70 years suffering from PA and CP. All the patients after TUR were divided into three groups by postoperative treatment: group 1 (n = 25) received standard pharmacotherapy, group 2 (n = 28) - standard pharmacotherapy and longidase injections, group 3 - standard pharmacotherapy plus longidase suppository. Immunological parameters were studied in biological material (urine) obtained before operation, after it and after treatment course. By changes in immunometabolic status (concentrations of cytokines TNFalpha, IL-1beta, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-18, receptor antagonist IL-1 Ra, complement components C3-, C3a-, C4-, C5-, C5a, regulators of the complement system factor H, C1-inhibitor) and sIgA, content of acylhydroperoxides, malonic dialdehyde, stable metabolites of hitric oxide, catalase and superoxiddismutase activity it is shown that PA patients with CP have pretreatment disturbances of local immunity and oxidant status (high levels of proinflammatory cytokines, subnormal IL-10, activated complement system, lipid peroxidation, low sIgA, NO-synthetic activity of capillary endothelial activity). TUR aggravates shifts of local immunometabolic status. Standard postoperative pharmacotherapy does not correct the disturbances adequately. The addition of longidase to standard postoperative treatment was effective in correction of immune and oxidant status. Thus, longidase injections and, especially, suppositories correct disturbances of local immunity and oxidant status in patients with PA and CP in postoperative period.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):22-26
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Administration of alpha-blockers to prevent postoperative acute urinary retention after urogenital operations

Alyaev Y.G., Rapoport L.M., Tsarichenko D.G., Bushuev V.O., Alyaev Y.G., Rapoport L.M., Tsarichenko D.G., Bushuev V.O.


Incidence of acute urinary retention following operations on the urinary tract was analysed for 151 patients. It is shown that patients given alpha1-adrenoblocker sonizin for 5 days before and 3 days after surgery reduced the risk of postoperative acute urinary retention by 14%.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):27-29
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Transvesical extraurethral adenomectomy and transurethral prostatic resection in adenoma: specific features

Sergienko N.F., Vasil'chenko M.I., Begaev A.I., Shchekochikhin A.V., Shershnev S.P., Reynyuk O.L., Lototskiy M.M., Sergienko N.F., Vasilchenko M.I., Begaev A.I., Schekochikhin A.V., Shershnev S.P., Reinyuk O.L., Lototsky M.M.


The procedure of transvesical extraurethral adenomectomy (EUA) and the results of its application were characterized in comparison with transurethral resection (TUR) of the prostate in adenoma. EUA is made via the approach through the extraperitoneal cut of the soft tissues of the anterior abdominal wall, anterior wall of the urinary bladder, semioval or sphenoid incision of the vesicourethral segment. Dissection is conducted of the affected posterior half-round of only proximal prostatic part of the urethra in unaffected anterior and lateral urethral surface. Adenomatous tissues are removed in fragments and radically. Enucleation of the adenomatous nodes is followed by correction of the vesicourethral segment and hemostasis. TUR of the prostate is made without incision of the soft tissues of the anterior abdominal wall, but with removal of the prostatic portion of the urethra, sphincter mechanism of the bladder. After TUR the prostate contains residual adenomatous tissue, inner wound cavity in adenoma bed. The wound of the anterior abdominal wall, anterior wall of the bladder and vesicourethral segment healed by primary intention for 10-14 days, while adenoma bed heals for 6-18 months. EUA does not cause such complication as "adenoma bed", urethral stricture, scar deformation of the bladder neck, urinary incontinence. Radical EUA produces complications 5 times less frequently than TUR of the prostate.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):29-35
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Efficacy of vitaprost ® forte in the treatment of adenoma

Gomberg V.G., Nad' Y.T., Gomberg V.G., Nad Y.T.


Pharmacotherapy with vitaprost forte was given to 40 patients with prostatic adenoma aged 55 to 77 years (mean age 67.6±0.9 years). Vitaprost forte suppositories were used once a day in the evening for 30 days. Micturition was assessed before the treatment, on the treatment day 15 and 30, 1 and 3 months after the treatment course. As the result of the treatment obstructive and irritative symptoms improved by 20%, on the average, Qmax increased by 36.4%, residual urine decreased more than 3-fold. Therapeutic effects continued for 3 months and later. IPSS and other questionnaires indicated positive effects in quality of life.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):35-39
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Experience with application of ALMGP-01 device for local transrectal microwave hyperthermia of the prostate in the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Apolikhin O.I., Voronovitskiy V.D., Gonsales E.N., Apolikhin O.I., Voronovitsky V.D., Gonsales E.N.


The article presents the results of a clinical trial of efficacy of ALMGP-01 device in 34 patients with chronic prostatitis. The device provides local microwave hyperthermia of the prostate which appeared highly effective in combined treatment of chronic prostatitis.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):39-41
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Anastomotic urethroplasty in posttraumatic strictures of bulbomembraneous urethra

Zhivov A.V., Loran O.B., Bogdanov A.B., Kotov S.V., Makedonskaya T.P., Plekhanov A.Y., Zhivov A.V., Loran O.B., Bogdanov A.B., Kotov S.V., Makedonskaya T.P., Plekhanov A.Y.


Efficacy of surgical treatment of patients with strictures of the bulbomembraneous portion of the urethra by R. Turner-Warwick in G. Webster modification was studied in 30 patients operated in 2008-2009. Efficacy of the operation was assessed by uroflowmetry and urethrography findings. Follow-up covered 3 to 20 months (median 10 months). Posttraumatic urethral strictures arose after car accident in 89% cases. Mean length of the destruction defect was 2.7 cm (1.5-5.5 cm). Efficacy of surgical treatment reached 96.7%. Erectile dysfunction due to the operation developed in 2 of 23 (8.6%) patients. Thus, urethroplasty by Turner-Warwick in Webster modification is effective and safe in the treatment of posttraumatic strictures of the posterior urethra and can be used widely in specialized centers for urethral surgery.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):41-46
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Open population comparative randomized clinical trial of lavomax efficacy and safety in combined treatment of non-gonococcal urethritis

Kungurov N.V., Gerasimova N.M., Skidan N.I., Gorbunov A.P., Evstigneeva N.P., Kungurov N.V., Gerasimova N.M., Skidan N.I., Gorbunov A.P., Evstigneeva N.P.


A total of 40 patients with non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) were divided into two groups. Twenty patients of group 1 received standard antibacterial treatment while 20 patients of group 2 received the same treatment plus an immunotropic drug based on tiloron (lavomax) in a course dose 1.25 g. Patients of group 2 had no recurrences while in group 1 recurrences were seen in 25% patients. Addition of lavomax resulted in clinical and etiological cure and activation of local (secretory IgA) and systemic (interferons alpha and gamma in blood serum) factors in anti-infection defense in NGU patients.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):46-52
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Lantox treatment of neurogenic dysfunction of the bladder

Maksimov V.A., Salyukov R.V., Martov A.G., Borisik V.I., Salyukova Y.R., Maximov V.A., Salyukov R.V., Martov A.G., Borisik V.I., Salyukova Y.R.


We studied correction of micturition disorders in 9 patients with neurogenic dysfunction of the bladder resistant to conservative treatment. Four patients had neurogenic detrusor hyperactivity and 5 patients had detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia. Injections of botulinic toxin preparation (lantox) were made in the wall of the bladder under endoscopic control in detrusor neurogenic hyperactivity. Women with detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia received transperineal injections of lantox in the region of external urethral sphincter. Men received botulinic toxin directly into the region of external urethral sphincter in urethroscopy. Positive results were achieved in all the cases confirming high efficacy of the method.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):53-56
pages 53-56 views

Sympathic hyperactivity and reservoir function of the bladder in men

Vishnevskiy E.L., Loran O.B., Saenko V.S., Vishnevsky E.L., Loran O.B., Saenko V.S.


Effects of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) on detrusor function in the collection phase were studied in 57 men over 50 years of age. Heart rate (HR) was a clinical marker of SNS activity, effective volume of the bladder marked detrusor activity in 34 patients of group 1. The value HR/volume were registered in all voidings for 1-3 days. It was found that enhancement of SNS activity was accompanied by a decline of the reservoir function of the bladder. In HR < 80 and > 100 b/min the differences were significant and reached 56%. Group 2 patients (n = 23) with prostatic adenoma have undergone uroflowm etric monitoring before and after treatment with doxasozine (640 uroflowgrams). The reservoir function of the bladder increased from 111.0 to 151.4 ml (by 36.3%) in response to block of alpha1-adrenoreceptors. Thus, SNS plays an essential role in management of detrusor function in the collection phase. Its hyperactivity leads to this phase decifiency. It may be a humoral process mediated by vasoconstriction and disorder of vesical blood flow. The proportion HR/volume shows "sympathetic background" in patients before administration of alpha1-adrenoblockers.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):57-61
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Intravesical electrostimulation and magnetophoresis in overactive bladder in females: efficacy of Amus-01-Intramag device with Intrastim attachment

Glybochko P.V., Aboyan I.A., Valiev A.Z., Surikov V.N., Raygorodskiy Y.M., Glybochko P.V., Aboyan I.A., Valiev A.Z., Surikov V.N., Raigorodsky Y.M.


High-frequency intravesical electroneurostimulation was made simultaneously with magnetophoresis of the mixture based on oxibutinin. Compared to effects of oral intake of oxibutinin, such method was two times more effective in relation to overactive bladder symptoms relief in shorter duration of the treatment and reduced side effects. Laser Doppler flowmetry discovered that the above combined treatment corrects microcirculation in bladder mucosa.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):61-65
pages 61-65 views

Rastitel'nyy lekarstvennyy preparat kanefron N v posleoperatsionnoy metafilaktike mochekamennoy bolezni

Amosov A.V., Alyaev Y.G., Saenko V.S.


Избавление от камня в настоящее время является основным этапом лечения пациента, страдающего мочекаменной болезнью. Однако удаление камня лишь может создать условия для улучшения уродинамики, коррекции воспалительного процесса в мочевыводящих путях. Тем более что избавление от камня не может оказать воздействия на метаболические процессы, происходящие в организме каждого больного. Метафилактика подразумевает под собой комплекс мероприятий общеоздоровительного характера, проведения медикаментозного, различных методов оперативного и противорецидивного лечения, направленных на избавление пациента от камня и предупреждение рецидива заболевания после его самостоятельного отхождения или удаления оперативным путем. В настоящее время отмечен выраженный рост интереса к применению фитотерапии, тем более что эффективность современных экстрактов лекарственных растений ни в чем не уступает по эффективности химическим веществам. Одним из таких препаратов является растительный лекарственный препарат канефрон® Н, обладающий диуретическим, противовоспалительным спазмолитическим, антимикробным, сосудорасширяющим, нефропротекторным, антиоксидантным действием. Канефрон® Н ведет к изменению pH мочи, усиливает выведение солей мочевой кислоты, препятствуя выпадению в мочевыводящих путях кристаллов и росту имеющихся и формированию новых конкрементов. Проведена оценка эффективности препарата канефрон® Н в период ранней послеоперационной метафилактики МКБ у 79 больных, подвергшихся дистанционной литотрипсии. Отмечено значительное усиление эффективности литоизгоняющей терапии у пациентов основной группы изо всех отделов мочевыводящих путей, отмечено исчезновение лейкоцитурии на 7-е сутки у 93,1% пациентов основной группы и у 46,6% контрольной, pH мочи стабилизировался в диапазоне 6,2-6,8, суточный диурез увеличился до 2-2,5 л. Канефрон® Н показал эффективность в процессе ингибирования процесса патологической кристаллизации мочи, при этом препарат не является специфичным для определенного вида уролитиаза вследствие его патогенетического механизма действия. In vitro отмечается весьма эффективное действие канефрон® Н на фосфаты (весовая убыль массы камня на 63%) и оксалаты. Растворимость оксалатного камня возрастает с увеличением в его составе ведделлита (кальций-оксалат дигидрат) и соответственно снижается с увеличением в его составе вевеллита (кальций-оксалат могогидрат) и от величины камня. Таким образом, лекарственные растения могут оказывать непосредственное влияние на процесс камнеобразования, стабилизацию ионной силы мочи и ингибиторов камнеобразования. Для них характерно отсутствие побочных эффектов и возможность периодического применения.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):65-71
pages 65-71 views

Opyt dlitel'nogo primeneniya uretral'nogo stenta pri retsidivnoy strikture mocheispuskatel'nogo kanala

Martov A.G., Dutov S.V., Ergakov D.V., Fakhredinov G.A.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):72-73
pages 72-73 views

Sposob derivatsii mochi v sigmorektal'nyy rezervuar

Komarov N.V., Komarov R.N., Kanashkin O.V.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):74-76
pages 74-76 views

Operativnoe lechenie bol'nykh so slozhnymi mochevymi svishchami

Loran O.B., Sinyakova L.A., Seregin A.V., Tverdokhlebov N.E.
Urologiia. 2010;(5):76-79
pages 76-79 views
pages 80-80 views

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