Vol 8, No 3-1 (2014)


Hybrid powerplant with the function of an asymmetric distribution of power flow through inter-wheel differential

Dementyev Y.V., Krutashov A.V., Deev O.I.


The article considers the structural diagram of the hybrid power plant with the function of asymmetrical power change through inter-wheel differential. The possible modes of hybrid power plant are described. The analysis of empowerment of automobile with hybrid power plant was made.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):5-8
pages 5-8 views

Evaluation of effectiveness of module hybrid power plant when choosing among engines of a specific range of electric power

Dementyev Y.V., Krutashov A.V., Deev O.I.


The paper describes logic of hybrid power plant operation with the function of asymmetrical power change. Algorithm of hybrid power plant operation was made
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):8-12
pages 8-12 views

Application of methods to predict the durability of friction pads for automobile clutch

Esakov A.E.


The article denotes an actual problem of adapting the existing methods to predict the durability of friction pads of tractor clutches to automobiles clutches. The reasons for its occurrence are mentioned and a way to solve a series of related individual problems is suggested.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):12-15
pages 12-15 views

Development of external indirect control pressure in pneumatic tires

Ivanov A.M., Shadrin S.S., Karpukhin K.E.


This article describes the existing tire pressure monitoring systems, describes the basic algorithms of indirective systems used in the work. The results of the experiment with the use of complex algorithm to start on the external to automobile devices are presented.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):16-19
pages 16-19 views

Similarity formula when machining impellers of centrifugal pumps

Kondratiev A.S.


It is shown that during machining of centrifugal pumps impellers the condition of geometric similarity is not fulfilled, that’s why comparable pumps are not geometrically similar. It is shown, that according experiments ratio of motion of such pumps is proportional to the diameter of machined and not-machined impellers.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):20-22
pages 20-22 views

Need to control the air pressure in the tires of automobiles depending on the degree of its workload

Krasavin P.A., Smirnov A.Y.


The article discusses the need to consider the degree of workload of automobiles when implementing and using the automatic control system of all wheels tire pressure. The control algorithm of automobile tire air pressure depending on its speed is shown.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):22-27
pages 22-27 views

HIL-simulation as an instrument for elaboration of automotive drivetrains with wheels torques distribution

Kulikov I.


The paper gives an analysis of the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation applied to development and elaboration of drivetrains with separate drives to individual wheels or axes. First, features and functions of such drivetrains are shortly described. Further, the most difficult tasks emerging during development of these drivetrains are analyzed along with ways that HIL offers to resolve these tasks. For that analysis, the paper gives essential principles of vehicle simulation by means of a test rig and HIL-technique. As examples of pertinent drivetrains and HIL-solutions the paper surveys developments of world-leading companies i.e. LuK, Froude Hofmann and Horiba as well as Russian research organizations: Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), Central scientific research automobile and automotive engine institute «NAMI» and NAMI-Service.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):27-34
pages 27-34 views

Evolution of concept art and design concepts in automotive design of the XX century

Lepeshkin I.A., Kruglov S.M., Lepeshkin A.V.


The evolution of conceptual developments in the field of transport is considered in the paper. It is possible to clearly trace the significance of these developments and the impact of various spheres of human life on their forming. Conceptual transport finds its application not only in the field of entertainment such as science-fiction films or computer games, but is crucial in the design of new industrial objects in the automotive industry and in the choice of strategic directions of development of industry and each brand in particular.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):34-44
pages 34-44 views

Parameters of engine’s electrical starting system with alternative supply sources

Maleyev R.A., Mychka N.V., Gulin A.N., Kuznetsova Y.A.


The paper proposes to use capacitive energy storage in electrical starting system of an engine. The paper presents the results of numerical studies on the effect of revolutions on the basic characteristics of electrical starting system for internal combustion engine with capacitive energy storage.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):44-47
pages 44-47 views

Calculation of parameters of engine’s electrical starting system with combined supply source

Maleyev R.A., Mychka N.V., Gulin A.N., Kapralova M.A.


The paper proposes to use a comparative assessment of electrical starting systems with capacitive energy storage and accumulator batteries for internal combustion engines.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):47-53
pages 47-53 views

Analysis of icing of flow channel in vehicle turbochargers

Martyanov O.A., Merkulov V.I.


The article provides an overview of the possible consequences of icing of flow channel in vehicle turbochargers working in moist air, indicating problem areas exposed to destruction in the process.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):53-55
pages 53-55 views

Features of air environment protection technology for objects of motor transport complex

Mikhaylov V.A., Sharipova N.N.


The paper considers the problems of valuation of parameters and sanitary protection technology of internal and external environment of stationary and mobile objects of motor transport complex from heat gain and harmful pollutants taking into account their industrial specifics and requirements for energy efficiency.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):55-64
pages 55-64 views

Experimental and calculation method for determining traction properties of automobile tires in operation

Shadrin S.S., Ivanov A.M.


The article describes the possibility of real-time adhesion coefficient versus longitudinal slip estimation in the case of road surface type identifying; the experimental results are presented.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):65-68
pages 65-68 views

Interconnection of ion current with carbon concentration in fuel and the apparent propagation velocity of flame

Shaykin A.P., Ivashin P.V., Galiev I.R.


The article experimentally proves the interconnection of ion current with a carbon concentration in fuel and apparent propagation velocity of the flame. This confirms the hypothesis about the strong influence of rate of radical CH + formation on ion current and allows the use of its amplitude to determine characteristics of flame propagation, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of existing research methods using ionization probes of combustion process in piston engines.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):69-74
pages 69-74 views

Force interaction in cam-roller clutch

Strokov A.M.


The article describes principles of interaction between the elements and the dependence of transmitted torque on control action in the cam-roller clutches. These dependencies are required for design calculations or mathematical model of such a mechanism obtaining.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):74-79
pages 74-79 views

Optimization of suspension system of high-speed tracked vehicles

Savochkin V.A., Sharipov V.M., Smirnova I.A., Shishanov S.M.


The paper presents principal scheme of suspension system of high-speed tracked vehicle optimization, based on selection of area of quality, determining the range of admissible states of a dynamic system and its boundaries, relevant to its limit states, aligning each state of a dynamical system to a curve in space of quality and establishing quality criteria (optimization criteria).
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):79-90
pages 79-90 views

Evaluation of fatigue life of thin-walled steel structures of mobile machines with a random complex stress state

Gusev A.S., Shcherbakov V.I., Starodubtseva S.A.


The new technique is based on the fatigue life of metal elements of mobile machines, which experience in operation a random complex stress state when the stress tensor components are different in intensity and complexity of the asynchronous and incoherent random processes.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):91-95
pages 91-95 views

Development of test bench for research of vehicles with hybrid powertrains

Nagaitsev M.V.


The article outlines the basics of development and design of the test bench for research of all-wheel drive vehicles with hybrid powetrains. The author proposes a modular design of the test bench, sets out the composition of the measured parameters and an example implementation of tests by the driving cycle.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(3-1):96-101
pages 96-101 views

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