Energy saving technologies and energy efficiency of motor transport power plants
Shabanov A.V., Vanin V.K., Yesakov A.E.
Method for selecting the damping characteristics of the pneumohydraulic suspension system of a wheeled vehicle
Sarach E.B., Krokhin M.E., Lychagov A.A., Smirnov I.A., Kositsyn B.B.
On calculational analysis of suspensions with hydraulic springs
Nakaznoy O.A., Tsipilev A.A.
The air exchange rate measuring method by the concentration of carbon dioxide in the vehicle cabin air
Yakunova E.A.
Mathematical model of the moment distribution algorithm along the axes of an electric vehicle with a two-motor type
Zavatsky A.M., Debelov V.V., Malyshev A.N., Keller A.V.
The straight-line stability analysis of the vehicle with the electronic stability control
Eranosyan A.V.
Identification of vehicle directional parameters using the sigma-point Kalman filters
Chaplygin A.V., Kulikov I.A.
Assessment of vehicle damage from the point of a complex technical system with its own structure
Tupitsyn I.I., Zubris'kiy S.G., Krasavin P.A.
Algorithm of anti-lock braking system for two-axle vehicles with one driving axle with adaptive redistribution of braking forces
Zhileykin M.M., Chugunov D.S.
Development of operation algorithm of electric drive of an electric vehicle in urban cycle
Klimov E.M., Fironov A.M., Maleev R.A., Zuev S.M.
The study of motion of the snow and swamp-going vehicle with the traction electric drive, based on the Emrax 228 electric motor
Sarach M.B., Sarach E.B., Kaplan D.R.
The choice of the main parameters of vehicles of classes A, B and C
Kravets V.N., Musarskiy R.A., Volkov S.A.
Influence of steering drive and axle layout of all-wheel drive vehicle on soil impact
Korkin S.N., Pereladov A.S.
Theoretical Study of Vibration Characteristics of a Powertrain of an All-wheel Drive Vehicle Driving on a Rough Road
Dementyev Y.V., Le Trong Cuong L.C.
Stabilization of the vertical reactions of the road on the wheel when driving automobile on periodic profile
Ryazantsev V.I., Balsam A.
Unified control algorithm for torques delivered to wheels of all-wheel-drive vehicles
Pliev I.A., Saykin A.M., Arkhipov A.V., Akhmedov A.A.
Analysis of power flows distribution in the transmission of an articulated truck with an activated trailing unit
Lepeshkin A.V., Mikhaylin A.A., Katanaev N.T.
Hybrid Vehicles are the Solution of Environmental Problems of Road Transport
Selifonov V.V., Karpukhin K.E., Filonov A.I., Baulina E.E., Avrutsky E.V.
Intelligent vehicle. Adaptation of subsystem for determination the relative position of moving vehicles
Ivanov A.M., Shadrin S.S., Karpukhin K.E.
Organizational-legal Support of Vehicle Safety
Komarov V.V.
Vehicle Acceleration Data for Study of Dynamic Parameters
Gadelshin T.K., Gadelshin D.T.
Substantiation of the requirements for the suspension of unmanned transport vehicles
Sarach E.B., Smirnov I.A., Tkachev Y.A.
Multicriteria Parameter Optimization in the Tasks of Improving Handling Characteristics and Stability of Vehicles
Bakhmutov S.V., Akhmedov A.A.
Problems on Creating of a Multimass Mathematical Model of Vehicle Motion and Methods of their Solution
Bakhmutov S.V., Gusakov D.N.
Definition of parameters of main components of a vehicle power plant
Sidorov K.M., Sidorov B.N.
Model stability control vehicle systems
Komarov V.V.
New Composite Resilient Member
Chukanin Y.P.
Selection of the Criterion for the Automatic Clutch Control Development
Karunin A.L., Kretov A.V., Esakov A.E.
Determination of rational gear ratio of inter-wheel differential while upgrading the transmission of multi-purpose vehicle
Murog I.A.
Study of mechanism of influence of internal air flows on overall vehicle aerodynamics
Petrov A.P.
Estimated determination of noise dispersion of towing vehicles
Pobedin A.V., Dolotov A.A., Iskaliev A.I.
Review of the status and prospects of development of existing solutions in the field of converting vehicles to electric vehicles
Dergachev D.V., Marsov V.I., Ospanbekov B.K.
The study of “real-time” simulation of planar curvilinear motion of six-wheel drive vehicle
Buzunov N.V.
Determination of the time and the path of acceleration of a vehicle equipped with a gearbox without switching-off of the power flow
Ryabev A.V., Parfenov A.P.
Model of the dynamics of a wheeled vehicle for a complex of full-scale-mathematical modeling
Kositsyn B.B.
Relation between the moments of inertia of the leading and driven parts of the composite flywheel with a torsional damper
Solomatin N.S., Zotov E.M., Simonov D.V.
Study of the influence of structural parameters on the dynamic load in the mechanical automotive transmission with hybrid powerplant
Selifonov V.V., Nguyen Khac Tuan -.
Vehicle Longitudinal Motion Simulation by Analytical Automatic Machines
Lepeshkin A.V., Katanaev N.K., Dragunov S.S.
Damping of Torsional Vibrations of Transmission
Tverskov B.M.
Ways to improve safety of vehicles using the parameters of angular orientation of steering wheels
Krasavin P.A., Lukyanov M.N., Nadezhdin V.S., Rybakova M.R.
Comparative evaluation of automobiles KAMAZ-4350, KAMAZ-43114 and Ural-4320-31 flotation on loose sand
Ostretsov A.V., Esakov A.E., Sharipov V.M.
Layout solutions and transmission failures of off-road vehicles with low pressure tires
Lyachenko M.V., Shekhovtsov V.V., Migunov A.I., Chebanenko A.P.
Pneumohydraulic suspension of high-speed tracked vehicles
Krumboldt L.N., Golovashkin F.P.
Integrated vehicle safety
Azarov V.K., Gayisin S.V., Kutenev V.F.
The new standard on the administrative aspect of registration changes in the design of the vehicle
Girutskiy O.I., Kirillov K.A.
A crane-manipulator transfer position impact on a chassis loadings of a base vehicle
Lagerev A.V., Lagerev I.A.
Preliminary synthesis of algorithms for automatic control of automobile continuously variable transmissions with flexible links
Yesakov A.E., Kretov A.V., Krasavin P.A.
Investigation of the components of the cornering resistance of a tracked vehicle on a solid support base
Padalkin B.V.
Katanaev N.Т.
Integrated assessment of power distribution law influence on operating characteristics of allwheel drive vehicle
Bakhmutov S.V., Gusakov D.N.
Research of the Punch Interaction with Composite Protective Panel
Kulakov N.A., Lyubin A.N.
Onboard Electrical Systems with Limited Power of Primary Source
Garmash Y.V.
Strength analysis of the frame of the unit for long loads when modifying the geometry of its elements
Mishin P.P., Osipov N.L., Kramskoy N.A.
Features of construction of static characteristics of independent suspensions of all-terrain vehicles by means of a spatial model
Gorobtsov A.S., Kartsov S.K., Polyakov Y.A.
Optimization of suspension system of high-speed tracked vehicles
Savochkin V.A., Sharipov V.M., Smirnova I.A., Shishanov S.M.
An integrated navigation system of ground transport vehicle
Novikov P.V., Novikov V.V., Sheypak A.A.
Evaluation of ability to regenerate oscillation energy by the suspension system of a two-axle truck
Malikov R.R., Smirnov A.A., Klimov A.V.
Prospects of development of hybrid power units of vehicles
Baulina E.E., Krutashov A.V., Serebriakov V.V.
Topology optimization in ROPS-safe design process of operator cabin for forestry, agricultural and construction machinery
Vdovin D.C.
Overview of approaches to driver fatigue recognition and existing technical solutions
Saprykin Y.D., Ryazantsev V.I., Smirnov A.A.
The Competitiveness of the Russian Automotive Industry as an Important Aspect of the Strategy of Development of the Automotive Industry in the Russian Federation
Yakovenko G.V., Polyakova N.S., Volkova Y.A., Yakovenko A.G.
Torsional Damper Placement in Vehicle Transmission
Solomatin N.S., Zotov E.M., Simonov D.V.
Experience of building and testing a vehicle with a hydrostatic transmission
Prochko E.I., Kurmaev R.K., Ankinovich G.G.
Risk and Reliability Management for Motor Transport on the Basis of Monitoring of Features of Operating Vehicles
Komarov V.V.
Optimal control theory solutions for investigation of a hybrid electric vehicle’s powertrain
Kulikov I.A.
Experimental and calculation method for determining traction properties of automobile tires in operation
Shadrin S.S., Ivanov A.M.
Prospective electrotechnical complex for internal combustion engine control
Kozlovsky V.N., Pyanov M.A., Maleyev R.A., Zayatrov A.V.
Estimation of traction and dynamic properties of an 8×8 car with individual wheel drives on a chassis dynamometer
Kotiev G.O., Gorelov V.A., Zakharov A.Y.
Automation of the control of the differential lock in the transmission of a multi-axle wheeled vehicle
Safonov B.A., Kotiev G.O., Smirnov A.A.
The concept of the controlled movement of the tracked vehicle
Beketov S.A.
Evaluation of indicators of curvilinear movement of a road train using mathematical simulation
Gorelov V.A., Yevseyev K.B., Chudakov O.I., Balkovskiy K.S.
Optimization of Transmission Control Laws for All-wheel Drive Vehicles with Individual Drive Per Wheel
Bakhmutov S.V., Gusakov D.N.
Loading Control of Passenger Car Transmission in Urban Driving Conditions Using ECM System
Prokopyev M.V., Petrunin V.P., Kuevda A.V., Turapin M.K., Maslov S.N.
Correlation Analysis for Experimental Vibration Level Study of VAZ-21214
Prokopyev M.V., Prasolov A.V.
Determination of the influence of formative factors on design of conceptual objects in transport design and algorithm of through design
Lepeshkin I.A., Matersheva E.V.
Building of crawler transporters of extra light weight category on the basis of units and components of automobiles
Gmyrya N.G., Sharipov V.M., Schetinin Y.S., Denisov A.V., Marinkin A.P., Baulina E.E.
Analysis of icing of flow channel in vehicle turbochargers
Martyanov O.A., Merkulov V.I.
Assessing the impact of parameters of a high-speed tracked vehicle suspension on its driving speed
Smirnov I.A., Sharipov V.M., Shishanov S.M., Platonov V.F.
The current state of computational analysis methods of strength and reliability of vehicles wheels
Demyaniushko I.V., Mironova V.V., Loginov E.M.
The modern state of system of technical inspection of transport vehicles in the Russian Federation
Zubriskiy S.G., Tupitsyn I.I., Kataev M.V., Lysenko E.S., Larinskiy A.S., Salnikov S.S.
Frequency analysis of the system of stabilization of vertical reactions on the wheels
Al'salamekh B., Ryazantsev V.I.
Problems of using active-recuperative suspension and ways to solve them
Zamyslov V.M., Yesakov A.E.
Chernov A.E., Akimov A.V.
Methods of analysis and selection of brake force distribution between axles of a biaxial vehicle
Klimenko V.I., Leontyev D.N., Lomaka S.I., Ryzhikh L.A.
Evaluation of the Destructive Effect of an All-wheel Drive Vehicle to the Ground
Pereladov A.S., Korkin S.N.
Methodological Approaches to Safety System Development for Motor Transport Complex on the Basis of Risk Management Subject to Design Reliability Requirements
Komarov V.V.
Identification of parameters of the resistance movement of wheeled vehicles during operation
Shadrin S.S.
Unification of certain terms and concepts used in theories of tractor, automobile, high speed wheeled and tracked transport-traction vehicles
Parfenov A.P., Shchetinin Y.S.
Estimation of measurement uncertainty in testing vehicles in terms of external and internal noise
Zakharov I.P., Zharko Y.G., Sergeyeva A.O.
Improvement of the system of collective defense and providing of habitability of combat units of military vehicles
Kotrovskiy A.A., Smirnov I.A., Denisov A.V.
Mathematical model of shifting sleeve switching process
Safonov B.A., Smirnov A.A.
Simulation of "body-suspension-wheel-soil" system using the finite element method
Kurdyuk V.A., Volskaya N.S., Rusanov O.A.
Mathematical models of tires and calculation of contact pressure on soil
Manafi Sheydan H.
Optimization of the design and experimental study of the stress-strain state of the rear suspension balancer of an all-terrain vehicle
Shabolin M.L.
Comparative characteristics of diesel engines and gas turbine power plants for mobile vehicles
Gusarov V.A., Godzhaev Z.A.
Automatic Control of Hybrid Transmission of an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle
Prediger V., Hoffmann J., Trentmann V., Kostilev S., Lohmann E., Selifonov V.V., Karpukhin K.E., Baulina E.E.
Analysis of the Inertia Influence on the Average Speed of a Tracked Vehicle
Strelkov A.G., Ilyichev A.S.
The role of information-measuring systems in improving of wheeled and tracked vehicles testing process
Larionova O.V.
Parametric Identification of Vehicle Longitudinal Motion
Katanaev N.K.
Experimental Evaluation of the Influence of the Power Distribution along the Axes of the Multiaxial Wheel Drive on Vehicle Handling and Stability
Bakhmutov S.V., Gusakov D.N.
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