Vol 8, No 1-1 (2014)


Improving the dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic drive when braking

Gurevich Y.Y., Ivochkin M.Y.


The paper describes the possibility of improvement of hydraulic drive dynamic characteristics when it is slowing down due to the use in the control hydrodevices the spools with two kinds of profiles of operating element instead of one kind as it used nowadays. The formulas for determining the geometric parameters of the operating elements were obtained. An approximate calculation, confirming the validity of proposed version of the spool operational element.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):5-8
pages 5-8 views

Using of shaping-filters in motion control system of high speed caterpillar machine

Derzhanskiy V.B., Taratorkin I.A., Karpov E.K.


The article solves the problem of modeling of a nonlinear control system of motion of high-speed caterpillar machine using the algorithms of filtering. The main feature of the paper is the use of different shaping-filtering algorithms, which set the influence of driver and speed identifier. Special attention is paid to the analysis of transient processes overshoot and to the phase lag of machine response to the control action. The results of modeling are shown. Conclusions are made and recommendations for applying the idea are given.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):8-13
pages 8-13 views

The evolution of aerodynamic characteristics of KAMAZ automobiles

Valeev D.H., Karabantsev V.S.


The article reflects the milestones to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of KAMAZ vehicles. For each stage, applied methods are highlighted and the main results are formulated. It is shown that application of modern computer technology in combination with efficient software enables the optimization of aerodynamic characteristics of trucks with less material and time resources compared with the previously used methods of field tests and studies of scale models in wind tunnels.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):13-19
pages 13-19 views

Study of the process of heat transfer in mesh matrix of rotary heat exchanger

Alekseev R., Kostyukov A.V., Kosach L.A.


The results of experimental and numerical research of thermal processes in mesh matrix of rotary frame heat exchanger are presented. There was obtained a close agreement between the calculated and experimentally determined values of the degree of regeneration and hydraulic resistance of the rotary heat exchanger with a mesh matrix.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):19-23
pages 19-23 views

The influence of the set angle of steered wheels on safety of vehicle in curvilinear motion

Krasavin P.A., Nadezhdin V.S.


The article presents the possibility of reducing the number of traffic accidents caused during the curvilinear motion, through choosing the optimal parameters of the angular orientation of steered wheels and increasing the critical speed of passing the turn.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):23-25
pages 23-25 views

Development of software for detection of road markings

Krasavin P.A., Kharitonov V.I., Chernokozov V.V.


The article presents the possibility of reducing the number of traffic accidents caused by drivers, through the use of smart cars, which independently evaluate the road markings and perform correction of steered wheels angles.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):25-29
pages 25-29 views

Construction features of energy-absorbing seats used in the armored and aviation vehicles

Kulakov N.A., Gavrilov E.V.


The article provides an overview of energy-absorbing seats, used in the armored and aviation vehicles since the 60s of the twentieth century till the present day. There were shown some different types of energy-absorbing elements used in seats. Constructions of mine seats developed at scientific technical center “Spetstekhnika” of Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI) were presented.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):29-38
pages 29-38 views

The study of non-traditional power sources in electrical starting systems of internal combustion engines

Maleev R.A., Shmatkov Y.M.


The article contains the results of experimental research of the electrical starting system with batteries and the capacitive energy storage devices of various types for internal combustion engines. The estimation of electrical starting systems efficiency while using energy storage at low temperatures was made.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):39-45
pages 39-45 views

An alternative source of electric energy on automobile: the use of exhaust gas energy

Ovsiannikov E.M., Klyukin P.N., Ketsaris A.A., Akimov A.V.


The article describes a method of using the energy emitted with the exhaust gases into the environment, provides an overview of the same developments of different all over the world manufacturers. Recovery of "useless" energy allows to eliminate the generator power supply system and to increase the efficiency of internal combustion engine.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):45-50
pages 45-50 views

Comparative evaluation of automobiles KAMAZ-4350, KAMAZ-43114 and Ural-4320-31 flotation on loose sand

Ostretsov A.V., Esakov A.E., Sharipov V.M.


The article contains the results of experimental studies of automobiles KAMAZ-4350, KAMAZ-43114 and Ural-4320-31 flotation on dry loose sand. Comparative evaluation of flotation was made through the main indicators: the specific thrust force on the hook, specific resisting force to vehicle towing, the greatest speed of rectilinear uniform motion with no load on the hook and the least radius of turn of the vehicle without loss of permeability.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Study of mechanism of influence of internal air flows on overall vehicle aerodynamics

Petrov A.P.


The article considers the problem associated with the influence of internal air flow on the aerodynamic drag coefficient of an automobile. The main part of the air flowing through the interior space of the car is used for blowing a cooling radiator, and at the same time aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle increases. The mechanism of this effect was investigated. It was found that the main factor is the interference of airflow flowing around the front part of the vehicle. It is caused by a decrease in the amount of air as the portion of air passes through the inside. Thus, the proportion of the aerodynamic drag associated with the airflow through the engine compartment depends on its flow rate.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):55-62
pages 55-62 views

Design features of Formula racing cars

Pletin D.A.


The article presents the analysis of constructions of Formula racing cars. The possibility of applying constructive solutions of Formula-1 series to Formula-3 series is considered.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):63-66
pages 63-66 views

Analysis of technologies of processing alternative energy sources in motor fuel

Fomin V.M., Apelinskiy D.V.


The article presents the results of the comparative analysis and experimental approbation of efficiency of processing methods for processing certain types of alternative energy sources in a fuel for vehicle engines.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):66-73
pages 66-73 views

Search for ways of joining separate kinds of alternative energy resources in the sphere of long-term application of hydrogen power engineering in domestic transport

Fomin V.M., Khripach N.A.


The results of research work conducted in the environment of domestic research practice to study Operating characteristics and application of hydrogenous gases synthesized in on-board systems as a primary or partial substitute for traditional motor fuels are analyzed. The potential possibility of real entry of separate types of hydrogen energy resources in structure of national transport power system within the next few years is given.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):74-83
pages 74-83 views

Method of statistical linearization of nonlinear dynamics in systems of mobile machines

Gusev A.S., Shcherbakov V.I., Chukanin Y.P., Starodubtseva S.A.


The method of statistical linearization applied to nonlinear dynamical systems with several degrees of freedom is considered in the article.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):84-86
pages 84-86 views

Swirling jets behind vane swirlers in free space and in combustion chamber of a gas-turbine engine

Emmil M.V.


The author considers the flow of a swirling airstream behind circular vane swirlers in free space and in a burner liner of a gas-turbine engine. Velocity profiles and turbulence intensity are shown in the various zones of a burner liner.
Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2014;8(1-1):86-90
pages 86-90 views

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