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To izuchenit features of a clinical picture at the patients transferring a syndrome of a cerebral giperfuziya after the carotid endarterektomiya which is carried out in the sharp period of an ischemic stroke. From April 2016 till April 2017 in general 183 reparative operations on carotid arteries were carried out for double-sided affect of arteries. For 161 patients (87.9% of cases) the carotid endarterectomy was carried out within the acute period of ischemic blood stroke or transient ischemic attack. The syndrome of cerebral hyperperfusion took place at 6 patients (3.7% of cases), from this at 4 men and 2 women. The average age of patients is 62.4 years old. The average value of NIHSS prior to the operation amounted to 4.8 points, the average Rankin value amounted to 3.2 points, the average Rivermid value amounted to 5.8 points. All patients of this group were operated within the acute period of ischemic blood-stroke; they all suffered with hypertensive disease. 4 patients had double-sided constrictive affect of internal carotid arteries where 90% of the lumen was affected. Control of arterial tension and timely correction by using antihypertensive drugs made it possible to prevent the most severe forms of hyperperfusion syndrome in the most cases.

N O Vasilchenko

Mariinkskaya city hospital

O V Rubleva

Mariinkskaya city hospital

O P Verbitsky

Mariinkskaya city hospital

S V Ordynets

Mariinkskaya city hospital

A A Shabonov

Petrozavodsk State University

I P Dudanov

Mariinkskaya city hospital

correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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