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Hypothalamic orexin-B-containing neurons reaction was investigated during several hours after administration of thymus-dependent (bovine serum albumin - BSA) and thymus-independent (lipopolysaccharide - LPS) antigen. Using immunohistochemical method we revealed changes in quantity of visualized orexin-B positive neurons and their relative optical density (ROD) only 1 hour after LPS injection. Four patterns of changes were distinguished: increase of neurons quantity; increase of neurons ROD; increase of both cells quantity and ROD; simultaneously neurons quantity increase and ROD decrease. Thus injection of T-independent antigen (LPS) causes multidirectional reaction of orexin-B-positive neurons, that could be explained with morphofunctional heterogeneity of these neurons. Administration of T-dependent antigen (BSA) does not change immunoreactivity of orexin-B-positive neurons during several hours after antigen application.

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About the authors

V A Pugach

Institute of Experimental Medicine

N S Novikova

Institute of Experimental Medicine

Email: novikiem@gmail.com

S V Perekrest

Institute of Experimental Medicine

Email: perekrest.sv@gmail.com

E A Korneva

Institute of Experimental Medicine

Email: glandula_pinealis@mail.ru


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