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Benefits of acquiring a mortgage loan during the pandemic

According to José Borbolla, CEO of Cibergestón, today it is possible to buy a home at a better price, with a lower rate loan, and with a fixed monthly payment.

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With the social confinement , caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many families have reconsidered their housing needs , because by having to take their daily activities indoors, they have discovered the importance of having areas that can be used for work and study at a distance.

  1. Banks and financial institutions have a wide range of mortgage loans , with very competitive rates and even lower than last year, and fixed monthly payments.
  2. The Banco de Mexico has reduced the benchmark rate to leave by 5%, 325 basis points since August 2019; and analysts anticipate that it will continue to decline for the rest of 2020, given a weak outlook for the national economy.
  3. Buying a property will always be a good investment , because being long-term, it is less volatile than other investment instruments available on the market. In addition to being protected against inflation.
  4. The supply of credit has not stopped, either by housing institutes or by banks, which offer fixed rate loans at attractive levels due to the high competition that exists between banks.
  5. House prices have remained stable throughout 2020 and are expected to continue that way. In addition to this, there are promotions in some immediate delivery projects, as well as adjustments in financing conditions, for example, discounts between 5 and 8% in the down payment or longer terms to pay it.
  6. When buying a home as an investment instrument , the rent from that property can provide additional income.

“In times of crisis there will always be opportunities and these will materialize depending on how we find them. For this reason, it is important to inform yourself and make a thorough evaluation of the different options offered by the market today, ” Borbolla stressed .

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“However, despite all these good indicators, it is important that, before deciding to buy a property, you have the certainty that you will be able to maintain a regular source of income ; and that you have some money saved, in addition to the down payment, to be able to face the monthly payments in the event of an unexpected situation ”, concluded the manager.


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