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The research work is devoted to the development of a method for an objective assessment of the postoperative inflammatory response in patients undergoing combined intervention (cataract phacoemulsification with endoscopic laser cyclodestruction) in comparison with standard cataract phacoemulsification. Performing a combined intervention can significantly improve visual function, as well as simultaneously reduce intraocular pressure. The question arises about the safety and effectiveness of this tactic in comparison with standard phacoemulsification. In this regard, it is of great interest to compare the postoperative inflammatory response, as well as the creation of an algorithm for its objective assessment. As a result of a study based on optical coherence tomography, a method was developed that allows to evaluate objectively the postoperative inflammatory response. The purpose of this study is to develop an algorithm and conduct an objective analysis of the severity of the postoperative inflammatory response in patients undergoing combined intervention (cataract phacoemulsification with endoscopic laser cyclodestruction) in comparison with standard phacoemulsification. The study involved 30 patients (30 eyes). The main group - 15 patients (15 eyes) with uncompensated open-angle glaucoma in various stages and an initial complicated cataract. The control group consisted of 15 patients (15 eyes) with an initial age-related cataract. On the morning of the day after the intervention, patients of both groups underwent optical coherence tomography of the anterior segment of the eye. During the analysis, 10.0 ± 7.5 inclusions were detected in the main group, and 2.5 ± 2.3 in the control group. The difference is statistically significant (p <0.001). The developed algorithm allows you to objectively assess the degree of inflammatory reaction in the anterior chamber of the eye. Comparison with the control group virtually eliminates the effect of phacoemulsification on the inflammatory response. During the analysis of the severity of the postoperative inflammatory reaction, a greater number of inflammatory inclusions were revealed after a combined intervention.

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About the authors

A. S Konstantinov

S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense

St. Petersburg, Russia

A. N Kulikov

S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense

St. Petersburg, Russia

V. Yu Skvortsov

S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense

St. Petersburg, Russia


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