The usage of combination of tricalcium phosphate and polylactic acid as materials for 3D printing of alloplastic blocks

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This study describes the manufacturing method of alloplastic blocks for treatment of bone defects through tissue replacement with combination of tricalcium phosphate and polylactic acid. The method is unique because for its implementation we used 3d-printing and materials that we had not combined before. Such approach to manufacturing of synthetic blocks allows us to decide several tasks: planning of surgical operation’s strategy by means of modelling in specialized software of certain operating region and to print block with suitable shape and size which would accurately fit the edges of bone defects and fill it. Thus, we can achieve all objectives in the shortest possible time, while saving time and resources. Using this methods, we created experimental model of lower jaw and alloplastic block that can be used with a real patient and be widely applied not only in surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, but also in any other branch of medicine.Combination of tricalcium phosphate and polylactic acid has several advantages because first component acts as a frame and due to its chemical structure makes block’s shape more stable. The second component acts as a filler by means of irregular shape of granules and creates spongiform structure for further blood vessels growth. In addition, materials have properties such as: bioinertness, biocompatibility, biodegradable and don’t have negative impact on the organism. Using this method, we can get the fragment that meets all requirements, and surgical operation becomes economically profitable both for patient and for hospital.

Olga O Filatova

Author for correspondence.
St Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Department of Dentistry

Andrey G Klimov
St Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Head. Department of Dentistry

Boris V Seleznev
Dental Clinic No 4
Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Head of Surgical Department

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