Morphological changesof the gutas the result of acutehemorrhage

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In experiment on rats morphological changes of the gut depending on life expectancy as the result of acute
hemorrhage have been studied. During the first day in mucous tunic of the small intestine reduction of its
thickness, desquamation and necrosis of villi were marked, in 7,4 % of cases there were erosions and ulcers. The
quantity of mast cells with degranulation attributes was increasing from 3 o'clock till 7 o'clock, eosinophilic
leukocytes - from 12 o'clock till 24 o'clock. As a result dystrophic changes in ganglion cells of vegetative nervous
textures and in smooth muscle cells of a muscle coat led to paresis of the intestine. Changes in the small intestine
were characterized by greater expressiveness of dystrophic and necrotic injuries in comparison with the large

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S E Bushurov


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