Vol 23, No 4 (2015)



Kozlova O.I.


Fetal brain was retrospectively evaluated in normal fetuses at 18-27 weeks of gestation, obtained by multiplanar echography. Most useful for assessment normal development of the corpus callosum measurement length of the corpus callosum. The multiplanar mode to obtain the mid-sagittal plane and measured length of the fetal corpus callosum from the most anterior aspect of the genu to the most posterior aspect of the splenium. Normal range plotted on the reference range (mean, 5 th and 95 th percentiles) of length of the corpus callosum, may be useful for assessment development of the corpus callosum in cases of suspicion on cerebral anomalies like hypoplasia, partial agenesis of the corpus callosum.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):7-10
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Andreeva І.V., Volikov V.V.


Histology of the bone preparations of maxillary alveolary process of 20 human beings. The age of corpses corresponded to mature, elderly and senile age periods. 20 corpses were 12 (60%) men and 8 (40%) women. The expressed changes pronounced changes of morphometric parameters of the maxillary parodont vessels were revealed in patients with full adentia of the maxilla. A quantity of vessels in 1 mm 2 was less in 60%, diameter of vessels was less in 70%, thickness of vessel wall was more in 4 times in patients with total adentia in comparison with the patients’ group with intact dental arch.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):11-16
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Pirov B.S., Pikirenya I.I., Kalmykov E.L., Ruhmmo O.O.


В данной работе изучаются особенности развития и течения цитомегаловирусной инфекции (ЦМВИ) и структуры инфекций после трансплантации почки с анализом серологического статуса у 164 реципиентов и доноров. Мужчин - 102 (62,2%), женщин - 62 (37,8%), среди которых 82 (50%) реципиента и 82 (50%) донора. Среди доноров серонегативных результатов было 43 (26,2%) а серопозитивных - 39 (23,8%). В группе реципиентов серонегативные результаты отмечены у 75 (45,7%), а серопозитивные - у 7 (4,3%). В качестве ранних серологических маркеров ЦМВИ использовали IgG. Серопозитивную группу составили 1/3 из обследованных реципиентов и доноров, 27 (69,5%) из них, группа со средним риском развития пострансплантационных осложнений, вызванных доминирующим возбудителем ЦМВИ, но смертность выше отмечалась в группе с высоким риском развития осложнений (n=2; 1,21%). Большинство (n=102; 71,3%) доноров и реципиентов, составляли лица мужского пола. Инфекционная обсеменённость мочи была выявлена у 42 (70%) от всех посевов, определены чувствительность к антибиотикам широкого спектра действия-цефалоспоринам 2-3 поколения.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):17-20
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Mokrenko E.V., Shabanov P.D.


The oxidative and immune status was assessed in a rat model of inflammatory and degenerative damages of the smooth parodont tissue due to administration of 2% formaldehyde water solution (0,3 ml) into the smooth parodont tissues. The lipid peroxidation indexes (malonic dialdehyde and dienic conjugates level) were в 3,6-5,8-fold higher in the blood serum and parodont tissue in 3 days after inflammation beginning. The inflammation was accompanied by inhibition of lymphokin-producing function of lymphocytes in reaction of inhibition of leucocytes migration with concanavalin A (Con A) by 39% and with phytohaemagglutinin (PGA) by 37%. The activity of oxygen-independent microbicide system of phagocytes was decreased by 13%, that was typical for subacute duration of inflammatory process. The phagocyte number was increased by 26% and the phagocytosis index by 22% with decrease of phagocytes participating in phagocytosis by 31%. The spontaneous NBT-test index was increased by 63%, and stimulating one by 35%. Trekrezan administered for 3 days decreased malonic dialdehyde level by 61%, dienic conjugates level by 68%, in 2,9-fold increased the concentration of recovered glutatione and superoxide dismutase activity by 79% Simultaneously, the elevation of lymphokin-producing function of lymphocytes in reaction of inhibition of leucocytes migration with Con A by 67% and with PGA by 73% was registered. Phagocyte activity of neutrophils was increased by 24% Phagocyte number equal to middle number of microorganisms phaged by one active neutrophil and phagocytosis index were decreased by 26% and 14% respectively. Trekrezan administered orally revealed the same but less significant action. Preliminary administration of lidocaine intragastrally for blockade of gastric afferents did not affect the trekrezan action. Therefore, trekrezan possesses both anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating action. Oral administration of trekrezan induced more weak effect than after intraperitoneal administration and did not depend on activation of gastric afferents.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):21-29
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Danilenko L.M., Pokrovsky M.V.


The article presents the results of studies of the effect of distant preconditioning by creating short-term limb ischemia and pharmacologic preconditioning of resveratrol on the size of myocardial necrosis and the level of troponin I in serum after ischemia-reperfusion. Established a comparable protective effect as distant and pharmacological preconditioning. Possible mechanisms of the protective effect of pharmacological preconditioning during ischemia/reperfusion. Preconditioning of the heart by resveratrol provides cardioprotection, as evidenced by the reduction in the size of the area of myocardial necrosis. Cardioprotection resveratrol was completely abolished as N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), and aminoguanidine (AG), which show that resveratrol provides cardioprotection type of ischemic preconditioning by nitric oxide synthase (NOS).
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):30-34
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3-(2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate: the role of ATP-dependent potassium channels in cardioprotection effect

Pokrovsky M.V., Danilenko L.M., Tatarenkova I.A.


The work evaluated the influence of 3-(2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate per square necrotic myocardium of the left ventricle and the level Troponin I serum during acute coronary occlusion (60 minutes) followed by reperfusion (90 min) in anesthetized rabbits. It is shown that distant and pharmacological preconditioning 3 (2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate reduce necrosis zone 3 and 1,5 times, respectively. Found participation ATP dependent potassium channels (K-ATР channels) of endothelial and inducible NO-synthase in the implementation of the cytoprotective effect of distant preconditioning and 3-(2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate, indicating that the implementation of the mechanism of pharmacological preconditioning in his cardioprotection action.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):35-38
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Effect of gliquidone on the ABCB1 protein functional activity in vivo

Titov D.S., Nikiforov A.A., Pravkin S.K.


In the in vivo study in rabbits the effect of gliquidone at 10 mg / kg body weight of the functional activity of the protein transporter P-glycoprotein (P-gp, ABCB1 protein) was studied. P-gp activity was evaluated by pharmacokinetics of its marker substrate - fexofenadine after a single intragastric administration. Applying gliquidone for 14 days led to an increase in the maximum concentration of fexofenadine, its halflife, area under the concentration-time curve from zero to the last point of drawing blood, area under the concentration-time curve from zero to infinity, and the retention time of marker substrate and reduce the overall clearance and rate of absorption, indicating that the inhibition of the functional activity of the protein transporter at the level of the whole organism.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):39-43
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P-glycoprotein expression in brain during ischemia-reperfusion

Yakusheva E.N., Chernykh I.V., Shchulkin A.V., Vinogradov I.Y.


On wistar rats expression of P-glycoprotein in the brain after unilateral occlusion-reperfusion of the common carotid artery was studied. Correlation between the expression of the transporter and redox status of the brain cerebral cortex was assessed. Occlusion was simulated under ether anesthesia by common carotid artery clamping using vascular clamp for 180 minutes followed by recanalization. Samples of cerebral cortex were taken after 60 min, 4 h, 24 h, 5 days and 14 days after reperfusion and subjected to standard immunohistochemical processing, as well as evaluating the redox status. It was revealed that the 180-minute occlusion of unilateral common carotid artery followed by reperfusion causes a decrease in the expression of P-glycoprotein after 60 min and 4 hours after reperfusion by 52,5% и 63,1% (p<0,05) respectively. P-glycoprotein expression is conversely related with the level of TBA-reactive species.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):44-50
pages 44-50 views

Association between the activity of enzyme CYP3A4 and profile of efficacy and safety of haloperidol in patiens with alcohol addiction

Zastrozhin M.S., Smirnov V.V., Sychev D.A., Savchenko L.M., Bryun E.A., Guschina Y.S., Esakova A.P., Galaktionova T.E.


In case of patients with alcohol addiction haloperidol is used to control the exacerbation of the addiction, but the empirical dose selection of haloperidol often results in adverse side effects. Microsomal isozyme cytochrome P450 3A4, the activity of which has wide variability, takes part in biotransformation of haloperidol. The study involved 20 men with alcohol addiction. The efficacy and safety of haloperidol was evaluated by international psychometric scales. The activity of CYP3A4 was evaluated by determination endogenous substrate of this isoenzyme and its metabolite in urine - (the ratio of 6-beta-hydrocortizol/corizol). The study revealed a statistically significant patterns between the activity of CYP3A4 and the efficacy and safety of haloperidol.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):51-56
pages 51-56 views

The opinion of pediatricians about observance rights of patients - children and their legal representatives

Polunina N.V., Shmelev I.A., Konovalov O.E., Dmitriev A.V.


The article discusses the opinion of pediatricians on the preferred model of the relationship between medical professionals and legal representatives of the child-patient. The article presents an assessment of the views of pediatricians on what rights of patients- children should be observed when providing them with medical care. Reasons for the adverse effects of medical interventions with which met respondents in their practice are given in the article. Violations of ethical standards for patients-children and their legal representatives with which met respondents are analyzed in the article.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):57-61
pages 57-61 views

Psychological research genesis vital metacompetence of personality

Yakovleva N.V.


The article discussed the formation of health-research activities in line with the personality of the author's concept of vital metacompetence. The relationship formation vital competencies with age laws of formation of the person has been demonstrated. Based on empirical data were identified sensitive periods for the formation of vital skills.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):62-67
pages 62-67 views

Clinico-physiological characteristics of patients with epilepsy with different effectiveness of purposeful activity on the basis of electrophysiological parameters

Zorin R.A., Zhadnov V.A., Lapkin M.M.


The results of study of electroencephalographic parameters, characteristics of cognitive evoked potential P300 and heart rate variability in 110 patients with epilepsy are presented. The prognostic value of physiologic parameters for determination of effectiveness of purposeful activity was estimated using artificial neural network technology. The greater role of activity of stress-realizing systems and parameters of synchronous activity of cortical structures in effectiveness of behavior in patients with epilepsy was determined.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):68-73
pages 68-73 views

Clinical-physiological characteristics of diabetic polyneuropathy in pregnancy

Poroshnichenko A.I., Burshinov A.O., Elistratova N.V.


Materials and methods. The study included 22 pregnant women suffering from diabetic neuropathy. 14 women were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and 8 - type 2 diabetes. The average duration of the diabetes in women with type 1 diabetes was 14,6±6,4 years, in women with type 2 diabetes 6,6±3,1 years. Authors applied the scales NSS, NDS, electroneuromyography for diagnostic of diabetic neuropathy. Complex neurological and instrumental examination was carried out on terms 15 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. Results. During pregnancy showed deterioration of subjective symptoms, an increase of neurological deficit, which was manifested increase in the average score of NSS, NDS in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy (p<0,05). Analyzing the electroneuromyography characteristics was detected a significant decrease the amplitude of motor unit potential of n. peroneus and sensor unit potential of n. suralis in pregnant women suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus (p<0,05). Conclusions. Pregnancy is a risk factor for the progression of diabetic neuropathy and leads to a more rapid damage of axons of peripheral nerves.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):74-80
pages 74-80 views

Autoaggressive characteristics of women who are married to men who suffer from alcoholism

Merinov A.V., Shitov E.A., Lukashuk A.V., Somkina O.Y.


Research is devoted to the study of auto-aggressive activity of the wives of men suffering from alcoholism, as well as the influence of the phenomenon under study in the clinical and a suicide, experimental psychological and co-dependent indicators of the respondents. Studied phenomenology parasuicide studied groups of women. These data substantially expand the existing theoretical concepts of auto-aggressive orientation inherent in the studied group of respondents, as well as significantly enrich the implementation of practical ways to reduce «a suicide tension» this, widespread in the world, a group of women.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):81-86
pages 81-86 views

Clinical and suicidological description alcohol dependendent patients with comorbidity borderline personality disorder

Shitov E.A., Merinov A.V., Shustov D.I., Fedotov I.A.


We consider the problem of combination of mental disorders and addiction disorders (comorbidity). There was a brief overview of the relevance of the problem. We described the available literature data on the comorbidity of borderline personality disorder and disorders of addiction. We studied patients who showed a combination of borderline personality disorder and alcohol dependence. Suicidological and clinical characteristics of this group of patients was made by us. We made the conclusions regarding the severity of the course of alcohol dependence in the background of borderline personality disorder.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):87-90
pages 87-90 views

Outcomes and formation of comorbidity among infants born with very low and extremely low birth weight

Dmitriev A.V., Blohova E.E., Gudkov R.A., Fedin N.V.


This article surveys the physical and motor development of 134 children aged 1 year born with very low (VLBW) and extremely low birth weight (ELBW). At follow-up, 17,5% and 47,1% infants were below the 10th percentile for length and weight at 12 months corrected age. 70,5% ELBW infants and only 22,4% VLBW infants have neurodevelopmental delay. ELBW babies have higher levels of comorbidity comparing VLBW babies and risk of comorbidity correlate negatively with physical development.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):91-96
pages 91-96 views

Nitric oxide synthase and endothelin-1 gene polymorphism in lower limb chronic venous insufficiency

Kalinin R.E., Gryaznov S.V., Nikiforov A.A., Kamaev A.A., Shvalb A.P., Slepnev A.A.


Objective of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of endothelin-1 (EDN1 Lys198Asn) and nitric oxide synthase (NOS3 C786T) gene polymorphism in patients with lower limb chronic venous insufficiency; a possible correlation between gene polymorphism and degree of chronic venous insufficiency was also considered. The study included 240 patients with lower limb chronic venous insufficiency. The main group included 160 patients with venous ulcers; control group included 80 patients without ulceration. Peripheral venous blood samples were taken for DNA evaluation. EDN1 Lys198Asn mutation for endothelin-1 and NOS3 C786T mutation for nitric oxide synthase were studied. Detection of polymorphism in genes, which determine the development of endothelial dysfunction in lower limb chronic venous insufficiency, represents a useful tool to predict the severity of the disease and its outcomes.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):97-102
pages 97-102 views

Severity of hepatic dysfunction and its correction in the complex treatment of acute intestinal obstruction

Amahanov A.K., Fedoseev A.V., Budarev V.N., Allniasi A.E., Taha H.D.


The article describes the role that could play a hepatoprotective therapy in the treatment of patients with acute intestinal obstruction. The study involved 128 patients with mechanical acute intestinal obstruction, accompanied by the syndrome of enteral insufficiency. Hepatoprotective drugs have been added in the scheme of treatment. It has been proven beneficial therapeutic effect of this measure on the dynamics of the development of hepatorenal syndrome, syndrome of enteral insufficiency.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):103-108
pages 103-108 views

Dynamics of morbidity and mortality from malignant neoplasms in the Ryazan region 2004-2014

Kulikov E.P., Ryazantsev M.E., Zubareva E.P., Sudakov I.B., Kaminskyi Y.D., Sudakov A.I., Panin V.I.


In the article the analysis of dynamics of indicators of oncological morbidity of the Ryazan region (RO) for the period from 2004 to 2014 was held. Presents the results of the comparative analysis of these indicators with the average indicators across Russia in 2014. Found that, despite progress made to reduce mortality from malignant neoplasms (EIT), the tendency to steady growth of indicators of morbidity. When comparing statistical indicators in a number of regions of Russia has its own peculiarities, caused by a number of demographic and social reasons. Also over the last 10 years there have been changes in the structure of oncological pathologies, which should lead to the adjustment of the priority directions in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):109-115
pages 109-115 views

A new method of making drug on the wound surface with direct tooth-jaw prosthesis. Clinical and experimental research

Kharitonov D.Y., Mitin N.E., Grishin M.I.


This article analyzes the ways of making medicines on the wound surface in the tooth-jaw prosthesis. Creating original retention points on the basis of dentoalveolar prosthesis optimizes leaching and absorption medicinal components that lead to the preservation of their therapeutic concentrations. The research will help to solve the important problem of efficiency and speed postoperative rehabilitation.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):116-120
pages 116-120 views

About the necessity of forming a motivation to a healthy way of life and going in for sports at students of medical institutes of higher education

Proshlyakov V.D., Nikitin A.S.


This article is devoted to the investigation of a degree of training of junior students of Medical University, discovering the reasons of their lower motivation and forming their interest to a regular physical activity. It is found that a lower degree of training of junior students is a result of school educational process of low quality. It may be raised to the proper level by drawing students into participation in mass sport competitions. It will lead to the formation of their positive motivation to going in for sports.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):121-125
pages 121-125 views

Genetic aspects of ischemic heart disease

Pakhomia N.S., Uryasev O.M., Panfilov Y.A.


The article contains a review of the contemporary status of the problem of genetic aspects in ischemic heart disease. Provided are results of studies of candidate genes role in the development of ischemic heart disease - the gene for lipoprotein lipase, the gene for nitric oxide synthase - 3 and the gene for angiotensinogen. Attention of the polymorphism of these genes is due to their prognostic importance and close relationship to several risk factors of development and progress of cardiovascular diseases.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):126-132
pages 126-132 views

Suicidal behavior: the role of "foreign key", as an element of the suicidal dynamics and object of psychotherapy

Zotov P.B.


The commission of a suicide attempt is usually not random in nature. The program start is only possible if the actualization of some external characteristic / event that the suicide of the highlights in the subjectively meaningful factor is «foreign key». It is noted that before the trip a «foreign key» suicidal action unlikely, and if it needs updating - is almost inevitable. It is noted that the list of these entities is usually specific to certain risk groups. Examples of foreign key in adolescents and patients with malignant tumors. Identification of «foreign key» requires consideration by the doctor as an object of psychotherapy to prevent suicide.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):133-137
pages 133-137 views

Experimental models of acute liver failure

Rudakov V.S., Voskanyan S.E., Eremin I.I., Deev R.V.


Acute liver failure is a result of massive hepatic necrosis, accompanied by development of hepatic encephalopathy and can cause multiple organ failure with a high risk of death. Treatment of severe acute liver failure remains the most difficult clinical problem. Reproducible experimental model is required to develop new drugs and strategies of treatment of this pathology. Animal model must be close to clinical practice. This review critically examines many of the models described in the literature and discusses the surrounding issues.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):138-144
pages 138-144 views

Treatment of lymphedema limb (literature review)

Yudin V.A., Savkin I.D.


The article presents the main directions and stages of development of methods of conservative and surgical treatment of lymphedema of the extremities, both domestic and foreign authors. In particular, presents methods of conservative treatment of lymphedema limb towards the various links of the pathological process in this disease. It reflected the formation and a modern attitude towards microsurgical, resection and plastic surgery.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):145-153
pages 145-153 views


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I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2015;23(4):155-158
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