The role of the pediatrician in the sexual education of adolescent girls

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Sex educationis a sistem of medical and pedogogical actions in order to teach parents, children, teenagers and young people right attitude to sex questions. For most people the nenecessity of sex education and sex enlighenment is obvious. It is caused by epidemic outbreak of sexually trancmitted diseases STD), the leadership of Russia in the abortion rate, low reproductive aspiration, the descencion of age of the beginning of sexual life and the increase of number of sex partners. Numerous of researches show that nowdays girls teenagers have low level of sex reprodactive education and inadequate sex education in their families, that does not go with modern requirments. The suorces of information of such issues as sex attitude, STD, abortion for teenagers are mass media and the Internet as well as close social enviroment (parents and family members - 59,8 %, friends - 44,6 %). The doctors are ment to play the lading role in sex education of teenagers, in the first place - pediatricians as they contact with the tenagers most closely and regularly. Most girls (77 %) would like to get information while talking to the doctor privatly; the other 23 % prefer lections at school, broshures and booklets. The article presents the theoretical and methodological foundation of sex education of teenagers, and the role of the pediatrician in it. The paper highlights the essential principles and ways of sex education.

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About the authors

Anna Valeryevna Mironova

Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Children Gynecology and Women Reproductology

Viktoriya Grigor'yevna Balasanyan

Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

MD, PhD, Dr Med Sci, Professor, Department of Сhildren Gynecology and Women Reproductology

Karina Leonidovna Zhuravleva

Phelps Memorial Hospital

Gynecologist, MD, FACOG


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