Sex differences of the content on the monoamines levels in symmetrical structures of the C3H-A mice brain

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The Sex differenses in the content and metabolism of dopamine and serotonin were studied in symmetrical brain structures of C3H-A mice. With HPLC the contents of norepinephrine (NE), dopamine (DA), serotonin (5-HT) and their metabolites, such as dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC), homovanillinic acid (HVA) and 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid (5-HIAA), were measured in the cortex, tuberculum olfactorium, hippocampus and striatum of both the right and the left hemispheres of the brain in male and female mice. The following sex differences in monoamines and their metabolites in brain areas were found: the NE content was higher in the male striatum and in the female tuberculum olfactorium; in males the DA content in cortex and hippocampus was higher, but in tuberculum olfactorium and striatum was lower than that in females; in females the 5-HT and 5-HIAA levels in hippocampus and tuberculum olfactorium were hither than that in males. In the female left striatum the 5-HIAA content was higher than in males. In males three cases of neurochemical cerebral hemisphere asymmetries were found: 1) the NE content is higher in the right tuberculum olfactorium, 2) the DA level is higher in the right hippocampus, 3) the 5-HIAA content is higher in the left hippocampus. In females the only one case of cerebral asymmetry was found, i. g. the 5-HT level was higher in the right tuberculum olfactorium.

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About the authors

Inessa Vladimirovna Karpova

St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

PhD, Associate Professor, Leading researcher, The Laboratory of Motor Behavior Physiology and Pathology

Sergey Nikolayevich Proshin

Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

MD, PhD, Chief of the Department of pharmacology

Ruslan Ivanovich Glushakov

Kirov Military Medical Academy


Vladimir Vladimirovich Mikheyev

Kirov Military Medical Academy

PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Evgeny Rudolfovich Bychkov

Institute for Experimental Medicine of RAMS

MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Senior researcher, The Department of Neuropharmacology by S. V. Anichkov


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