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Vol 3, No 3 (2013)


The quality of life assessment after radical prostatectomy with usage of MEB questionnaire 13.1

Al-Shukri S.H., Nevirovich Y.S., Al-Shukri A.S., Boriskin A.G., Tyurina Y.V.


The quality of life assessment for 180 patients with prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy was carried out. For this purpose we used the original MEB questionnaire 13.1 which included 65 questions divided in to the several blocks: urination, erectile dysfunction, pane, general quality of life assessment and the others. The performed analysis showed to the internal inquirer’s questions coordination, the correspondence between the received during the questionnaire usage results and the results after standard questionnaire usage (PC-QoL, IPSS, IIEF, OAB-q) as well as statement simplicity for the patients.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):3-9
pages 3-9 views

The experience of contact laser lithotripsy in treatment of patients with urolithiasis

Al-Shukri S.H., Ryvkin A.Y., Budylev S.A., Selivanov A.N., Gorbachev M.I.


The analysis of the contact laser lithotripsy procedures performed for 419 patients was carried out. This method of treatment was successful in 99.5 % of operated patients. In 6.2 % of patients the different complications in postoperative period were found. The most frequent of them was recrudescence of chronic pyelonephritis. The results of investigations allowed recommending a contact laser lithotripsy as a method of choice for the patients with urolithiasis independently from the size and localization of the stones.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):10-13
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Megatone 2080 — new remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Tkachuk V.N.


Introduction. In recent years the stable tendency to the increasing of the patient’s number with erectile dysfunction was observed. Patients and methods. For 20 patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis in combination with erectile dysfunction simultaneously with Vitaprost and physiotherapy the proscription of Megaton 2080 was ordered. 25 patients with chronic prostatitis in combination with erectile dysfunction received the standard therapy only without Megaton 2080. Results. In patients of the main group who received Megaton 2080 within the complex therapy the indexes of erectile function were significantly improved, and index of erectile function measured by MIEF was increased from 14.8 ± 2.1 to 25.1 ± 2.9 points. Conclusion. The results of investigation showed the possibility and reasonability of Megaton 2080 including in to the complex therapy of patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis in combination with erectile dysfunction.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):14-17
pages 14-17 views

Male infertility risk factors in men seeking care in art center

Nosova G.G., Fedortsova Y.V., Morev V.V., Korneyev I.A.


Analysis of 324 infertile male patients in assistant reproductive technology (ART) medical center was performed using standardized WHO protocol of investigation and diagnosis of the infertile couple and laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen. The semen analysis results were described accordingly to male infertility risk factors found. Delay in specialized medical care was found as well as inflammatory genital disease as common risk factor of male infertility.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):18-21
pages 18-21 views

Usage of vegetative terpens in stone disease complex therapy and metaphylaxis

Yarovoy S.K.


In the article the comparative analysis of synthetic remedies characteristics and vegetative remedies for the medicament treatment of nephrolithiasis was observed. The ways of the fitotherapy influence on the stone disease pathogenesis are determined. In the example of the medical remedy Rovatinex the possibilities of the vegetative remedies usage for the stone disease treatment are demonstrated. The article was added by the short analysis about modern tendency of fitotherapy development.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):22-27
pages 22-27 views

Simultaneous resection of the left (pT 1aN 0M 0G 2) and right (pT 2N 0M 0G 2) kidney’s tumor

Al-Shukri S.H., Sapelkin A.V., Ponomareva Y.A., Zasseyev R.D.


The clinical case report concerning the kidneys-sparing surgical treatment of 52 y. o. man with bilateral kidney’s cancer on the stage pT 1AN 0M 0G 2, pT 2N 0M 0 is presented. Bilateral lesion occurs not often. The simultaneous kidneys cancer existence is the relative indication for the kidneys-sparing treatment.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):28-32
pages 28-32 views

Endovideosurgical reconstruction of the pyeloureteral junction passage

Antonov A.V.


The lecture dedicated to the endovideosurgical treatment of patients with pyeloureter junction passage disturbances. The causes of disorders of urinary passage from the kidney, indications to the surgical treatment are present. Different methods of the surgical treatment for the prepelvical part of the ureter strictures are described in details. The technique of the videosurgical operations on this area is defined; the recommendations for the postoperative patients care are presented.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2013;3(3):33-38
pages 33-38 views

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