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Filatov, V. N

Issue Section Title File
Vol 339, No 3 (2018) Articles Effect of different methods of physical training to improve the special physical qualities pilots maneuvering aircraft. PDF
Vol 339, No 5 (2018) Articles Influence of different training methods on the level of vestibular stability of pilots of highly maneuverable aviation during expert examination with the cum of the aviation physical examination PDF
Vol 338, No 4 (2017) Articles Provision of personalized acoustic protection of aviation specialists (practical aspects) PDF
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Professional reliability of military pilots: medical and social-psychological aspects
Vol 336, No 12 (2015) Articles Development of a methodology of for medical-flight examination of flight personnel under condition of hospital
Vol 335, No 1 (2014) Articles Otsenka effektivnosti kompleksa spetsial'nykh uprazhneniy, napravlennykh na povyshenie ustoychivosti letchikov vysokomanevrennykh samoletov k pilotazhnym peregruzkam PDF
Vol 335, No 4 (2014) Articles Hypobaric chamber as a test of the aircrew of Russain State aviation PDF
Vol 335, No 12 (2014) Articles Assessment of professional health and functional reserves of flight school cadets in the practice of medical-flight expertise and their improvement methods
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles Experience in applying modern correction technologies for accelerated restoration of the functional state of flight personnel
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles The use of bioacoustic psychocorrection in the comprehensive rehabilitation of military personnel with various mental disorders who were injured in counter - terrorism operations

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