Evaluation of engine workload by tractor use

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The article analyses the tractor's working time at high-speed and stress operating conditions of the engine, taking as example the MF 6499 tractor, which has worked 2075 hours, and using the ECU Load Profile histograms, which are made and saved in tractor's electronic control units. The theoretical analysis yielded the equation of engine power, engine speed and cyclic fuel injection dependences. The graphs of distribution of tractor operating time by different engine speeds and workloads are submitted.

About the authors

A Janulevičius

Lithuanian University of Agriculture

Email: algirdas.janulevicius@lzuu.lt
Lithuanian University of Agriculture

A Juostas

Lithuanian University of Agriculture

Lithuanian University of Agriculture

G Pupinis

Lithuanian University of Agriculture

Lithuanian University of Agriculture


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Copyright (c) 2010 Janulevičius A., Juostas A., Pupinis G.

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