The evolution of design of general purpose tracked tractors
Tsench Y.S., Kosenko V.V., Sharov V.V.
The first with completely domestic design. The 85th anniversary of the STZ-NATI tractor
Kosenko V.V., Sharov V.V.
The creators of tracked agricultural tractors. Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the first domestic tractor engineering bureau
Kosenko V.V.
Results of experimental studies of the plow for coupling with drawbar category 3 tractors
Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Pavlov A.V., Nesterov E.S.
Assessment of the compaction effect and operational characteristics of a crawler tractor based on a rheological approach
Nosov S.V., Рeregudov N.Е.
Efficiency of use of machine and tractor units operating with elastic damping drives of driving wheels
Polivaev O.I., Pilyaev S.N., Bolotov D.B.
Analysis of experimental researches of the tractor equipped with an elastic-damping mechanism in the transmission when moving in the composition of the transport tractor unit
Senkevich S.E., Kryukovskaya N.S.
Disk braking mechanism of a tractor produced by Minsk tractor works
Abaev A.K., Kachmazova E.K., Kachmazova E.I.
Results of experimental studies of a tractor equipped with an elastic-damping mechanism when aggregated with a seeder
Sen'kevich S.E., Il'chenko Y.N., Alekseyev I.S.
Trends of development of agricultural tractors’ designs
Parfenov A.P.
Elaboration of segmentation method for the Russian market of agricultural tractors
Mininzon V.I., Parfenov A.P.
Slipping process research of drive wheels of the МТЗ-100 tractor in breakaway and acceleration modes
Loparev A.A., Venglinskiy A.M., Komkin A.S.
The braking stability of tractor train composed of a wheel МТЗ tractor and a semitrailer
Sazonov I.S., Kim V.A., Yasyukovich E.I., Bilyk O.V., Amelchenko P.A., Stasilevich A.G.
Determination of traction coefficient of driving wheels of the MTZ-82 tractor
Gorodetskiy K.I., Serebryakov V.V., Lavlinskiy A.M.
Increase of technical and economical parameters of wheeled tractors on the base of spatial and topologic approach
Samorodov V.B., Rebrov A.Y., Kuchkov V.V.
The 50th anniversary of ДТ-75 tractor made in Volgograd
Kosenko V.V.
The 85th anniversary of the Volgograd tractor plant and of СТЗ-1 tractor - the first mass-produced domestic tractor
Kosenko V.V.
Mathematical modeling of a wheel tractor-trailer oscillations
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Calculation of the parameters of the corrector section of the speed characteristics tractor engine
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Ballasting of tractors
Kut'kov G.M., Gribov I.V., Perevozchikova N.V.
Gorodetskiy K.I., Parfenov A.P., Lavlinskiy A.M.
The 65th anniversary of legendary ДТ-54 tractor
Kosenko V.V.
Improving the design of the tractor seat
Dmitrieva E.V., Myakishev A.A.
Implementation of economic and mathematical model for the North Kazakhstan tractor fleet substantiation
Astafyev V.L., Bobkov S.I., Plokhotenko M.A.
Agricultural machine-building industry: urgent tasks
Lipkovich E.I.
Influence of stochastic external loading conditions on the performance of machine and tractor unit
Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G., Mudzhikov B.V.
Traction calculation of the traction-power tractor
Kutkov G.M., Sidorov M.V.
Mathematical modeling of oscillations of a wheel tractor equipped with shock absorbers of front suspension
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Analysis of factors influencing on the efficiency of functioning of tractor fleet of the north region of Kazakhstan
Bobkov S.I.
Evaluation of the impact of wheel tractor velocity and other factors on its oscillations
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Improved device for increasing cross-country ability of wheeled tractors
Burdykin V.D.
Analysis of operational factors determining the efficiency of fuel economy of machine and tractor unit
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Mavzovin V.S., Kharitonov A.Y., Kadukhin A.I.
Commemorating the centenary of M.A. Sharov, the chief designer of Volgograd tractors
Kosenko V.V.
Parameter optimization of automatic transmission of an industrial tractor
Pozin B.M., Novoselskiy A.Y., Dovzhik Y.L.
Analysis of continuously variable transmission of the Fendt 900 Vario tractor line: what is behind the ads?
Samorodov V.B., Bondarenko A.I.
The role of tractors' power characteristics in the formation of their types
Nadykto V.T.
State and prospects of tractor industry development for the agroindustrial complex of Russia
Gorbachiov I.V., Nefiodov A.M.
Deformation and change of density of soil under the caterpillar machine's track
Nosov S.V., Peregudov N.Y.
The development of the technical concept of the tractor
Kut'kov G.M.
Formation the driving force of wheeled and caterpillar machine-tractor units
Makhmutov M.M., Khismatullina Y.R.
Rational compositions of the machine and tractor fleet on the basis of a universal power facility
Goryachev Y.O., Bur'yanov A.I., Dmitrenko A.I.
The device for automatic locking of inter-wheel differential of wheeled tractor
Laubach V.P., Gerashchenko V.V., Kovalenko N.A.
Analysis of possibilities for application of airless tires for motor-and-tractor vehicles and agricultural machinery
Mikheev A.V., Kostrova Z.A., Belyakov V.V., Zezyulin D.V., Makarov V.S.
Assessment of environmental friendliness of tractors, machinery and equipment
Trembovelskiy L.G., Griff M.I.
Development of principles for improvement of motion stability of multi-unit tractor trains
Zhileykin M.M., Skotnikov G.I.
On a method of development of control programs for gear shifting without breaking of power flux
Lysov A.M.
Soil compaction by running systems of class 2 tractors
Zakharchenko A.N., Balabanov V.I., Gadzhiyev P.I., Ramazanova G.G.
Systems of automatic enrichment of diesel air charge with promoting substances: theory and engineering solutions
Ryblov M.V., Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A.
Soil compaction by track and wheel tractor
Loparev A.A., Komkin A.S.
Belarus-921 horticultural tractor
Zezetko N.I.
Application prospects of elastic reactive linkage in tractor power train
Kalmykov A.V., Shekhovtsov V.V., Lyashenko M.V., Sokolov-Dobrev N.S., Godzhayev Z.A.
Evaluation of effectiveness of the wood chips production in timber terminal
Seliverstov A.A., Gerasimov Y.Y., Sukhanov Y.V., Syuniov V.S., Katarov V.K.
On the standardization of tractor trailers' brake properties
Perchatkin Y.V.
Alternatives of transmission for the class 6 caterpillar farm tractor
Lysov A.M.
An innovation in the construction of water vaporizing air coolers for tractor cabs
Mikhaylov V.A., Sharipova N.N.
Simulation of system way-tractor-driver with regard to evening-out microprofile of support base by tire
Nosov S.V., Kindyukhin Y.Y.
The increase of four-wheel tractor maneuverability
Akhmetov A.A., Kambarov B.A., Kambarova D.U.
Substantiation of machine and tractor fleet compositions and their efficiency on the basis of universal mobile power facilities for the main regions of the South of Russia
Bur'yanov A.I., Goryachev Y.O., Chervyakov I.V.
Dependence of the agrotech-nical clearance under the front axle of a cotton tractor with a wheel arrangement 4K4a on the dimensions of the pivot pin, the size of the tires of the steered wheels and the angles of their installation
Kambarov B.A.
Potential productivity of the tractor
Kut'kov G.M.
Method for substantiation of modernization parameters of maintenance and repair base of enterprises using agricultural machinery
Kushnarev L.I.
Bases of active noise control
Polivayev O.I., Kuznetsov A.N.
State and trends of development of the tractor industry for Russian forest complex
Bartenev I.M., Drapalyuk M.V.
Theory of tractor operation in overload mode with enrichment of diesel air charge
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Ryblov M.V.
Algorithm of optimal placement of skidding trails proceeding from the condition of ground damage minimization
Voronova A.M., Voronov R.V., Piskunov M.A., Schegoleva L.V.
Comparing the main parameters of agricultural tractors’ trackdrivers
Kupryunin D.G., Scheltsyn N.A., Beynenson V.D., Fedotkin R.S., Bely I.F., Revenko V.Y.
Machine and tractor fleet maintenance in agricultural enterprises of Zabaykalsky Krai
Siryayeva I.V., Palamodov Y.O.
System of rear-view mirrors on a mobile vehicle intended for transmission of one whole image to a driver
Garanin G.V., Zotov I.B.
New approaches in the tractor theory
Yerokhin M.N.
Modernization of СЗ-3,6А seeder for operation by energy-saving technologies
Gorobey V.P., Luzin V.A.
Determination of critical changes in health condition of tractor operator
Sergiyenko N.Y., Marenich A.N., Sergiyenko D.Y.
Choosing the suspension for agricultural category 5(6) tractor with triangular tracked bypass
Kosenko V.V.
Methods of optimal aggregation of basic machines and working equipment
Yanson R.A., Agapov A.B., Nazimov M.K.
Continuously variable two-flow hydrovolumetric mechanical gearbox for a tractor with 350-400 hp engine
Samorodov V.B., Shuba S.A., Derkach O.I.
About methodology of farm tractors market statistical modeling
Mininzon V.I., Tyulenev A.V.
Spectral characteristics of dynamic model of curvilinear movement of tractor train
Gamajunov P.P., Alekseev S.A., Lukjanov A.A., Gamajunova Y.P.
Evaluation of the technical level of the agricultural tractor TK-3-180 when it is included in the robotic complex
Lavrov A.V., Zubina V.A., SHevcov V.G., Godzhaev T.Z., Vyaznikov M.V.
Programming the trajectories of machine-tractor units
Kalyuzhnyj A.T., Gus'kov Y.U., Dolgushin A.A.
Method of determining the rational composition of arable unit
Bojkov V.M., Starcev S.V., Pavlov A.V., Nesterov E.S., Lavrent'ev A.V.
The unification of certain terms and concepts used in the study of land transport-technological vehicles
Parfenov A.P., Shchetinin Y.S.
Reduction of aftereffect of machine units on the soil
Okunev G.A., Astaf'ev V.L., Kuznetsov N.A.
Loading of tractor on drawbar test when pulling force is directed at the angle
Gorodetskiy K.I., Lavlinskiy A.M., Alendeev E.M.
Organization of research and practice base for training specialists in quality assessment of small-scale mechanization means of 0,2 tractive class
Khrulkevich O.A., Roslavtsev A.V., Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Features of acceleration of agricultural machine-tractor unit with electric traction
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Gurskiy N.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Vaschula A.V.
Economy land dimensions as the main minimizing factor of its need for tractors and other machinery
Melnik V.I.
Preconditions of using the sectionally-continuous speed regulation in tractors development
Gorodetskiy K.I., Shuvayev D.N., Sheveliov A.S.
Dynamic stability of a crawled tractor equipped with hydrovolumetric slewing mechanism when it is aggregated with a plough
Lebedev A.T., Lebedev S.A.
Choosing of class and characteristics of a modern tractor transmission
Amelchenko P.A., Dubovik D.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Zhukovskiy A.I.
Results of experimental researches of power circulation in transmission of a timber tractor with 6К6 axle configuration
Sivkov Y.N.
Speeds of agricultural tractors
Gorodetskiy K.I., Sharipov V.M., Alendeyev Y.M., Shevelev A.S., Muratova S.K.
Stability of automobile and low-clearance wheeled tractor
Mamiti G.I., Pliyev S.K., Tedeyev V.B.
Tractor gear shift modeling
Gorodetskiy K.I., Melnikov A.Y., Muratova S.K., Alendeyev Y.M.
Physico-chemical characteristics of particulate contamination in the coolant for automobile and tractor engines
Dragomirov S.G., Eydel P.I., Gamayunov A.Y., Dragomirov M.S.
Plowing unit on the basis of a small-sized tractor
Voynash S.A., Voynash A.S., Zharikova T.A.
Gear shift in the tractor gear box without break of power flow
Sharipov V.M., Gorodetskiy K.I., Dmitriyev M.I., Schetinin Y.S., Malanin I.A., Zenin A.S.
Reduction of nitric oxides' content in the exhaust gases of diesel engine by means of methanol application with usage of double fuel supply system
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P., Anfilatov A.A.
Evaluation of engine workload by tractor use
Janulevičius A., Juostas A., Pupinis G.
A procedure of power losses calculation of caterpillar tractor skid by kinematical inconsistency and asymmetric loading between propellers
Kotovskov A.V., Potapov P.V.
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