About the possibility of using natural gas as a fuel on agricultural tractors
Kulchitskiy A.R.
On new requirements for the environmental indicators of agricultural tractors in the Customs Union
Kulchitskiy A.R.
Results of experimental studies of the plow for coupling with drawbar category 3 tractors
Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Pavlov A.V., Nesterov E.S.
Results of experimental studies of a tractor equipped with an elastic-damping mechanism when aggregated with a seeder
Sen'kevich S.E., Il'chenko Y.N., Alekseyev I.S.
Analysis of traction power of small-scale mechanization means
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Improvement of power take-off shaft of Belarus tractors
Bobrovnik A.I.
Material and power costs of machine-tractor unit operation as the complex criterion of its quality estimation
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Elaboration of segmentation method for the Russian market of agricultural tractors
Mininzon V.I., Parfenov A.P.
The development of tractor theory
Kut'kov G.M.
Creating a domestic caterpillar tractor for modern agricultural production
Sharipov V.M., Izmaylov A.Y., Dorokhov A.S., Fedotkin R.S., Kryuchkov V.A., Esenovskiy-Lashkov M.Y., Ovchinnikov E.V.
Influence of accidental load on the effective power of gas-turbine and diesel engines being a part of soil cultivating units
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I., Fed'kin D.S., Shkrabak R.V.
Performance and power inputs of machine and tractor aggregate
Antipin V.P., Vlasov Y.N., Karshev G.V., Kulikov V.N., Yepifanova A.Y.
Power consumption of soil rotary tillage with small-size cutters having driving wheels
Kupryashkin V.F., Naumkin N.I., Chatkin M.N.
Bases of the theory of mechanical energy functioning in technological machines
Korshun V.N.
Ballasting of tractors
Kut'kov G.M., Gribov I.V., Perevozchikova N.V.
Technical quality level of engine types for mobile means of small-scale mechanization
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Features of using diesel power stations and systems with energy storage and current limiters
Genin V.S., Popova M.V.
Improving the technological process and engineering tools for direct grasses undersowing in the sod of natural forage lands
Sokolov A.V., Zamana S.P., Patlay V.V., Fedorovskiy T.G., Kindsfater V.Y.
Energy consumption for the soil layer turning
Nikolayev V.A.
Regulation of tractor diesel engine operation modes by missing fuel distribution
Potapov V.I., Gajsin E.H., Galiullin R.R., Rozhkov A.S.
Development of methods and means for determining traction-dynamic and fuel-economic parameters of the tractor under operating conditions
Arzhenovskiy A.G.
Robotics technology and agrochemical support of plant cultivation
Sychev V.G., Afanas'ev R.A., Godzhaev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A.
Optimal energy saturation of agricultural tractor
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Laser radiation seed pretreatment and its effect on shoots characteristics
Khinchuk K.Y., Khinchuk D.G.
Parametric tests of a device for free running components and liquids introduction and mixing
Mokhnatkin V.G., Filinkov A.S., Solonschikov P.N.
Results of experimental researches of power circulation in transmission of a timber tractor with 6К6 axle configuration
Sivkov Y.N.
Analysis of development prospects of hydrogen resources in the energy use pattern of agroindustrial complex
Fomin V.M.
Soil cultivation work spent by unit
Blednykh V.V., Svechnikov P.G.
Control system of electromechanical transmission of the mobile power module
Levtsev A.P., Dushutin K.A., Maltsev S.A., Mindrov K.A.
Adaptive technical equipping of rural commodity producers
Lipkovich E.I.
Experimental evaluation of traction properties of ultra-low pressure tires
Goncharenko S.V., Godzhaev Z.A., Artemov A.V., Pryadkin V.I., Godzhaev T.Z.
Analysis and refinement of design parameters of the machine-tractor unit based on the tractor K-744R-05
Antipin V.P., Valyazhonkov V.D., Durmanov M.Y., Kulikov V.N., Mikhaylov A.O.
Efficiency evaluation of machine and tractor fleet based on multipurpose power vehicles with sets of replaceable modules in conditions of the South of Russia
Bur'yanov A.I., Dmitrenko A.I., Goryachev Y.O.
Estimation of use efficiency of automatic transmission of «torque converter - coupling - gearbox» type
Kotiyev G.O., Vasilyev V.V., Gorbatovskiy A.V.
Engine power of cotton growing universal tractor of 4×4 axle configuration and 2 tractive class
Osipov O.S., Kambarov B.A.
Results of testing of an additional transport unit for well-ordered stacking of pressed packages
Sokolov V.N., Kulagin D.V.
Internal combustion engine power augmentation, production modernization, parts wear resistance and durability
Kochenov V.A., Goyeva V.V., Grishin N.Y., Kazakov S.S.
Influence of stochastic external loading conditions on the performance of machine and tractor unit
Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G., Mudzhikov B.V.
Electric traction and electric power take-off of agricultural tractor
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Stasilevich A.G., Klyuchnikov A.V., Zhukovskiy A.I.
On the slipping of friction clutches during gear shifting without interruption of power flow in gearboxes of cars and tractors
Sharipov V.M., Dmitriyev M.I., Zenin A.S., Malanin I.A., Smirnov I.A.
Calculation of driving power of rotary blade tool of a tiller
Akimov A.P., Konstantinov Y.V., Fiodorov D.I.
Efficient assessment of traction and transport machines' clutch slip
Geraschenko V.V., Yaskevich M.Y., Mironov K.D., Geraschenko A.V., Boyko A.A., Lesnik O.A.
Adaptive technical equipping of rural commodity producers
Lipkovich E.I.
Stabilization of the load mode of the internal combustion engine of the tractor through the use of a hybrid power plant
Rakov V.A., Litvinov V.I.
Calculation of optimal power and energy saturation of an agricultural tractor
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Rational choice of parameters of powered disk of a soil cultivation unit
Akimov A.P., Konstantinov Y.V.
To the determination of heating temperature of an object of thermal influence in solar power plants
Kupreenko A.I., Komogortsev V.F., Isaev K.M., Chenin A.N., Shkuratov G.V.
Problem of minimization of wheeled vehicle power consumption on external resistance overcoming in case of uneven load distribution between the axles
Keller A.V., Pozin B.M., Troyanovskaya I.P., Bondar V.N., Yusupov A.A.
Assessment of bearing and coupling passability of chemicalization vehicles on grounds of low bearing value
Pryadkin V.I.
Optimal engine power of a wheeled tractor depending on its tractive and coupling properties
Bobryashov A.P.
Working capacity of an outside-mounted hydraulic motor in high temperature conditions
Petrashev A.I., Pluzhnikov M.A.
Calculation of V-belt transmissions for agricultural machinery with automatic adjustment of belt tension
Balovnev N.P., Dmitriyeva L.A.
Geared transmissions use for grain processing
Kanayev A.S., Lebedev L.Y., Ivanov A.G.
Improvement of a feed grain crusher operation
Baranov N.F., Fufachiov V.S., Baranov R.N.
Estimation of optimal area of sustained power engine operation using the effective power criterion
Dzhabborov N.I., Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G.
On a promising system of agricultural tractors classification
Mininzon V.I., Parfionov A.P.
Classification of farm tractors by the engine power
Lysov A.M.
Effectiveness of protection of mobile power unit cab from direct solar radiation
Polivaev O.I., Zhuravets I.B., Manoylina S.Z., Teslenko I.S.
Specific speed and overall dimensions in calculation and selection of transverse fans
Sychugov N.P.
Development prospects of robotic technologies in plant cultivation
Godzhayev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A.
Vibration and noise estimation of applicability of the ЧВГ-35 vermicular graphite iron
Nikishin V.N., Svetlichny K.N.
Waterless tuberous roots cleaner
Sabiyev U.K., Lisyanov V.V., Sabiyev I.U.
Some features of reduction rates determination of geared part of agricultural tractor transmission with hydrodynamic gear
Dyachkov Y.A., Fedyanov Y.A.
Design quality control of small-scale mechanization mean of 0,2 tractive class
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Fuzzy control of power flows in car transmission
Bazhenov Y.Y., Pobedinskiy V.V., Berstenev A.V.
Aerodynamic configurations, characteristics and application of transverse fans
Sychugov N.P.
Energy model of а top drive crawler-mounted mover rolling
Lopariov A.A., Sudnitsyn V.I., Komkin A.S.
Traction indicators of class 1,4 wheel machine and tractor units with demountable hooks in conditions of arable land
Slavkin V.I., Gadzhiyev P.I., Makhmutov M.M., Makhmutov M.M.
Use of Yutkin effect in the electrohydraulic devices
Bekayev A.A., Abramova A.R., Tsvetkov I.A.
A procedure of power losses calculation of caterpillar tractor skid by kinematical inconsistency and asymmetric loading between propellers
Kotovskov A.V., Potapov P.V.
Gimazetdinov R.R., Malozemov A.A., Kukis V.S. Diesel-generator plant with the recovery of waste heat of the piston engine
Gimazetdinov R.R., Malozemov A.A., Kukis V.S.
Sharipov V.M., Shchetinin Y.S., Gaev S.V., Troshkin O.V.
Experimental research of performance of diesel engine operating on mixed fuel
Nagornov S.A., Mescheryakova Y.V., Mescheryakov A.G.
Performance assessment of a sustained power engine under probabilistic nature of external factors, based on the «maximum of effective power» criterion
Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G., Mudzhikov B.V.
Optimization of type, composition and structure of combines fleet in Krasnodar Region taking into account the flexible multipurpose aggregates
Palapin A.V.
Improvement of suspension system of mobile power units
Kushnir V.G., Benyukh O.A., Shilo I.N., Romanyuk N.N., Ageychik V.A.
Selection of rational parameters of electromechanical transmissions of tracked vehicles
Yagubov V.F., Strelkov A.G., Kotrovskiy A.A.
Substantiation of kinematic diagram of stroke drive of agricultural bridge aggregate
Khabrat N.I., Umerov E.D.
Forecasting of power consumption by dynamic systems of machine and tractor aggregates
Inshakov A.P., Vantyusov Y.A., Shnyakin I.N.
Traction calculation of the traction-power tractor
Kutkov G.M., Sidorov M.V.
Evaluation of engine workload by tractor use
Janulevičius A., Juostas A., Pupinis G.
A new conception of control system for fuel feed
Pogulyayev Y.D., Naumov V.N., Belonogov S.A.
The power unit of universal tractors of traction class 1,4 with an integrated starter generator
Bekeev A.K., Aliev A.Y., Aliev S.A.
Aggregating of component modules of the KZR-10 (КЗР-10) grain-harvesting machine with multipurpose power vehicle
Dmitrenko A.I., Bur'yanov A.I.
Analysis of technical quality control of agricultural engineering small-scale mechanization means of 0,2 tractive class
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Multioperation aggregates on the base of mobile power machines of 5th generation
Lipkovich E.I.
Duplex electromechanical transmission with automatic control system
Dushutin K.A., Ageyev V.A., Vantyusov Y.A.
Tractor unit acceleration and gear shift with sub-engagement of frictional clutches
Gorodetskiy K.I., Alendeyev Y.M., Timofiyevskiy A.A.
Slipping of discs of disengaged clutches in tractor gearboxes
Gorodetskiy K.I., Alendeyev Y.M.
Reliability of tractor hydraulic systems in the context of purity of power fluid
Aliboyev B.A.
T-250 tractor: life and fate
Lipkovich E.I.
The role of tractors' power characteristics in the formation of their types
Nadykto V.T.
Dynamic simulation of grain combine harvester
Smirnov V.P.
Improving the technological line for feed processing
Zaitsev P.V., Zaitsev S.P.
Technical characteristics and agrotechnical indices of work of tillage machines
Nesmiyan A.Y.
Simulation of power parameters of track mover of a tractor
Romanchenko M.I.
Reynolds number effect on the aerodynamic characteristic of transverse fans
Sychugov N.P.
Study of possibility for forcing of diesel engines produced by Vladimir motor-tractor plant
Gavrilov A.A., Gots A.N.
Calculation of grain mill characteristics for mobile compound feeds aggregates
Klychev Y.M., Reznik Y.I., Bestayev L.Z.
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