Environment contamination

Issue Title File
No 6 (2019) Assessment of anthropogenic contamination in an urban territory by the example of Blagoveshchensk city PDF
Radomskaya V.I., Borodina N.A.
No 6 (2019) Evaluation of aerial technogenic pollution near industrial enterprises in the tundra zone (by the example of Vorkuta city) PDF
Vasilevich M.I., Vasilevich R.S., Gabov D.N., Kondratenok B.M.
No 6 (2019) Radiation-ecological evaluation of rock dumps in the south zone of the Elkon uranium mine region (the Southern Yakutia) PDF
Chevychelov A.P., Sobakin P.I., Gorokhov A.N.
No 4 (2019) Evaluation of chemical composition quality of surface water in the eastern Donbass PDF
Gavrishin A.I.
No 3 (2019) The influence of Fe(III) and Mn(IV) on the biotransformation of hydrocarbons in groundwater PDF
Fisher N.K.
No 3 (2019) Persistent organic pollutants in the recent soils in the south of the Arkhangelsk Region PDF
Kolpakova E.S., Velyamidova A.V.
No 3 (2019) Features of the water quality in small rivers of Khabarovsk in winter season PDF
Shesterkin V.P., Afanas`eva M.I., Shesterkina N.M.
No 2 (2019) The background content of heavy metals in the water of small rivers in the Nadym – Pur interfluvial area PDF
Soromotin A.V., Kudryavtsev A.A., Efimova A.A., Gerter O.V., Fefilov N.N.
No 2 (2019) Conditions, consequences and prevention ways of behind-the-casing flow in deep well injection disposal of liquid waste sites PDF
Ponizov A.V., Vereshchagin P.M., Chulkov N.V., Sharaputa M.K., Baidariko E.A.
No 1 (2019) Plume of oil metabolites in groundwater: formation, evolution, and toxicity PDF
Putilina V.S., Galitskaya I.V., Yuganova T.I.
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