Influence of Radiofrequency Desrtruction on the Nerve Tissue Morfology in Experiment

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Introduction. Clinical efficacy of radiofrequency destruction (RFD) for the treatment of vertebrogenic pain syndrome and pain in coxarthrosis is confirmed by multiple studies. However the matter on morphologic changes in the nerve and surrounding tissue after directed local radiofrequency effect. Materials and methods. The study was performed on autopsy material - fragments of tibial nerve from 6 patients with lethal outcomes. Radiofrequency destruction was performed according to a standard protocol: within 90 sec under 80 C°. The sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin by Bilshowski-Gros method. Results. It was shown that RFD causes the coagulation lesions of the nerve tissue such as spiral deformation, axon fragmentation and nerve fibers dissociation. Conclusion. The data obtained may serve as a morphologic basis of RDF clinical efficacy. The presence of undamaged Schwann cells allows assuming the tropism of the effect upon the nerve tissue.

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About the authors

Taras G. Sharamko

Multi-profile Medical Center of the Bank of Russia

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon of the multi-profile medical center of the bank of Russia Moscow, Russia

A. A Kuleshov

N.N. Priorov National Medical research center of traumatology and orthopaedics

Moscow, Russia

A. M Cherkashov

Multi-profile Medical Center of the Bank of Russia

Moscow, Russia

V. I Kuz’min

Multi-profile Medical Center of the Bank of Russia

Moscow, Russia

M. E Yudakova

Multi-profile Medical Center of the Bank of Russia

Moscow, Russia

M. A Gorokhov

Multi-profile Medical Center of the Bank of Russia

Moscow, Russia


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