Epidemiology of Proximal Femur in the Republic of Belarus’


Purpose: to determine the incidence of proximal femur (PF) fracture in the inhabitants of the Republic of Belarus aged 50 years and over. The study was initiated by the Russian Association on Osteoporosis with support from International Osteoporosis Foundation. Material and methods. The data collection is performed by the protocol that assumes an active search of PF fracture cases for 3 years in all available sources with their subsequent verification within one city of the Republic of Belarus with population over 100 000 residents. Results. Standardized indices of PF fracture incidence in the Republic of Belarus for males and females aged 50 years and over made up 147 and 250 cases per 100 000 inhabitants, respectively. The obtained data are in line with the general information on PF fracture incidence in the neighboring countries. According to the population growth forecast the 25.8% increase of PF fracture cases in this age group is expected by 2050.

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About the authors

Georgiy N. Romanov

Gomel’ state Medical university

Email: heorhi.ramanau@gmail.com
Gomel, republic of Belarus
Cand. med. sci., Assistant Professor, Chair of Internal Diseases #2,Gomel’ State Medical University.

I. Yu Chernyanin

Mozyr’ central clinical hospital

Mozyr, republic of Belarus

E. V Rudenko

Belarusian state Medical university

Minsk, republic of Belarus

O. M Lesnyak

North-Western state Medical university named after i.i. Mechnikov

St. Peterburg, Russia

A. G Zakroeva

Ural state Medical university

Ekaterinburg, Russia


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