Elaboration of Universal Approaches to the Treatment of Long Bone Osteomyelitis on the Basis of Reinforced Local Antibacterial Carriers


Treatment results are presented for 86 patients with long bone osteomyelitis of different genesis (hematogenous, posttraumatic, postoperative). To determine the location of the implant the Cierny-Mader classification was used. In the main group (n=46) debridement of the osteomyelitic focus and placement of local reinforcing antibacterial polymethyl methacrylate implant with pathogen-specific antibiotics were performed. In the control group (n=40) traditional treatment techniques were used. Application of the proposed technique enabled to achieve 1.9 times decrease of infection relapse, to minimize the risk of pathological bone fractures due to its internal reinforcement and to achieve early functional restoration of the extremity.

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About the authors

G. G Dzyuba

Omsk State Medical Academy

Email: germanort@mail.ru

L. B Reznik

Omsk State Medical Academy

S. A Erofeev

Omsk State Medical Academy

D. I Odarchenko

Omsk State Medical Academy


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