Comparative Study of the Adhesive Component of Friction in Hip Endoprostheses


Kinematic unit friction pairs of human hip endoprosthesis and rabbit hips with induced osteoarthrosis were studied under conditions of either dry or biological medium friction. Deterioration of tribologic characteristics in destructive dystrophic lesions of joints is the key component of joint kinematic properties decompensation. Experimental animal model of osteoarthrosis showed negative influence of dystrophic changes upon the hip joint adhesive characteristics. Study of the adhesive component of friction coefficient in different tribologic pairs of endoprostheses detected that friction characteristics of the studied tribologic pairs depended upon the magnitude of external load and strength of the kinematic unit.

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About the authors

B. Sh Minasov

Bashkir State Medical University

R. R Yakupov

Bashkir State Medical University


L. Sh Shuster

Ufa State Aviation Technical University

S. V Chertovskikh

Ufa State Aviation Technical University

I. I Emaev

Ufa State Aviation Technical University

G. N Filimonov

Bashkir State Medical University

A. A Korshunov

Ufa State Aviation Technical University

T. E Khairov

Bashkir State Medical University


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