Variants of Spine Deformity Correction in Children with Idiopathic Scoliosis of Thoracic Localization


Treatment results for 24 patients (21 girls and 3 boys), aged 14—17 years, with idiopathic thoracic scoliosis are presented. In all cases right-side type of deformity was observed. The main arch of curvature ranged from 52° to 92° by Cobb. The operation was performed from dorsal approach with application of metallic devices with transpedicular supporting elements using 3D-CT navigation. Depending on anatomical and anthropometric peculiarities of vertebral bone structures within the curvature arch, two variants of surgical correction were applied. Correction of the first type was performed in 18 patients; second type of correction was applied in 6 children. Second type of deformity correction differed from the first one by the sequence of rods implantation relative to the sides of main arch and corrective maneuvers at deformity correction. In the first group postoperative deformity correction in frontal plane made up 92—99%, derotation correction of the apical vertebra from 72 to 94% versus 91—100% and from 11,4 to 29,4% in the second group.

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Варианты коррекции деформации позвоночника у детей с идиопатическим сколиозом грудной локализации


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