Potentialities of Computed Navigation at Primary Total Knee Replacement


During 2007—2012 total knee replacement with computed navigation was performed to 449 patients, aged 32 to 84 years. Indications to the application of that method were the deformities of lower extremities in frontal plane over 15°; inability to use intramedullary guides; rough changes in range of movements. In the majority of cases (478, 93.2%) devices with posterior stabilization were used. Postoperatively mechanical axis of the extremity was evaluated by X- rays, functional results — by Oxford scale. Mean follow up made up 29.5 months. Two years and over after surgery mean point by Oxford scale was not below 40. Use of computed navigation enabled to insert the implant components more accurately, to determine the correct balance of ligamentous system and to decrease the complication rate.

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Возможности компьютерной навигации при первичном тотальном эндопротезировании коленного сустава


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